How to Make Money Blogging - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Step-By-Step guide to building a money making Blog. Advice on Blogging Platforms, Learn how to Build, Grow and Monetize a Blog in 30 Minutes.
We live in a wonderful age of smart technology which allows us to access all the relevant information with just a click. But it is not only the quick approach that improves a person’s life, but it is also about staying connected with people all around the globe and being free to easily express your personal thoughts. 

Blogging allows exactly that freedom of speech while allowing us to make a profit from the comfort of our own home. Creating a personal blog can be a healthy hobby, yet it can also turn out to be a satisfying career. 

Definition of Money Making Blog

Consider a blog as an individual journal updated on a regular basis, preferably daily. However, there are different types of blogs for one to choose when entering the blogging scene. First of all, it is very important to select the theme and a unique direction in which the writing will evolve. 

learn how to make money from your Blog
The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Make Money Blogging

Some blogs are incredibly popular and attract a larger audience, but even an ultra-specific blog can earn you a great deal of money if there is a dedicated and passionate audience. While you will write about things from your own point of view, a blog that is geared towards making money should not be mistaken for a personal blog. 

Personal blogging can be used for planning a wedding (to keep all the family and friends informed), tracking the growth of a child, or just as an online diary with random thoughts and personal experiences. 

If the material is interesting enough, it can attract a larger audience than just those who are already familiar with the author, but there is no clear effort to create a solid structure and work towards attracting a larger audience and developing as an author and expert. 

On the other hand, successful money making blogs can cover broader topics, but they still offer a unique point of view, regular posts and the kind of content that the audience wants to see and finds useful. Their range is versatile and includes blogs about: 

  • Food 
  • Travel
  • Budgeting
  • Photography
  • Tech
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Lifestyle (urban, rural, natural lifestyle, etc.)
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • Parenting 
  • Faith-based blogs
  • Fashion
  • Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Career
  • DIY
  • Encouragement
  • Crafts
  • Design
  • Health
  • Fitness

As you can see, there are a lot of options available, but you have to adopt a specific kind of mindset and work hard before you can see some serious results.

Why Start a Money Making Blog?

If you are thinking of making money online for a long time then the easiest way is to build a blog. Because from a Blog you can earn money, even when you go for sleep. 

However, it doesn't mean that after establishing a blog you will start making money from the first week. Because most of the money you can't make from Blog directly. You have to apply several ways to generate income. Such as 

  • Ad Monetization - There are many ad networks available over the net, you can directly monetize your blog by their ad banner to generate income. 
  • Direct advertisement - If you are lucky then you may get a direct advertisement proposal from the advertiser. And you can make a handsome amount of money from a direct advertisement. 
  • Creative Photograph selling - This is a great opportunity for photography Blogger that they can share their photographs on their blog as well as they can sell it directly to blog visitors and make money. 
  • Selling eBook - You can easily make $500+ by selling eBook. Just write a comprehensive eBook for your readers that solve their problems or write about online money earning strategy and promote it in your blog to sell it. 
  • Online Course - There are many digital marketers and bloggers are now making money by designing and selling online courses. You can make money as well as increase your blog visitors and gain popularity by introducing profitable online courses. 
  • Designing Theme - This is the hottest trend for web developers. A web designer can easily make money by selling premade themes and designing custom themes. And you can either make $1000 or $2000 by selling 
  • Sponsored Blog Post - There are many sponsors who are willing to pay you for publishing their Bog post in your Blog. But your blog must have a good rank and popularity to get sponsors. 
  • Review writing - Similar to sponsored articles. You can write product reviews in your Blog and make money. 
  • Affiliate Marketing - This is the biggest opportunity to make money online rapidly. You can share affiliate URL in your Blog post review and when visitors will purchase products or services through your affiliate link then you will get a small commission. 
  • Digital Products - There are many digital products that can sell through your blog. You can sell web design, apps, software, graphics, etc. 
  • Physical Products - Beside digital products you can sell physical products to make money online. On various occasions, you can make handmade products and sell it through your blog. 
  • Newsletter/Podcast Sponsorship - If you have an email newsletter service or podcast then you can hunt for the advertiser. Just convince them about your number of subscribers and tell them that they can reach to an enormous number of the subscriber through the newsletter. 
Besides this, in the podcast, you can make money. By podcasting, you can promote different digital and physical products and services that will bring money for you. 

But to make your blog as a medium of money generating machine you must build a strong relationship with other people in your blog, social media and you have to gain credibility from them. But it doesn't come in a day. You must grow popularity by helping other blogger and the reader as well as you have to write comprehensive articles to solve your reader's problems that requires a long time. 

How to Start a Money Making Blog?

A blog is an excellent way to have your talents acknowledged by the public, but do you know what your gifts are? To start with the basics, a novice must follow a few steps to create a successful money-making blog.

How to Make Money Blogging: How This Blog Makes $100K per Month
How to Start a Money Making Blog?

Step 1: Choose a Blogging Direction

When first starting out, you will hear a lot of talk about the best blogs being niche-specific. This means the blog is not cluttered with insignificant information or a wide variety of different topics. Regardless of how many topics you want to explore, it is crucial to stay in one lane. 

