10 Awesome Design Tips and Tricks To Make Your Blog Look Professional

Why should you blog like a professional blogger? Blogging is a great marketing tool. Follow these five tips to create a professional blog that will impress the interviewers and attract the readers. 10 Brilliant Tips To Make You Blog like A Pro Blogger.
Are you feeling uncomfortable with your blog design and afraid to send visitors to your blog? 

There are many new bloggers are feeling the same. 

Do you want to make your blog look professional? Go through this article to discover 10 tips and tricks that you can do, even if you're not a professional blogger and designer. 

It may seem to you a bit tough to be professional but actually not so hard. Blogging through proper planning can bring success in your blogging career. 

Among many tips to bring professionalism in your blog, I will show you how exactly you can make your blog looks professional.

10 Awesome Design tips and tricks To Make Your Blog Look Professional

Before dive into deep information flow, you should know how to Bring Professionalism in Blogging? 

Professional Blog + Professional Blogger = Professionalism in Blogging 

Nevertheless, you can’t turn your blog into professional until you go for branding your blog. Strong creative branding tactics will help you stand out from the crowd. 

What is a Professional blog? 

A professional blog should be highly optimized from top to bottom. It should be user friendly and faster in loading, design and theme should be eye-catching, followed by the branded colour scheme; the site should be monetized through few ads, products, coaching, or some other paid offering. 

What is Professional Blogging? 

The Professional Blogging concept can be explained as most up-to-date blogging capacity of a blogger where he/she able to pull stable traffic flow on their blog, earning good amount of money from Blog monetization and success to generate leads, increase productivity and conversion rate. 

10 Awesome Tips to Make Your Blog Professional 

How to Make Your Blog Look More Professional? 

When you are a blogger you want to show professionalism to your audience and your blog to look professional. 

Professional blog and blogging, those two things are interconnected. So you have to improve both sides. 

As a newbie you are trying to make your blog looks like a professional blog, these 10 tips will help you to turn your clutter blog into a fully professional looking blog. 

Please go through the below tips: 

Tip #1: Choose the right Design and Theme 

There are billions of blog hosted in different popular blogging platform like 
Different platform has different facilities and you may use anyone according to your needs. 

Whatever the platform you are using, you should use the right design, easy to navigate and user friendly theme that serves your needs. 

Many bloggers start their blog on free platforms that become more popular. 

More and more people are starting blogs on those platforms but to make your blog professional we recommend paid platform like self-hosted WordPress. 

The key target of your blog should be lead generation and increase conversion rate. Some people argued that design is matters but some others say that it doesn’t matter. 

While the “blogosphere” is fully packed, unique theme design will give you a better chance of standing out from all of the competition that’s out there. 

You will find plenty of professional themes from many popular themes selling website like 
Take time to browse around a little and choose an appropriate theme for your blog that fits your personal preferences. 

If you are using WordPress CMS platform then you will find a full library of default and third-party free themes to use. But by spending a few bucks you can buy a professional one. 

But make sure that you choose a beautiful and fast loading theme. 

Tip #2: Use a consistent colour scheme throughout your blog 

If you look at a big brand like Intel, IBM, CocaCola etc. all are using a specific colour scheme for branding their Website, business and product. 

This is a very important factor for branding your blog. If you don’t follow specific colour on your blog then there won’t be any consistency on the colour scheme. 

You may be overwhelmed by seeing different colour and thinking about what colour should you use in your blog? 

This is absolutely true that everyone doesn’t have similar taste and choice; we are all different and want to show your personalities into your blog design. 


You have to also remember that you should choose a colour scheme that is comfortable for your visitor’s eyes and give the best browsing experience. 

However, this is not recommended to use multiple colour combinations on your site. So try to use one or two colours to keep your site design simple. 

The easiest way to pick a colour scheme chose a colour from your logo. This is the primary element for branding a blog. And whatever the logo colour try to use it somewhere on your blog. If you haven’t yet decided on a logo, you should consider running a logo design test to help pick the right one

A real-life example of a good colour scheme 

Northern Mat & Bridge used White, Gray and deep Red in their blog. And they have used those colours in different places of their blog.

Tip #3: Declutter your blog with unnecessary objects 

Have you experienced messy blog design before? 

There are many blogs with messy design and when you visit pop-ups over 2 or 3 ad banners.


Sometime you won’t able to read their blog without a click on those banners. 

This is really annoying, right?

Webmaster monetizes its website with advertisements. There is nothing wrong with this… 

But distracting visitors by popup ads will take away. And ultimately you will lose traffic and revenue.

Declutter your blog with unnecessary objects

This is a really bad experience for any visitor. There is nothing more distracting and frustrating than trying to read a blog post with stuff popping up everywhere. 

If you are designing your own blog or by a freelance web designer, then keep the following things in your mind: 

  • Make it Easy to navigate for your readers thus they can find what they are looking for. 
  • Use minimalist design which is simple and clean. 
  • Don’t add too much widget or Plugins to showcase your contents. 
  • Add conversion points to grab attention and encourage your visitors to subscribe to your blog. 
A clean design assists your blog visitors a clear path that they can take to find what they are looking for. 

Always remember… 

Clutter designs make your blog visitors Confuse; 

As a result, they will go away without reading your good quality writing and ultimately this will increase your blog bounce rate and downgrade your page rank on the search engine. 

Tip #4: Create 100% Original Quality Content

Blog readers and search engines are cravings for unique contents. 

