How To Drive With Uber - Things to Know Before Working

Do you want to become an Uber driver? See the requirements to become an Uber driver and learn more about pros and cons of Uber.
How To Drive With Uber - Things to Know Before Working

You may think to make extra money beside of your job or Full time sources of making money! A nice source of Income is UBER. You can earn by your Car or Motorcycle from UBER. 

This is a Taxi cab service lunch in 2009 and now dominating around the world. You can make money from UBER by giving your car or Motorcycle for rent or drive by yourself. Even you don’t have to spend whole day to make money by driving with UBER. You can drive either full time or part time. This is one of the highest paying gigs with much more flexibility. 

How much do drivers make?

This is a big question that how much a driver can earn from UBER? The simple answer is the more you drive, the more you earn. However there are some tricks of earn more money from UBER. I will discuss it below later. 

You will receive your earnings weekly from UBER and they will automatically deposit your earnings into the Bank account. In addition UBER has “Instant Pay” system which will let you transfer your current earnings to your debit card. 

Track record shows that an average UBER driver can make $364 per month. But this is very difficult to say the exact figure. The fare depends on Country, City and vehicle (non-Luxury and Luxury), because in different location fares vary. However average fare is more or less than $13 per trip. And with UBER you will be paid 80% of each fare you take. 

How To Drive With Uber - Things to Know Before Working
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How to Start with UBER?

This is pretty simple system to start your journey with UBER. You can join UBER with Car or Motorbike. There is couple of thing you should have with you:
  • You must be physically good
  • Valid Driving License
  • NID – National Identity Card
  • Clean Driving History
  • Your car or Motorbike must be 2007 model or newer model
  • Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Registration, Certificate of Fitness, Tax Token
  • Car should have 4 doors
  • Card driver must be 21 years old and above. Motorcycle driver must be 18 years old or above. 
  • Have a valid Bank Account for receiving payment from UBER

If you have the above things then you can easily enter into UBER driving. Just visit their website Sign up with UBER. After signing up you will receive an email. Through this email you will get your necessary document’s scan copy uploading URL. After uploading the necessary documents UBER will verify it and send you a confirmation email. 

How to Maximize Earnings with UBER?

If you just drive for making more money they it would be bit tough for you, because there are lots of variables work behind when you drive with UBER. Suppose you pick up the passenger from long distance then you are just wasting your time and gas. It doesn’t mean that the long drive can bring more earnings. So you should know the real strategy for earning as much as possible. 

1. Drive in Peak hour 

There are always a peak hour for driving. Suppose in office time and closing time traffic increase heavily over the road and at that time it creates a small crisis for a ride. And during this busy time riders have to pay higher rate to get an UBER service. This is also called “Surge Pricing” and you can make more money during peak hour by surge price. Surge pricing is calculated by multiplying the trip’s total fare by a current surge multiplier of 1.3x or 2.1x.

2. Try to get tips by effort from Riders

If raiders get a comfortable and great experience from you then riders may intent to give you tips. Formerly UBER app doesn’t allow letting the raiders to give tips but now it allows tips. So after pick up the passenger, try to treat well and make the rides enjoyable. Try getting to know the passengers by making small talk. Keep small snacks and water in your car, you will see the volume of tips will bring more cash at the end of the day. 

3. Maximize each by UBER Affiliate Program

You can make money by not only driving but also through their affiliate program you can earn money. 

It is absolutely free to join the UBER’s affiliate program. Promote UBER on your website, Blog, Video channel or in social media pages, the more people you reach there are more chances to get more commission. Every 45 days you will receive payment for verified referrals. You can make over $3,000 per month by referring one driver. So you can earn by driving and referring also. 

Currently UBER’s affiliate account is managing by “Impact Radius”. This is a third party affiliate platform. 

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Negative aspect of Driving with UBER

Throuhg there are many advantages to drive with UBER but on the other hand there are some downside exists of driving with UBER. 

1. You have to Pay for Gas or Expenses

UBER is only keeping 20% of your fare from per trip. So you have to bear all the expenses of Gas and other expenses. So you have to be savvy on spending for Gas. Sometime you are going to pick up riders but on the half way rider cancel the trip when you are halfway then UBER won’t pay a single penny for this cancel trip. 

2. Downtime

Through you can earn more on peak hour but in down time you may not able to make any bucks. You have to wait for longer time to get request a rise. In large city have many competitions, because there more drivers come with their vehicles to get rider. So in this case you may not able to get expected trip. 

Bottom line

UBER has both advantage and disadvantage but at least you can make money. UBER is not only serving in first world countries but also in third world countries. There are employment crisis all over the world (especially in developing countries) and where acute job problem there driving with UBER can solve the unemployment problem. You can drive both full time and part time, so there is a good opportunity for students who can make money beside of their study. 

You can easily maximize the earnings during the busiest times. However this is not a permanent solution for your career. After certain period of time you may not like to drive, rather you will dream to do a good job or business. 

How To Drive With Uber?
Do you want to become an Uber driver?
Moreover if you don’t have car or motorcycle then you won’t able to join UBER but you can join in their affiliate program and able to earn money by refereeing others. 
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