Why Bloggers Fails to Earn Expected Amount of Money with AdSense

Why Bloggers Fails to Earn Expected Amount of Money with AdSense
Google AdSense

There are leading ads network is Google AdSense where people can earn money easily. But in reality what’s the proportion of blogger are really making money? Due to complexity of terms and conditions many blogger demotivated to use AdSense. There are many blogger lose money due to banned by AdSense after 6 moth of use. So you should be always careful about using AdSense. Those who are using AdSense for generating more revenue, while they are not able to make according to their expectation. So I have identified the possible reason why bloggers failed to earn expected amount of money.

Few organic traffic on your blog

You have a beautiful blog but don’t have much organic traffic then your AdSense is pointless for you because it will unable to generate more money for you. So try to adapt all strategy to divert more traffic into your blog. 

Concentrated on wrong niche

If your blog is combination of several niche that means your blog hasn’t any specific criteria that which type of blog is this. Some blogger create their blog media downloading site and blogger tips. This kinds of blog is worthless. Because visitors get confused about the blog as a result they simply leave the site. So first specify your niche and create blog with relevant posts. If you're writing of multi niche then the AdSense crawler will skirmish to deliver relevant ads to your readers and as a result your traffic will not convert well.

AdSense Ads on wrong Place with incorrect ad format

Just placing more ads on blog won’t be able to bring more revenue. There are some few rules you have to follow, such as, ads color, premium place selections for ads. You have to match your ads background and border color with your blog and also you have to place most effective place where attract by yours visitors (preferably below header, below post title, or the corner of the top left sidebar).

Using too much ads on Blog

If you place ads as much as possible then there is possibility of higher click but it is not always worthy. In case of Cost per click you won’t get much click and your blog will become slower. Google allow 3 ad blocks and 3 link units on your blog so you have to place it wisely. If you try to place more than that then your Google will send you a notice through email to reduce ads. Otherwise it will block your AdSense account. 

Low Quality and irrelevantly optimized blog

CPC (Cost Per Click) for your ad unit will affect by your blog Quality. Blog quality means how relevant is your blog with advertiser? Relevancy with optimization and post title, keywords etc. 

These factors affects the cost per click (CPC). 

Therefore, the key point is to focus on your niche and optimize your content to attract visitors to generate more income.

Finally, we see that Google AdSense is very good for earnings but you have to little bit tricky with your best effort to monetize your blog. So try to overcome from above problems then you can be hope to get more income.
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