Search engine index unique quality content as early as possible and place it at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to enrich their database. 

To make your blog totally professional you must produce unique and quality content. Only quality content helps you to gain credibility. Reversely low-quality content will ruin your reputation and blog or page rank. 

So, come with unique ideas that grab visitor’s attention. 

To generate new content ideas make a habit to read credible and popular blogs and websites in your niche. Try to follow some good blog and analyze how they are working to give their blog a professional look. 

The secret of professional blogging is reading and writing. Find out the articles that you and others didn't cover and start writing to gain traffic

Tip #5: Brand Your Blog post graphics 

What does branding involve with blog post graphic? 


This is important to bring professionalism to your blog. There are many graphics hunger people around the web visit blog post only for the attractive post image. 

Big social media platform Pinterest established their credibility and gain popularity only for exceptional graphics. But this site also very popular for content marketing

You should follow some criteria that I use to brand my blog graphics: 

A# Use colour schemes 
You can use any websafe colour for your blog branding. Suppose you are using blue colour in your blog design, and then consider adding a hint of blue somewhere in your blog post graphics to bring colour consistency.

bloggerspice green color schemes

Previously I used to use “Royal Blue + Midnight Blue” colour combination to brand my blog but now using “Green + Gray” colour scheme for branding. And follow any particular colour scheme to bring professional looks in your blog. 

B# Use admiring fonts in your blog post graphics. 
For branding actually, I don’t use any specific font but most of the cases I use 

  • Proxima Nova 
  • Google Sense 
  • Gotham 
  • Brush Script MT – for handwriting style font. 
You don’t have to be worried and overboard with the fonts. You can use any good font to bring professionalism in blog post graphics. Try to keep using a minimum of 2-3 fonts in your graphics. 

C# Brand each graphic with your blog’s Name or URL 
Generally, we use stock graphics and share our blog post graphics in various social media sites. If you just share stock photo then visitors in social media page will not notice about your site. 

So add blog’s Name or URL to brand your each post graphics. But don’t add blog URL with all of your post graphics. 

When someone comes across your blog graphics online, they will know the graphic belongs to which site. 

D# Try to keep consistency in your blog graphics. 
To bring professionalism you should follow the same pattern to create post graphics. 

If you design different style blog post graphics then visitors become confused. And this is a minor mistake but make a huge impact on blog branding. 

A blog with different graphic design doesn’t look like a professional blog. 

Sooo…at any costs, 

Try to keep your blog post graphic uniform for all of your content. 

To design your graphics with zero design knowledge use Canva, Fotojet etc. and for capturing screenshot you can use different chrome extensions. 

In addition, you can use Infographics to share with your visitors which will make your blog content more appealing.

Tip #6: Follow a particular niche 

Blog with a specific niche looks more professional than following a broad niche. But many blogs are not following a specific niche

If your blog is about “HealthCare” then don’t expect readers to come from “Photography” niche. 

So you just have to stick on a specific niche to target a specific audience. Following an exact niche will increase your blog trustworthiness and loyal readers. 


Your blog is about SEO and you are writing about the latest SEO techniques and Guidelines then you will find real SEO lover readers. Remember returning visitors are more important than one-time visitors. 

Tip #7: Blog Monetization 

Popular blogger do affiliate marketing instead of monetizing their website with the advertisement. They argued that using banner ads can distract your readers anytime and the advertiser can easily take away your readers to their brand and business site. 

But showing a few ad banners can make your blog more attractive but not too much. 

We recommend monetizing your blog with “Google AdSense” or any other native advertising network. Professional blogger utilize their blog to earn money without distracting readers. 

Tip #8: Update your blog Design 

As a blogger, you should update your blog design from time to time. To provide high-quality user experience you should update your blog design. 

Formerly, people were unknown about responsive web design. But after rapid growth of smart device user-responsive design becomes essential. Over 50% of users are now using Smartphone to visit websites. 

On the other hand, to provide a smooth user experience on Smartphone AMP design has introduced. AMP design helps to load any website super fast. 

So to keep engage your readers you should update the design from time to time. 

Tip #9: Solve your reader’s problem 

Blogger write contents for serving a specific purpose and most of the content writers write for solving any specific problem. 

Readers also read a blog post to find a solution to their problems. 

As a Professional blogger to bring professionalism in your blog you must showcase bunches of problem-solving articles to make your readers happy and fulfil their needs. 

If you can satisfy your readers by solving their problems then they will be returning visitor. 

Tip #10: Interact with readers positively 

There are many readers who will communicate with you negatively; in this situation, you should handle them positively. 

Most of the visitors use the comment section to interact with you, so if you leave any negative comment then other visitors will see and this will create a negative impact on your blog.

Interact with readers positively

A professional blogger always is tricky to handle all odd situation. Dissatisfied readers always try to find out your weakness to attack you mentally, so you should be smart enough to cope with them. 

Anyhow try to interact with them professionally. 


Professionalism on blogging is the strongest pillar to make you successful in your blogging career. So try to adapt all sorts of ideas to make your blog professional. 

Does your blog’s design make you embarrassing when you look at it? This means you have a lack of ability to show professionalism in your Blog. 

Your blog should convey the level of professionalism, thus visitors can understand after landing in your site. 

If you follow the above tips then you can bring professionalism with your creative design ideas that BOOM for your blog and business. 

I would love to know what are some of your favourite professional blog designs and why? 

Cheers, all!
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