15 Hot SEO Google Chrome Extensions for Website Traffic, Clicks, and Rank Analysis

Do you want to optimize your website? Then use useful extensions for SEO and Website Analysis. View Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Domain Whois Lookup and more.
We're accomplishing a variety of tasks on a regular basis, ranging from sorting our content buckets to maximizing the usability of a website to connection building and even more. It's a lot to take in, but there is some exciting news. 

15 Hot SEO Google Chrome Extensions for Website SEO Analysis and Audit

There is a range of Google Chrome plugins that can help you with these tasks.

Google Chrome has amassed a significant market share. As per Stats Counter, Google Chrome has a market share of over 64.56 per cent from March 2020 to February 2021.

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Browser Market Share Worldwide

I'm sure, many of you are also Google Chrome users. Have you looked at the Chrome plugins and shortcuts the browser has to deliver?

There are tons of Google Chrome extensions in the web store. You will find different extensions for different purposes. Eventually, extensions are making our browsing experience user friendly. 

As per Blogger or SEO expert, you may want to perform an SEO analysis on your website. But most of us rely on the third-party website where can test SEO score. 

 We can check any website’s SEO details without visiting any third-party website. 

How is this possible? 


We can use extensions for our browsers. But people are much more confused and unknown about SEO extension. In reality, many of us don’t know how to use it wisely.

Why use SEO Extensions?

The simple answer is to analyze any website we can use extensions. Through using chrome SEO extension we can see Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Domain Whois Lookup, Server IP Geolocation, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Site Analysis, Social Shares and much other SEO related information. 

And after sorting it out we can make a decision on what would be the next step to improve our website SEO. So obviously this is a very important thing for our Blog and website to boost up on search engine result page.  

Generally, our collection of SEO extensions will help you to explore the following result and report for your website or blog.

  • Google PageRank, 
  • Alexa Rank, 
  • Compete Rank, 
  • Domain Whois Lookup, 
  • Server Ip Geolocation, 
  • Page Cache in Google, 
  • Indexed Pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, 
  • Backlinks in Google, 
  • Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, DMOZ listing count, 
  • Traffic Graph, 
  • DMOZ Listing, 
  • DNS Information, 
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml detect

Additionally, you can directly share your SEO details on social Sharing sites like 
  • Twitter, 
  • Facebook, 
  • Delicious and 
  • StumbleUpon. 

15 Powerful SEO Chrome Extensions for your Website

We will guide you through 15 SEO extensions of google chrome. Those are very powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) extensions where we can use on your Google Chrome browser. This is very easy to analyze any webpage by using the extension. And most of the extensions are very lightweight.

01. Essential SEO Toolkit (SEO Analysis Tool)

This is an awesome SEO extension for your website. You can say the all-in-one SEO extension of Google Chrome. With this chrome-extension, you can check and view. This SEO tool has so many special features like

Essential SEO Toolkit

A. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Traffic Analysis

General intelligence resources with a focus on traffic, but with other features as well:

  • Alexa – a complete set of SEO tools to analyze your own Or competitors' traffic
  • SERanking – an SEO package of 35+ unique tools to analyze traffic and other SEO sectors
  • SEMRush – a comprehensive information platform for SEO, PPC, social media, and video analysis.

B. Website Speed Assessment

A collection of tools designed to help you boost the speed and efficiency of your website:
  • Pingdom Tools – track a website's performance, efficiency, and accessibility.
  • GT Metrix – measure a page's speed performance and compare results to PageSpeed and YSlow.
  • PageSpeed Insights from Google – PageSpeed score and recommendations

C. Website & SEO Auditing 

Audit methods that can also find several instances where a website can be improved:
  • WooRank – use the WooRank SEO checker to analyze the website and find keywords. 
  • Nibbler (Silktide) – a monitoring tool for usability, SEO, social networking, and other enforcement. 
  • SEOptimer – a tool that analyzes and grades a website, highlighting areas for improvement.
  • SiteChecker – audit report with over 100 criteria, including metadata, images, and links.

D. Analysis of Backlinks

With this set of tools, you can examine backlinks for your own and competitor websites:
  • Majestic – a collection of SEO and digital marketing connect intelligence resources.
  • Ahrefs – This SEO toolkit contains backlinks, among other items.
  • Moz Link Explorer – a collection of Moz tools for link analysis and competitor study.

E. Social Signals

An special tools that give you a quick glance at how many times a URL has been posted on social media:
  • Social Shares Count Checker – track the number of times a URL has been shared on social media in minutes time.
  • Count Checker – lists the number of views, likes, and comments for a range of social media platforms.

Get this Extention: Essential SEO Toolkit

02. SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

I am pretty sure that you are well-known about WooRank. If you want to get a very deep SEO report for any website then the WooRank SEO extension is suitable for you, because this is the most reliable SEO website over the net. And I like this SEO extension. 

SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

WooRank SEO & Website Analysis comes with a broad range of SEO analysis services. You can do Traffic Estimations, Traffic Rank, Distinctive Audience, Adwords Traffic, Visitors Localization, Social Impact, Mobile Load Time, Mobile Optimization, and IP Canonicalization.

In addition, you can check SEO Authority, PageRank, Related Websites, and Indexed Pages, Domain 1st Registered, Domain Expiration, Popular Pages, and SEO Backlinks etc.

Get this Extention: Woorank

03. META SEO inspector

This SEO extension mainly works on your META contents like HTML Meta tags, XFN tags, head title, rich snippets, various microformats, canonical attribute and no-follow links and so on. 

