Hootsuite the Most popular Social Media Management and Analytic Tool on the Market

A Beginner’s Guide to Hootsuite – The Best Social Media Management Tool
Hootsuite the Most popular Social Media Management and Analytic Tool on the Market

Have you ever used HootSuite to measure your social media performance with analytics and for growing up your social media profile or increasing social presence? If not then you will learn a new thing to shape up your all social media networks.

If you want to manage your social media profile and page simply from a single dashboard that save your plenty of time then HootSuite is perfect solution for you. It can save time finding and by automatic content publishing. 

To learn more about this popular social media management tool we have tried HootSuite and now it’s time to share our experience:

HootSuite name is pretty interesting that lunched through a digital services agency called “Invoke Media” in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. Initially HootSuite built for Twitter thus user can integrate their content into twitter through HootSuite. At that time it was called “BrightKit”. Later they have changed their name, team and plan and finally “BrightKit” turned into “HootSuite”.

What is HootSuite?

HootSuite is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) social media analytics tools. Through this social media campaigns managing platform both business and individual can accomplish their purposes. You can save your time by managing all of your social media pages from HootSuite dashboard. At present you can connect over 35 popular social media networks through HootSuite. In addition you can measure your social ROI by data driven social media marketing tools and real-time analytics. HootSuite overall help you to improve your social media reputation. 

manage your social media from HootSuite Stream
HootSuite Stream

Features of HootSuite

It has bunches of amazing feature which can be avail by subscribing on their different Plans. The most significant features of HootSuite are as follows:
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Unlimited RSS integrations 
  • Social sweepstakes
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom analytics reports
  • Analytic data exports
  • Team assignments
  • Contest templates
  • Custom Branded URL
  • Social media certification 
  • Publishing approvals
  • Premium App Integrations
  • 24/7 priority support
The above features are for managing our social media pages effectively. But 

Exploring the Hootsuite Plan

You can start using Hootsuite by Free and 30 days trial Plan. Alternatively you can select any Plan from their 4 major paid Plans. Those are mainly designed for Profession and advanced users. 

select your HootSuite Plan for social media
HootSuite Plans

For trying their service my recommendation is to go with their Free Plan that offers limited features. At present they are offering below Plans:
  1. Free Plan
  2. Professional Plan
  3. Team Plan
  4. Business Plan
  5. Enterprise Plan
Each and every plan varies by the features and services. If you are beginner then just start with their free Plan and you will get a clear Idea about them. Later you can upgrade from Free Plan to Pro or Business Plan. Each plan contains different price and feature, so do analyze before selecting a paid plan. 

HootSuite Pros

Hotsuit users can enjoy their many exclusive features, but some of features are free and most of them you have to spend money for that. Such as:
  • This is a web-based tool so you don’t have to download their software. 
  • If offers 30 days free trial period, so user can try their pro feature and make decision to use paid plan. 
  • You can manage multiple Social media profiles and pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+ Foursquare and many more in one place. 
  • You can schedule the social media updates. And according to schedule it will update your social media page and profile automatically 
  • In case of twitter page management it will collaborate as a team. HootSuite will delegate replies, tweets, mark as done, track messages etc. In addition user can see Twitter Profile Overview, Twitter Engagement - Summary, Twitter Engagement - Detailed, Twitter Aggregate, Facebook Page Overview, Facebook Insights, Facebook Aggregate, LinkedIn Page Insights, Google Analytics, Ow.ly Click Summary, URL Click Stats - Ow.ly. 
  • User will able to learn social media management and marketing with HootSuit’s free online courses. As well as it helps to get certification. 
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android) available to manage your task from smartphone. 
  • User can see Customized analytical report including scheduled reports. 
  • User can make post updates from an RSS feed. This means user cans integration HootSuite with RSS feed. 
  • A Google Chrome extension called Hootlet that help user to post content to their own social pages from anywhere on the web. 
  • Dozens of Social marketing free training are available on HootSuite website, where beginners can easily learn by video training course. 
  • User will be amazed by their helpful and comprehensive support pages. In addition their friendly customer support team is there to assist you frequently. 

HootSuite Cons

Beside of many proc it has some cons that mainly affect the use's declension whether they will use it or not? The main concern regarding cost, reports, url shorteners and their team members option.
  • Initially this service offers free plan but to avail some important features you have to upgrade your plan free to paid plan. 
  • Under Free plan you can only use any 3 social media services. So it has various limitations on free plan. 
  • Most of the features reserved for Enterprise plans. 
  • For adding links to your posts and message it supports limited number of URL shortners like ow.ly, owl.li, ht.ly or htl.li. 
  • For grabbing analytical report you have to upgrade your plan and it will cost you from $19 to $499 per month, generally it varies on plan. 

HootSuite pros and cons
HootSuite Snoozing Window

Bottom Line

For managing and monitoring your social media HootSuite is very handy and reliable. HootSuite will allow a user to create custom stream for various social media services. As a blogger you can start by free plan and many professional organizations can use this plan initially and later they can upgrade to paid plan. Pro upgrade plan start from $19 per month. In pro plan you can have 10 social profiles with unlimited scheduling facility. HootSuite has earned day by day and now become one of the popular social media management and analytics tool. And it doesn’t have any lack on its functionality. Its comprehensive feature will astonish you to play around with your social media pages. 

Should we use HootSuite? 

However formerly many social media expert didn’t recommend HootSuite because of their higher service charge but now they have reduce their Plan price and has given opportunity to try their service either free or through their trial period. 

Hootsuite the Most popular Social Media Management and Analytic Tool on the Market
HootSuite Review
I use HootSuite mainly for publishing content in Instagram pages. And I have found this as a good solution for publishing content on Instagram. From my point of view we should use HootSuite for measuring our social media growth rate thus we can take decision what would be the next step to shine in social media world.
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