8 Way To Promote Infographics Or Visual Graphics

Infographics are one of the best ways to take lots of information and turning into an exciting visual graphic that is easily shared by others. Infographic directories are a great way for people who are interested in finding images on specific topics to find your work. Explore here ways of using infographics to promote your brand.

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Infographics or visual Graphics which has newly emerged rapidly but many people are not aware about it. It helps to promote your business as well as generate high quality backlisks which is completely different from Black-hat back linking system rather it create white-hat backlinks. You have to be little smart to promote infographics successfully that can generate higher number of quality backlinks. In addition, just research on it and create relevant infographic where your visitors desire. Latest business trend is diverting on infographics promoting systems. 

1. Promote infographic Through Social Sharing 

First task of infographic is to promote your images through social sharing and community where blog can work effectively and easily. It will influence your current traffic rate to pick, however you have to make it easy as much as possible and request them to spread it by share. Similarly you can tell your blog audience to embed your infographic on their own site as well as in other networking site to dig up even more links. Use image 540px to 600px for typical webpage and Create some images like facebook thumbnail that is fast loading and easy to share. On the other hand, you should embed code in a block for each images that used for infographic.

infographic images are generally very tall so you can use a third-party website which is help you to load your browser faster. Because if you host your images in your hosting site then it will take longer time to load, as a result visitors may skip your site. 

2. Promote infographic Through E-mail Marketing and Graphics Fan

In case of e-mail marketing you have to make it attractive and keep your infographic in a dazzling section with a link back to your website where the receiver will easily attract to click on it. You can implement this trick to increase traffic as well as use it through social media sharing. But remember that don't send it to the unknown user because it is effective for fan base e-mail marketing. So if you have good number of client or subscriber then use their e-mail address for sending e-mail and also promote regularly across all popular social channels. Facebook and twitter are common but you won't get enough comment instead of those use Reddit’s infographic Sub-reddit and Pinterest where you will get more graphics base fans.

3. Promote infographic Through Directories And Peer Group 

You have go in forth through target base Audiences . For example if some user has shared your contents then you can target them to promote your next content. You can also use two media digital and print, however among two of them though digital media is strong but print media is also effective to promote. There are also another group such as your peer or friends that can easily to promote through them. Use some popular blog with higher hit rates every day as well as use Infographic galleries and directories. 

4. Promote infographic Through Search Engine 

It's not over if you just create an Infographic to promote your content or brand rather you have to make it search engine friendly if you are interested to promote over the internet. I got a result from Adwords keyword tool that the keyword "Free infographic" was search more than 2900+ times in Google Search Engine. 

5. Promote infographic Through Guest posting

Most modern effective channels of grow is Guest posting. If you can write for portals, newspaper, Magazine or in blog is a great way to promote your brand because infographic will make your content or product more interesting to them. After guest posting follow the comments that what that visitors are saying about it. So you can easily get positive and negative review from them. 

6. Promote infographic Through Paid social promotion

We can often see in facebook that promote your product or brand through placing an ads. However it is not effective for unknown brand and but it is a bigger opportunity for good brand. There are millions of visitors are on social channel so you can easily spread your voice through them. Not only facebook but also use another Paid services provided by StumbleUpon. I support BuySellAds.com or BuzzFeed.com to use for promotion because they are most popular and they allow only legit and higher traffic site where your entrance would be very difficult by guest posting. 

7. Promote infographic Through Ads and In-Store Promotion 

Most of the reputed company focused on campaign through infographic. Such as infographic for ads or infographic for in store promotion because it drive visitors to your website. They keep their links on a eye-catching area with the products that links beck to their website. Because visitors are not used to memorize your web address so infographic helps to make a deep impression on visitors mind 

8. Promote infographic ThroughVisual Graphic Directories

You can take help from various infographics directories to promote your products and brands. Most of them are useful for displaying and housing visual graphics. Here another plus point is that you will get both do-follow and no-follow from those directories. 
  • Reddit.com/r/infographics/ 
  • http://submitinfographics.com/ 
  • http://www.infographicfile.com/ 
  • http://infographicsite.com/submit-infographic/ 
  • http://www.infographicsarchive.com/submit-infographics/ 
  • http://visual.ly 
  • http://www.nerdgraph.com/submit-infographic/ 
  • http://www.infographiclove.com (paid submission) 
you will find more site through Google Search and can choose according to your liking. 

Viewers review is the main factor to get result so use keywords that relate to your infographic then keep watching on them and it all helps to keep your infographic for relevancy. So this is an important factor to keep relevancy between keywords and infographic. 

If you find these tips are useful to promote your infographic then kindly spread our voice over the web by sharing through social network. I am sure that making attractive and useful infographic it's not hard to generate 100+ links easily.
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Dilip Yadav says: 3/12/2013

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