META SEO inspector

So this is very useful. This extension is helpful for rewriting the META tags and description inside your webpage.

Get this Extention: META SEO inspector

04. MozBar from Moz

This is the most popular extension over the web store. Moz bar lets you access SEO metrics, view social metrics.

MozBar from Moz

Also, you can create custom searches, compare link metrics, highlight links and keywords, quickly expose page elements etc.

Get this Extention: MozBar from Moz

05. SEOquake

This plugin is a powerful tool for the website’s key SEO metrics and SEO Audit. Interestingly you can get a comprehensive analysis of Search Engine Result Pages and export the results in CSV format.  


SEOquake allows you to set parameters for a search query, you can check for mobile compatibility. You can also Compare URLs/domains and determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list.

Get this Extention: SEOquake

06. SEO Peek

SEO Peek specialized in on-page SEO factors.  You can check Page title, H1 headings, Meta description and keywords, Meta news keywords, Meta robots. 

SEO Peek

Additionally, you can view the annotations. Canonicalization annotations, Pagination annotations, Mobile annotations etc.

Get this Extention: SEO Peek


You can see all of the META data and SEO information through this awesome extension. 


If your blog post has a problem with a header like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tag, Long title, short title, description, Canonical URL, META robot, sitemap and Open graph, you will get all data in details through this extension.

Get this Extention: SEO META in 1 CLICK


This is one of the best SEO extensions on the google chrome store. You can easily analyze your website performance and get a report. This tool is useful for SEO professionals, Web Developers and Online Marketers.


You can analyze Page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Meta robots, Encoding, Content length in words and chars, Text to HTML Ratio, Precise h1-h6 table, Bolds and strong, Images and Alt text, Frames, External links and nofollow check, Internal links and nofollow check, Existence of Robots.txt, Existence of Sitemap.xml and more.

09. Oncrawl SEO page audit

This is a very simple but useful SEO analytical tool where you will get an accurate analytical report. 

Oncrawl SEO page audit

The “Oncrawl” extension measure website content (SEO tags, duplicate content, structured data, and social Metadata. You can detect errors on your webpage and optimize it accordingly.

Get this Extention: Oncrawl SEO page audit

10. Link Redirect Trace

The all-in-one direction analyzer is best to trace the website's redirects. Also examined are HTTP headers, Rel-Canonicals, robots.txt, link strength, trust, and threat!

Link Redirect Trace

Analyze links, redirects, and REL-canonicals in a more advanced, detailed, and, most importantly, right manner. This powerful extension can be used for SEO research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, competitor research, and more.

Get this Extention: Link Redirect Trace

11. YouTube SEO Checklist

Are you worried about your YouTube videos then don’t worry? You can use this superb extension. “YouTube SEO Checklist” got over thirty-five ranking factors & tips where you can optimize your YouTube videos likes a professional. 

YouTube SEO Checklist (SEO Ranking Tool)

This extension will score your optimization level while you upload your videos to YouTube.

Get this Extention: YouTube SEO Checklist

12. SERPTrends SEO Extension

This extension is for the advance user but useful for SEO & SEM specialists. This lightweight extension can shows dynamics for search results. You can compare the search result for different days. 

SERPTrends SEO Extension

When you search Google, Yahoo! or Bing with Search Engine Result Page’s Trends turned on for the first time all positions are marked as new. The next day you will see dynamics for previously performed searches. I think this is amazing.

Get this Extention: SERPTrends SEO Extension

13. James - Analytic/SEO Auditor

“James” is another awesome search engine optimization tools. User can debug web analytics tags, dataLayer, on-click events and SEO data. This extension supports Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics and many more. 

James - Analytic/SEO Auditor

Web analytics tags, dataLayer, on-click activities, and SEO data can all be debugged. Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, and other tools are supported. For Analytic tags, James is the professional debugger.

Google Analytics, Google Universal Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, IBM Coremetrics, WebTrends, and several others are currently supported. 

Get this Extention: James - Analytic/SEO Auditor

14. SEO Tool Extension: Meta + SEO Checker

This is not only an SEO extension rather this is a digital marketing extension where you can save time. Fenix SEO can quickly analyze WebPages.  The user could see the HTTP Header Status of a webpage, generate Bulk Search Engine Result Pages and this extension can display Bulk Links.

SEO Tool Extension: Meta + SEO Checker

15. SEO Review Tools for Chrome!

This is a nice and free tool for search engine optimization. User can check Google Pagerank status, Alexa traffic rank & Dmoz listing, Domain Name Filter and Domain Whois Lookup, Domain age checkup and many more. The main feature of this extension, you can filter out domains according to your desire.  

SEO Review Tools for Chrome!

SEO Review Tools for Chrome is a free Chrome extension that allows you to easily search any URL with one of their 36 free SEO Tools.

Get this Extention: SEO Review Tools for Chrome!

Wrapping Up

Google Chrome is still one of the most popular web browsers. What is the reason for this? 

Since the search engine is small and has a plethora of useful plugins to improve your browsing experience.

If you're not taking advantage of Chrome shortcuts' powerful features, you're probably wasting time on time-consuming activities.

Install a few of these Chrome extensions right now. With just one click of the “Add to Chrome” button, you will be well on your way to expanding your blog and website in no time.

I know as a Blogger you always worried about booming up your website SEO, but due to a lack of SEO knowledge, you are one step behind practising good SEO for your website. But through these extensions, you can detect SEO error from your website and later you can take necessary action.
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