Why to Start Blog? 15 things you need to know.

If you are wondering should I Start a Blog? Then consider these 15 things first. Those are the list that I wish I had before I started my first blog!
If you don't have any idea about starting a blog or if you are thinking to start a blog don’t know why to start a blog then you should know why to start a blog?

Are you wondering why to start a blog? 

Blogging is not just for money or business, it can be your hobby or portfolio or personal dairy or incredibly valuable. There are some vital things we should know before starting a blog. To start a blog you don't need any technical skill and experience. 

Why to Start Blogging? 15 things you need to know.
Why to Start Blog? 15 things you need to know.
Many of us start a blog without any goal and at the middle of our blogging journey we just give up. So before starting a bog we must set short and long term goals thus we can work hard to achieve that goal. 

Why to Start a Blog?

Even if a person feels insecure about their writing skills and inspiration, creating a blog is highly beneficial. It could help with personal as well as professional growth. 

Blogging doesn’t require previous writing experience (as long as you know enough about the subject to provide useful information and do proper research to further improve your knowledge). However, it gives back a useful experience in return, suitable for anyone looking to grow and improve as a person, and find a fun and creative way to earn a living. 

15 Reasons You need to know to Start Blogging

I have pointed out some of the key grounds why you should start your own blog. I really hope that those points list will encourage you enough to take action. Here are the some biggest reasons a blog can help you to:

1. Become a Writer and Learn to Express Yourself

Writing is about communicating your ideas, and when it comes to blogging, the writing should be interesting and easy to comprehend. It is a mixture of personal thoughts on different matters, firsthand experiences and plenty of in-depth research that give people the opportunity to learn more about the topic at hand. 

For that purpose, becoming a skilled writer demands practice and time. This will happen naturally, so there is no need to force it; post by post, you will become more eloquent, and your skills will improve.

2. Learning New Things

Once they have started a blog, a blogger will learn many new things. You will need to express your thoughts and give advice on different subjects on a regular basis, so you’ll need to do plenty of research to be fully informed about the topic. 

It is a great way to increase your knowledge, keep up with the new developments in different fields and find an endless source of ideas that you can implement in your own life.

3. Start thinking faster and coming up with solutions on the spot

Struggling to develop a concept and writing it down encourages the blogger to stop and think long and hard. Your “thinking muscles” will expand and provide a useful personal tool for thinking faster and generating ideas more easily. It gives the ability to quickly reflect and always come up with a solution to a problem. 

4. Have Confidence

Personal opinions and unique points of view that attract the masses are the essences of blogging. It may seem frightening at first, as a blog is a daring tool that puts most people out of their comfort zone. That being said, one shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. 

It is a learning process, and it will keep the pages interesting while increasing your confidence levels when you start getting positive feedback. Nevertheless, too much flattering or criticism can result in you losing control, so a blogger should be careful not to get getting carried away. 

5. Become an Internationally Known Brand

Becoming a blogger means stepping out of a box and opening up to the world. Thinking more about life and people expands your views and shapes a new, international individual. Also, your followers will notice the improvement and agree with this new person, helping you build and grow your personal brand. 

6. Be a Leader

With all of the above personal assets, one starts developing the skills of a leader. The more a person becomes comfortable with writing and sharing opinions, the more relaxed he will be able to speak about his beliefs in person. Soon, this will lead to open discussions and a free exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals, influencers and potential business partners.

7. Develop the Sixth Sense for Useful Information

For a money making blog, it is important to write what you know, while remaining on the right course, i.e. providing fresh information, knowing what the audience wants, and creating opportunities for sponsorship and so on. 

Should I Start A Blog? Consider These 15 Things First
How To Start a Blog in 2017

Writing about any and every single thing will quickly diminish the quality of a blog, which is the reason blogging helps you develop a sixth sense for separating important details from unnecessary rubbish and marketing hype. 

8. Community and Social Welfare 

With blogging, one can fight for a good cause and help solve problems in the local community. Whether it is a fight for better education, clean water, or any other charity, the blogger can make people notice and support the cause. 

9. Develop Healthy Habits 

To have a money making blog, an individual needs to invest time and be truly committed. The discipline it requires is a good thing to embrace because it creates vigorous life habits, strong work ethics, as well as interesting new experiences. 

10. Learn how to do Miracles on a Tight Budget

Anyone can start a blog for free with basic features. For more freedom with a blog, a beginner can self-host by buying a hosting package and a domain name. In just a few minutes, and about $70, the blog will be up and running.

11. Create Beneficial Relations

Through social media, comments, and emails, one can meet a lot of different people. Over the years, you will develop new mutually beneficial bonds with all kinds of thinkers, experts, artists, and people in business. The blogging community is very open, friendly, and encouraging. 

12. Build Credibility

Extensive knowledge of a subject is more significant proof that you know what you are doing than any certificate. Whether you’re looking for a job, investors, clients, or simply want to make money writing about things that you’re passionate about; a good blog can take you to your desired goal. 

Being open to sharing information and building trust with followers pays off in more ways than just earning some extra cash.

13. Generate Revenue

If you play your cards right blogging guarantees personal satisfaction. Making money while writing about what you like is a dream career for most people. 

Depending on their preferences and style, one can make from $2000 to $20, 000 or even a million per year. 

14. Get great Deals

Being a blogger can give you a chance to make deals with big names like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Viacom, and much more. Also, you may get a chance to publish an eBook and become recognized as an author. 

15. Start Blogging as your Hobby

There are many potential good writer don't have any scope to write on established channels. But if you create your own blog and start writing then you will easily grab more attention of online traffic. 

This will help to build strong relation with large audience, lead you to an extra income, though this is a passive factor but ultimately your passion will turn into profit through your Blog. 

So for fulfillment your hobby you can start a blog. 

If you see yourself in any of the above then you should start a blog. 

Most of the people start blogging for making money, this is good idea but once you have made your mind to earn money from your blog but after lunching your blog if you fail to generate income from that then you will become frustrate. 

Blogging doesn't mean that you will get rich over night and get huge fans and followers. But to make your Blog successful you must work hard. So I hope you are now aware about why to start a blog. 

If you have any query, please feel free to leave it in comment section. Thank you.
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