To stand out from the crowd of mini-bloggers and develop a strong core audience, identify the direction that is most suitable for you and target the specific type of audience, you’d like to write for. Also, you should target the audience group who is actually passionate enough about the subject to get involved in discussions, share your content and actually buy something from you or your affiliates and sponsors. 

It is important to explore your interests and enjoy writing your posts. So ask yourself: “What is my motivation and expertise?” The best decision would be self-hosted WordPress blogging platform. 

Step 2: Find a Unique Domain name and Register It 

Once you have decided upon a specific niche, it is time to create a unique name. It should be related to the theme and free to use. Put on your thinking cap and brainstorm name ideas, but don’t forget to do a Google search to see whether it is available. 

Your domain name should be somewhat relevant to what you are writing about, but it’s best to go with something creative that stands out and is easy to remember. You can go with some kind of pun, a quirky portmanteau, something that has a special meaning to you, a pop culture or literature reference, or perhaps something deep and slightly pretentious.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is interesting and catchy, but keep the URL short and simple. Still, the name has to be flexible and suitable for branding if you want to create a larger customer base and make a larger profit.

Step 3: Select a Hosting Option and a Blogging Platform

There are several blogging platforms to start with for free or a small fee. However, while free blogs are a good place to start and get some practice, they are limiting and don’t allow you to have the kind of freedom you need to grow a popular blog and start developing your personal brand. 

The problem with free platforms is that the site holds ownership which means the bloggers can lose all the work if they shut down the website or blogs. This is why it is best to just invest in good web hosting that can be avail from SiteGround and a nice WordPress theme from Themeforest, and set up your very own blog where you can do what you want. Remember, you have to spend money to make money. 

Step 5: Brainstorm Ideas and Create a Publishing Schedule

Once you have created your blog, it’s time to write and post the first of many articles to come. Remember to keep it interesting and monitor the progress. Use it as an opportunity to show what you’re all about and set the tone for all future posts. 

It’s best to sit down and write several articles so that you can always have one or two ready to post, even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Come up with a publishing schedule, whether it be 1-2 posts a week or 1 post a day, and stick to that schedule. You’ll need some time to brainstorm ideas and do proper research, so you’ll spend quite a few hours in front of a computer screen at first. 

It’s also important to be consistent and active on social media to promote the blog and invite more reviews. At the same time, communicate with the visitors via the comment section and never lose your cool. 

Step 6: Use different types of Content to Stay Fresh and Interesting

While writing will be your main job, it also pays to have plenty of high-quality pictures, some infographics and perhaps even a few videos to make things more interesting. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get a decent camera, learn about the latest photography trends and do a bit of editing to get some great images to accompany your articles. 

Infographics and videos are a bit trickier, but you can always outsource some of your photo or video editing from time to time, or develop a long-term relationship with a creative designer. 

How to Make Money Blogging - Updated Guide for 2017
Start Making Money From your Blog

Step 7: Start Making Money

Hard work and dedication pay off with a large reader base. This is the right foundation for starting to get the income and live off blogging, though it won’t come automatically by itself. 

A blogger has a lot of options when it comes to monetizing a blog. The tools of income are:
  • Advertisement – Featuring adds on the blog.
  • Associate income – Linking products for the promotion of other sites.
  • Events – Inviting people to attend blogging events or finding a sponsor for the occasion.
  • Products and Services – Bloggers often make money by offering their services to readers.
  • Membership programs – Option for followers to access premium content for a small fee. 
  • Promotion and Sponsors – Promoting a particular business to followers or having a long-term contract with a sponsor.
  • Products – Selling a product on the blog, like eBooks and different types of gear and clothing related to your niche.
  • Contribution – Asking for donations to help you cover the costs of providing higher quality content. 

Successful Examples

Blogging has become an important part of our lives, whether we notice it or not. Some take a while to catch on, but some have bloomed overnight and become wealthy businesses. Those blogs serve as an example of the power a blog has on the market and people today.
  1. Tech blog – Ewdison Then is a co-founder of a tech and electronic news site. SlashGear is aimed at the passionate consumers of electronic devices that now earn $60,000-$80,000 per month.
  2. Lifestyle – Gina Trapani’s Lifehacker blog focus on improving the lifestyle and profits in $110,000 per month. 
  3. Food, events & art – The Gothamist blog by Jake Dobkins is a mix of correlating genres that make $80,000-$110,000 dollars per month.
  4. Investment blog – While talking about investments, stocks, and finances, Timothy Sykes’ blog earns $150,000-$180,000 per month.
  5. Web design – SmashingMagazine offers the best design blogs and raises $150,000-$180,000 per month for its founder, Vitaly Friedman.
  6. Independent blog – Pete Cashmore created a site that covers everything from business, tech to entertainment and lifestyle. It is considered to be the most influential blog with a steady income of $560,000-$600,000 per month. 


Becoming a blogger is more significant than it may appear. Although some people don’t understand the meaning of it, one should never underestimate the influence it has over the masses. Blogging can provide a large audience and help a person become better, stronger, and more proficient in his chosen field, as well as develop a productive career. 

So start blogging today, and remember to have fun while using beautiful imagery and engaging your audience in discussions to complete the experience.
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