How to Write Unfamiliar Articles if you are out of knowledge?

How To Write An Article On The Topic You Are Not Familiar With? Top 5 Tips for Writing About an Unfamiliar Topic.

Blog writer should have proper knowledge about their written content but it doesn't work always. Sometimes we don’t get any idea that what to write due to little knowledge on specific knowledge. 

On the other hand, many bloggers have dozens of idea about the topic but don’t know how to write? 

This is a general situation that happens in the case of all blogger. So this article will help you to decide how to if you don’t have any idea for your new post.

How To Write An Article On The Topic You Are Not Familiar

Top 5 Tips for Writing About an Unfamiliar Topic 

You can follow the below tips to write about unfamiliar articles.

1. Make a list of subheadings under the main Topic

Initially, select a suitable topic that you want to write about. And make a quick draft list of subheadings that can suit your main topic. Because the best article comes with introductory para, several subheadings and concluding info. You can also you online headline generator tool to get ideal topic.

So do some research on your topic then give a little introduction, after that try to find out what kinds of subtopic can become under this topic. I think you can find some clue by thoroughly search.

2. Accumulate relevant and irrelevant Ideas

When we go for write some article then we get huge ideas at a time but sometime we may forget so to keep remember them write down all relevant and irrelevant ideas at once. It will help you to following your all ideas same time and now you can go for descriptive writing wisely. You can visit different Question and Answer platform like QuoraStack Overflow etc. 

However, you have to do brainstorm to bring best output from your knowledge. If you are out of knowledge then write down first what you know and finally go for improvement of your writing with some references from various site.

3. Makeup your writing with image

There are ton of writing that have written over the net but all are not good. You will see image has a great rule to convert a bad content to good content. Maximum readers are image hunger and they like to read content with relevant images because visualization always attract the human mind. And this will make your blog design professional

So try to use relevant image with your content. Stock image website can help you to search relevant images for your next blog post. You can also see the latest innovation of Infographics that describe a process or situation without any written description. So you should makeup your written post with good and relevant images, even you are out of idea about your written article.

You can use different online photo editing tools like Canva, Fotojet, DesignCap to make stunning image.

4. Collaborating with Others

It is often fruitful to interchange the idea with other blogger that will help you to get new idea. If you fail to write due to out of knowledge or idea then consult with other blogger for your new post. 

I often take help social networking site and tools, blog community and read through social media pages and gather huge information and finally give perfect shape to my article. Beside of this you can participate on forum discussion to get some new idea about your selected topic as well as you will be able to generate organic traffic for your blog.


5. Take a break while out of Idea

Taking rest while write is a great way to complete your article wisely. And this is a good strategy to write. I always adapt this strategy, when sometimes I get stuck due to out of knowledge and no new ideas are coming in my mind then I stop writing on that stage. 

After 1 or 2 hour I can see there are many ideas are coming in my mind. So it is necessary to take a break if you want to write a good content.


In conclusion I have sum-up some point that running out of knowledge is very natural for blogger this can be happen who write regularly but don’t make any dull and irrational article by panic. There are many different ideas may come about this content but if you have any idea regard this you can share with us.

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