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Greetings! Thanks for stopping by.
Welcome to Blogger Spice – A Blog for bloggers who want to improve their blogs and Blogging career,

If you are looking in creating your blog or business, or even trying to improve your design skills, you have landed in the right place my friend. Check out the different blog posts, and see what grabs your attention.

I’m pretty sure you would love to know little bit about this Blog history. Ummm.. This Blog Officially Launched in 2013 as a community for Bloggers. Blogger Spice started out as a hobby really; I was always working on media blog before starting Blogger Spice. I also a service holder and get busy whole day with my office. However I saw Blogging tips and tutorial based Blog is most trendy and popular among newbie. After making proper planning I give-up media blogging and initiate my professional Blogging career with Blogger Spice, as a result, I start playing around with Tutorials, gadgets, and templates. In addition my target was to helping people about money earning techniques through blogging.

Blogger Spice Blog

Blogger Spice Domain has registered in 2nd December 2012. So this is the Birth date of this Blog. After only posting a few articles at the end of December 2012 I noticed Blogger Spice getting popular and my readership growing. So I decided to focus on adding more content and making the tutorials more reader friendly for less experienced and new Bloggers while still providing quality tips, tutorials and help through Blog, Email and social media.

Why Blogger Spice praiseworthy to your Blogging career? Because Blogger Spice offers certain value to friendly readers, such as-
  • From beginners to professional Blogging tips and tutorials based of real-file experiences.
  • We have unveils our rich database about Blogger SEO for Blogger friends.
  • Premium Types Blogger template providing free for Blogger site startup.
  • I provide Broad range of Money making techniques from a blog and other sources.
  • Provide useful consultation on other Blogger friends to solve their issues.
  • Encourage new Blogger to Startup profitable Blog niche.
  • Complete guide about Traffic source and search engine visibility.
While I lend some guidance and inspiration, I also offer services such as:

  • Blogger Template Design
  • Social Media Marketing (You can Buy Page Likes and Followers Fast and Safe)
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Maintenance Services
 If you are going to start your Blog or grow your social media page rapidly then you can have a look in my service page. If you have any comment and suggestion concerning this blog, please be my friend share with me.

So, who created this little slice of #HellYes?

Rabbi Khan: Self-Developed + Self-Taught

I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom and also coincidentally, a graphics designer. I am also super passionate about helping bloggers everywhere follow their dreams, reach their goals, and create powerful and successful profitable Blog. That said, I also know what it is like to be BUSY, and to feel like life is spinning out of control. When it comes to blogging, there is always so many things I do within spare time.

Blogger SpiceI believe Epic born from the passion. I have uniquely blended of mixed experiences on Blogging, template designing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However Blogger Spice is a personal blog where I share all about Blogging.

In real I don’t have any professional training on Blogging and I was a newbie who begins to know and learn blogger since 2012 by self-taught. But I try to share from my personal experience and best knowledge. I hope my contribution on Blogger Spice work as useful resource to other Blogger friends.

The Final Words

Thanks all of you so much for the great support. Without my audience I would have never achieved this height on the Internet. Thanks for looking at my Blog profile. Wish you good luck on your Blogging career and promise you to provide quality whenever delivers. Please click on below image to Join in my VIP mailing list.

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Speak Your Mind

Dilip Yadav says: 1/21/2013

can you give me the code for author box in footer which is similar to more blog tools. with your pic with rotator.

Mohammad Rabbi says: 1/21/2013
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bd24Bd says: 1/24/2013

dear sir can you share me plzzzzz iahve many problem so plzzzz 1st contact me sir +8801819133777

Mohammad Rabbi says: 1/24/2013

please write me details what kinds of problem? or email me at

I will try with my best..

Mohammad Rabbi says: 1/24/2013

send me details in Contact Us form..

Anonymous 4/05/2013

can you give me like yours author box plz plz plz

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 4/05/2013

check this link for author box.

I just change the color.

Hafeez Khan says: 4/22/2013

Nice Blog Bro. Bloggerspice show Awesome designing we like its. Bro keep blogging & do hard works. Once again thanks, Thumbs to

Hafeez Khan says: 4/22/2013

Join me on fb. i will do the rel"author" confiqurations for you. join me on facebook

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 4/22/2013

thanks for your compliment. I worked hard to give final output for bloggerspice. Worked more than 2 months only for design

Osama Zia says: 7/17/2013

Nice Blog Fazle Rabbi!
As a Graphics Designer I like your template's design.

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 7/17/2013

many many thanks for your comments. I am glade to hear that.

Faiq -Ul- Hussain says: 8/02/2013

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi Please Follow My Blog Pleaseee Broo...

I like This Blog

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 8/03/2013

Hi Faiq...thank you so much that you have like this blog. Please write a review in Alexa by visiting below link..Your review is very important to us for further improvement of BloggerSpice.

Wish you successful blogging

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

Salek ahmed says: 2/11/2015

ভাই? আপনি বাংলাদেশি? আমি তো অনেকদিন আপনার ব্লগ ভিসিট করি , আর আজ জানতে পারলাম।
ভাই আমি কুমিল্লায় থাকি,

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 2/14/2015

Thanks Salek vai.. Actually Bangladesh a ato manus Blogging kore age jantam na. Amake Kolkatar ekjon blogger Bangladeshi top Blog site er sathe introduce koriyece. Amar New ekta Bangla Blog very soon release korbo. Je keu ooitate nijer creative article post korte parbe,

Habib Ullah says: 6/13/2015

রাব্বি ভাইয়া আপনার ব্লগটা সত্যিই অনেক অনেক বেশী হেল্পফুল....ধন্যবাদ এইরকম একটা ব্লগ উপহার দেয়ার জন্ ।
অত:পর আপনার ব্লগিং জীবনের জন্য শুভকামনা রইল ।

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 6/13/2015

Thanks Habib :music

Md. Anwar Hossain says: 6/19/2015

রাব্বী ভাই আমি একটু সমস্যায পড়েছি। সমস্যাটি হলো আমার ব্লগ সাইটে হোমপেজে ৪টি দেখাচ্ছে। কিন্তু কোন ভাবে সমাধান করতে পারছি না। জরুরীভাবে সমাধান আশা করছি। আমার ব্লগ সাইটের লিংক হলো

Saleh Faysal says: 10/26/2017

thanks Rabbi Bhai for creative work, hopefully it will encourage a lot to others...

Rabbi Khan says: 10/29/2017

Welcome Bro..It's my pleasure that my Blog is encouraging newbies. :)

Anonymous 3/13/2018

Loved your work

Rabbi Khan says: 3/19/2018

Thank you :)

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