How to Fix Bengali Font Problem in Google Chrome Browser?

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Among the most spoken language in the world, the Bengali language is in 7th position. There are over 212 million peoples who speak in the Bengali language. So there is a huge number of Bengali native speakers read and visit Bangladeshi websites frequently. 

However, the Bengali language shows on the website by Bangla Unicode Fonts. But sometimes our browser crash or breaks for displaying Bangla font properly. 

You might face the problem mostly on the conjunct words. You can see the problem from the below image that all font has broken. And conjunct word displaying in single word form. 

How to fix bangla fonts problem in firefox?
Bengali Font problem in Google Chrome (Solution)

If you see Bengali font broken in Google chrome browser and want to fix Bangla font in chrome then this tutorial is appropriate for you.

This Bangla font problem in windows 7 and windows 10 happening frequently. Now the question is how to solve the Bangla font problem in chrome?

To solve this issue we have to use google chrome advanced font feature.

  broken Bengali font

Generally, we use SutonnyMJ as Bijoy Bangla font for writing on the word processor and many users think that the Bangla font sutonnymj can be used to compose both in MSWord and Websites.

Indeed you won’t able to use non-Unicode font in Blog writing. :(

But on the website, we are not able to use this Bangla font autonym to write or search for something, because this is not a chrome font or any Unicode font. 

Google Chrome uses Kalpurush Font by default which is a Bangla Unicode Font. This font designed by Md. Tanbin Islam Siyam and developed under Avro Free Bangla Font Project.

To solve the issue you must use this font to fix the Bangla font problem in chrome. If your bangle font crashed then you can download it from OmicronLab and install it on your computer.

Besides this, you can also download and use some other popular Bengali font like Nikosh, Siyam Rupali, Akaash, etc.

Those Unicode fonts will enable you to read Bangla language on websites and blogs. 

Suppose you are visiting Bangla language newspapers but due to font crash you won’t able to read any single line. Or even you won’t able to see any Bengali language post on your Facebook or Blog. 

You might think the problem is evolving from PC or internet but actually, this problem comes from your Browser. 

For solving this problem some users reinstall the windows but this pointless and required a longer time. But your problem will be solved. But there is a simple method to fix the issue. 

Though the majority of users are using Google Chrome, so in this tutorial, I will show you how we can Fix Bengali Display Problem in the Google Chrome browser.

First of all, uninstall Google Chrome from your PC and download & install the latest version. After that go through the below steps-

Step #1: From your Google Chrome browser Go to Settings -> Show Advanced Settings- > 

chrome settings

Now, hidden options will expand and display under advance settings.

advance settings

Step #2: Now from ->Web content select ->Customized fonts

gmail font

Step #3: And select Kalpurush font for Serif font and Siyam Rupali Font for Sans-serif font. After that simply click on Done button.

fonts and encoding

Step #4: Copy chrome://flags and paste it on your Google Chrome browser. A new page will open, from there find Disable DirectWrite Windows and Enable it by click on Enable link.

Step #5: Finally to make the changes work click on RELAUNCH NOW button from the bottom of the page.

Now check any Bengali site on your Google Chrome browser and see fonts are displaying properly.  I hope this tutorial will solve your Bangla Font Problem on Google Chrome browser. 
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