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If you are looking for creating your blog or business, or even trying to improve your design skills, you have landed in the right place my friend. Check out the different blog posts, and see what grabs your attention.

Quick Facts

I’m pretty sure you would love to know a little bit about this Blog history. Ummm... This Blog Officially Launched on 2nd December 2012 as a community for Bloggers. Blogger Spice started out as a hobby really; I was working on a media blog before starting Blogger Spice. I am doing a PhD. at Debrecen University, #Hungary and become busy the whole day with my research. However, I saw Blogging tips and tutorial-based Blog is the most trendy and popular among newbie.

After making proper planning I give up media blogging and initiate my professional Blogging career with Blogger Spice, as a result, I start playing around with Tutorials, gadgets, and templates. In addition, my target was to help people with money-earning techniques through blogging. 

Blogger Spice Domain registered on 2nd December 2012. So this is the Birthdate of this Blog. After only posting a few articles at the end of December 2012 I noticed Blogger Spice getting popular and my readership growing.

So I decided to focus on adding more content and making the tutorials more reader-friendly for less experienced and new Bloggers while still providing quality tips, tutorials and help through Blog, Email and social media.

Why is Blogger Spice praiseworthy to your Blogging career? Because Blogger Spice offers certain value to friendly readers, such as-

  • From beginners to professional Blogging tips and tutorials based on real-file experiences.
  • We have unveiled our rich database of Blogger SEO for Blogger friends.
  • Premium Types Blogger template providing free for Blogger site startup.
  • I provide a broad range of Moneymaking techniques from a blog and other sources.
  • Provide useful consultation with other Blogger friends to solve their issues.
  • Encourage new Bloggers to Startup a profitable Blog niche.
  • Complete guide about Traffic source and search engine visibility.

While I lend some guidance and inspiration, I also offer services such as:

If you are going to start your Blog or grow your social media page rapidly then you can have a look at my service page. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this blog, please be my friend and share them with me.

So, who created this little slice of #Hell Yes?

Rabbi Khan: Google Certified Digital Marketer

I believe that passion doesn't make you tired. Whatever you like to do, you should start working on it. Don’t go for doing something that you don’t like to do. And remember that failure is the key to success.

I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, an occasional purveyor of wisdom and also coincidentally, a graphics designer. I am also super passionate about helping bloggers everywhere follow their dreams, reach their goals, and create powerful and successful profitable blogs. That said, I also know what it is like to be BUSY and to feel like life is spinning out of control. When it comes to blogging, there are always so many things I do in my spare time.

Mohmmad Fazle Rabbi
I believe Epic was born from passion. I have uniquely blended mixed experiences in Blogging, theme designing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, Blogger Spice is a personal blog where I share all about Blogging.

Till 2015, I don’t have any professional training in Blogging and I was a newbie who begins to know and learn bloggers in 2012 by  Self-Developed + Self-Taught. 


in 2019, I completed a Digital Marketing course from GoogleI try to share my personal experience and best knowledge. I hope my contribution to Blogger Spice work as a useful resource to other Blogger friends.

How Do We Make Money?

This is a common question that makes by everyone how do we make money from this blog? 

Is it from the advertisement or something else? 

The main income of this site comes from Sponsored articles and social media services. We already published over 500 sponsored articles. And another source of income is coming from selling custom Blogger theme designs and advertisers. If you click on an ad banner or click on our partner website links from our website and complete an offer, make a purchase or use our reference then we receive a small amount of commission from the advertiser.

This is not going to cost you a single penny but your small support helps us to keep running this site. Obviously, we don’t encourage clicking without any reason but we try to influence you by writing a review, offering incentives from third-party websites and suitable offerings that maybe you are looking for that. 

However, we always give priority to our readers first not any business. We research our readers and write articles to answer their queries.

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