How to Use Quora to Find Great New Content Ideas?

Do you want to know how to Come Up with Great Blog Post Ideas Consistently? Quora to Get any New topic Ideas for Content every day.

You may be thinking about how to Get New Ideas for Content.

Like many bloggers, there are many days that I attempt to discover ideas for blog posts. I maintain a track of suggestions on hand at all times and have my content planner. Nonetheless, there are many times when my plans don't seem to work for me. When I'm stuck in a funk like this, there's one spot that never fails to inspire me. Since many bloggers do it, being honest isn't a big secret. Regardless, I'm going to teach you how to get content ideas from Quora, but with a twist.

But how to create blog post ideas from Quora? Whether you are searching for new content ideas, Quora is the social question and answer forum that can help you.

This is one frequently underestimated resource. Quora is a treasure that deserves further attention. Apart from raising and answering questions, Quora is an excellent resource for coming up with blog post ideas. To start, perform a simple query.

How to Use Quora to Find Great New Content Ideas?

What is Quora?

The organisation was established in June 2009, and on June 21, 2010, this website got public access. Users will cooperate by compiling questions and making changes to responses sent by others. The website had 590 million unique visitors per month in 2020.

Quora is a question-and-answer website based in the United States, where users can ask, answer, follow, and edit questions, either rationally or in the context of opinions. Quora has engraved out a powerful niche itself as an online platform for asking and answering questions. But for a new blogger, it is much more than that, because it's still a fantastic source of generating blog post ideas.

Quora users can provide answers to questions like a blog post. Other users can react, share, send a thank you and "upvote" to other users. The more a reply is upvoted the more exposure Quora raises. You can have a look at the below picture which has got 26k upvote. This means 26,000 people already like this content. 

most upvoted picture of homeless people on Quora
26k upvoted picture of Homeless Veteran on Quora

How can You use Quora to Stay on-Trend? 

To begin with Quora, you might choose a wider niche. You may think that these two terms don't belong together, but you must follow the right popular discussions to keep up with the trends.

For example, Quora users often discuss many hot topics and you can easily track from their discussion to explore what is fresh and existing affairs. Most notably, this will lead to what people think and help you to brainstorm on new topics.

You will monitor the most discussed topic with the most views and according to their feedback, you can improve new blog post ideas. As well as you can use it as a headline generator for your blog. 

Even you can ask questions; why do people are interested in that specific topic? And you may produce more relevant content ideas from their feedback.

5 Clever Ways To Use Quora To Get Blog Post Ideas

Let's admit it, some topic is pointless and boring, especially those that are discussed repeatedly. Even though these issues are still important, there seems to be a stumbling block in describing a modern solution. Here's where Quora comes in handy!

If you want to get a novel approach to gloomy topics. Here are a few ideas about how to tackle a boring subject:

1. Find out what's Hot in Your Field?

The trick to getting the most out of Quora is to learn how to use it to generate potential topics that can be turned into insightful blog posts. As an example, let's imagine your SEO firm provides a search engine optimization service. Your Quora focus field will be "SEO".

You just made a search query about the latest SEO topic “Core Web Vitals” and you'd make sure to keep up with any single trending subject about “Core Web Vitals” on the site. You'd think critically about what's on people's minds and what kinds of challenges or concerns they're dealing with.

the latest SEO topic “Core Web Vitals”

You can also look at the Quora articles that have received the most views and upvotes, as this will give you a clear understanding of what kind of content is currently popular.

Quora articles that have received the most views and upvotes

This technique is used by some of the leading marketing organizations. For instance, also reposts Quora questions and responds with a quick disclosure like, "This question originally appeared on Quora." Of course, traffic plays a role in this method. Questions that receive a lot of attention on Quora are likely to receive a lot of attention on your blog as well.

2. Share a Personal Experience

Sharing a bit of personal knowledge is the easiest way to get to know a circumstance or subject. Often people come to Quora to get answers to questions about a personal circumstance or experience. Try adding these ideas into your blog post to enrich the essence of the boring topic and make it more interesting.

There could be topics you've written several times that you probably believe no new way of approaching them. But Quora will also support you there to get new possible ideas. 

For instance, in QUORA, one trick is to answer questions and share personal stories. The best in struggling and persistence, uplifting experiences and stories of a memorable moment. However, you can also use personal stories in your blog posts?

For example, 

Web design is becoming an old content idea outside of the realm of imagination. What more can we do to improve the traditional site design, user interface (UI), and conversion practices? 

If a dilemma occurs, it's more than likely that a new solution will be taken. Your team will start analyzing a new approach to small details or broader UX specs by browsing certain topics or problems on Quora.

3. Find the Most knowledgeable People in your Blog Niche

You can find the most expert people in your profession and learn from them. You'll also find that some individuals emerge as experienced professionals on the Quora website. They are the ones who have all of the views, upvotes, and badges.

As a consequence, people come to them with queries and expect a reply. You will find out what the expert leaders are discussing there and their reply. You may also quote, reference, or embed Quora material in your blog, which will give you a good little boost in traffic and maybe the stamp of approval from professional expertise.

4. Get New Ideas for Content from Quora

You specify the topics you want to address and answer questions during the registration process. This is the "Knows About" There you explain your knowledge field, so you can see the related content on your feed since you connect to your account.

Think of a food and cooking blog, for instance. You may find questions about cooking or how to prepare those items based on your tastes. In this scenario, we advise you to add more additional desires outside your knowledge. This can expand the range of topics and will also add solution to approach a topic in your market research.

5. Generate Idea from Most Viewed Quora Questions

This is a little tricky. Instead of using quora, you can check the google search engine. I have made a query regarding “quora questions”. We have found the below result:

Generate Idea from Most Viewed Quora Questions

Here you can see some most viewed questions in Quora

  • What are your dirtiest secrets in your life?
  • What things saddened you more?
  • What is your most embarrassing situation in your life?
  • What you do when you are alone?

And the top answer to those questions has more than 2,000,000+ views. So, guess how effective is quora to get the content idea.

Utilizing Quora to Generate Blog Topics

Your aim as a blogger is to find a subject that will pique your audience's attention while still providing them with value in some way. A typical problem is a topic that does not spark the attention of enough people.
Discovering questions with a lot of responses that are relevant to your blog is a simple way to create high-value topics. Start by looking for questions that are relevant to your preferences and have the most responses. Look at the questions and pick a subject that is related to your blog niche.

All you have to do is go to Quora and look for some important questions. Begin by typing a single or two keywords into the search box.

You can quickly convert the questions into topics by observing the popularity and it can help to generate high-value content for your blog.

Before you might not even need an account to get ideas for content from Quora. But now you won't be able to see anything more than a login screen if you don't have an account, and you won't be able to browse for content suggestions for your niche.

There's a further step to the brainstorming strategy I am talking about here.

I get my content ideas from Quora by visiting the homepage and logging in. So for creating quora account just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the Quora registration page

the Quora registration page

Step 2: You can signup there with any email address as well as by your Facebook account. So to create the account input your details there. Make a user account! You'll be redirected to Quora, where you can conduct searches.

Step 3: Now type any keyword. For instance, I have typed “Blogger Theme”.

quora search of “Blogger Theme”

Step 4: From the left menu select question or answer to generate the content ideas. Additionally, you can select the posting time from there. To know the latest trend you can select the “Past week” or “Past month” option. And you will get all blogger theme related questions and answers.

After getting the most upvoted question’s answer you can select your next blog topic.

Quora Space for searching Topic

Alternatively, you can go straight to Quora Space for BloggerSpice page on Quora and use the search bar. This will take you to a webpage known as "Space". Quora users make spaces, which are similar to topic areas, to curate questions focused on a specific topic.

The URL I've given leads to a Space dedicated to the subject of blogging or Ghost Theme. You may not be searching for content ideas in this place, so look for something in your favourite relevant topic about Ghost Theme.

Ghost Theme

Quora is an open platform. Anyone can use it to get help. So be gracious and polite, and don't be spammy. As well as, always follow 3 rules from below:

  1. Start building up a portfolio of responses in Quora: This may expand your scope on that platform over time: the greater your responses, the more upvotes you'll get. The more and more upvotes you get, the higher your visibility would be.
  2. Use Quora to link back to your Blog Entries: Widely recognized questions get a lot of attention. And any links you leave back to your post can result in traffic heading your website.
  3. Give a thoughtful response to the question but don't spam: Let's not be spammy in Quora. Your response must be sufficiently comprehensive to address the user's query completely. However, you should mention that you've written a more detailed approach on your blog and provide a link to that as well.

Final Thoughts

Quora is a website where actual humans seek answers to their questions. Quora questions will help you come up with fresh content concepts whether you're stuck for ideas or helping you with little motivation.

Lookup a subject on Quora and see what questions people have asked. As a starting point for your blog post, use related Quora queries. In your answer, be as specific as possible.

Without a question, Quora is an outstanding resource for brainstorming new and interesting topics. The majority of the questions on Quora come from people who have already scanned the internet for answers and have come up empty-handed. It's ideal for a blogger.

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