How To Make $1000 With Teespring by Creative T-Shirt Idea?

If you’ve got an eye for design or a talent for coming up with creative T-shirts, you could be making money. Here’s how to design and sell T-shirts online using Teespring.

Are you a creative designer? Planning to sell your own designed product worldwide? Then Teespring is the right place for you.

This will help you to design and sell your shirts, leveraging crowd funding and make money without any upfront cost. Moreover, you can start a scalable and successful t-shirt company by designing a winning t-shirt in Teespring.

Wherever you stay you can sell your designed product through Teespring all over the world. Suppose you are staying in India or Bangladesh and you want to sell your design in the USA, but it is not possible by yourself to find a customer from your location in the US. So for selling your goods you have to go through a medium which will do from lunching product to till delivery to the final customer and everything will do Teespring on behalf of you.

How To Make $1000 With Teespring by Creative T-Shirt Idea?

Teespring is an online market place for a creative designer where they can design and sell their products without any special effort. At present millions of people are using Teespring to design T-shirt, Hoodies, Tanks, Beach towel, Sweaters, Pillow cover, Unique socks, Canvas print, iPhone case, Mugs, Wall tapestry, Poster, Flag, Stickers, Tote bags etc.

How to make money from Teespring without investing money!
Best Seller Items in Teespring

You don’t need to have your own website to promote and sell your products. This is like an affiliate business that you can do without any website or Blog. And this business can be done in part-time, full time or even occasionally. People are making over $1000 per week by selling their creative design on Teespring.

How Teespring Works?

On their platform just you have to design the product and the rest of the things they will do. Teespring mainly works in 5 stages. Those are as follows-

  1. Approve your designed product and Lunch it on their site. 
  2. Promote your product and receive orders from customers.
  3. The product will be made according to your design. E.g. t-shirt print, design print on Mug.
  4. Ship to the customer and take payment.
  5. Finally, they will transfer the fund to your account after deducting their service charges.

Those are the steps that exactly they follow. Most the newbie start to design t-shirt because this is quite familiar in Teespring, and they are mainly popular for t-shirt selling and delivery.
It doesn’t mean that after designing your products you will get sell instantly. For getting sell you have to apply some techniques. Before work in Teespring, you should know those techniques to promote your products, thus you can get more sales.

How to Make Money with Teespring ($500 or more per day!)
My Designed t-shirs and Mugs on Teespring

After launching a product it may not reach a large audience, to promote your product you must promote it by using their promotional system that would be a bit expensive for you as a newbie. But without going with their expensive advertisement, you can use Facebook ads or other social media advertisement to reach your target buyers.

You can simply set up your campaign for 7 to 10 days in Teespring. After that, share it in your various social media pages and groups to drive traffic thus you can reach your product in front of a large targeted audience. It will increase the chances to get the buyer and eventually it will maximize your sales. Alternatively, you can run a Facebook ad campaign for $5 per day to reach your target audience. It will drive more traffic to your Teespring product page that will boost sales.

How to Start with Teespring?

This is a pretty simple method to start with Teespring. You don’t have to submit any designing experience documents or portfolio to work with them and they won’t ask you to show them any creative design. Just you have to sign up on their site to start your work there. For signup processes please go through the below steps:

Step #1: Please visit URL

Step #2: Now click Start Designing from the top right corner.

Step #3: Click the "Sign Up" URL from the bottom of the page.

Step #4: Fill up the box by writing your email address, password and solve the reCAPTCHA. Finally hit the "Sign Up" button. Alternatively, you can sign up with Facebook and Google account.

How I Made $100,000 On Teespring in 5 Months
My Designed t-shirt - Third Eye

How to Increase your sales in Teespring?

Every Teespring user wants to increase their sell and earn more. Definitely, you want to. There are some techniques that you can implement to boost your sales in Keeping. Those are as follows:

  • Design Frequently – Everybody loves to see the fresh new design. Teespring has a large community with a boosted network. Whenever you lunch a new product Teespring will display your product at the top of the page in the featured section. So it will easily grab the buyer’s attention. So try to design at least 1 t-shirt or other stuff every day, so your product will get the position at the top of their website. It will bring the chance to get more sales.
  • Unique Design – In most cases, people copy the design online and add it to their t-shirt. But Teespring directly reject those design and they won’t list it in their product list. You must design your products that comply with their guidelines. You will find many pre-shape and design in the Treespring canvas that can be used for producing unique design. 
  • Use Hashtags in your campaign – By using hashtags you can increase your chances to get featured. For example use hashtags like #BoostedCanvas, #BoostedMugs, #BoostedPillow, #BoostedFlag, #BoostedPhone, etc. those will help to getting featured.
  • Optimize your campaign – No doubt SEO always play a vital role to boost online content. If you optimize your campaign then it will bring more organic traffic that will increase sales in the Teespring marketplace. For optimizing the campaign try to be more specific. Use a specific name for your product and try to use keywords wisely but don’t do keyword stuff. In addition use keywords in the URL also. For example, in the case of optimizing a Mug in Teespring, the URL can be written as “”.
  • Update old Campaigns – Teespring always give extra priority to the old campaign’s sales history and conversion rate. So if you update your old successful campaign then you will get priority in their listing. Simply update your old campaign with new products and try to drive traffic to maximize your sales.

So those are the trick that you can apply to increase sales and to make money with Teespring.

Final Verdict

We know that for making money through affiliate marketing we have to build a website or Blog, optimize the site for search engine, building email lists, promote on a social media platform and wait for the traffic. This is a very time killing method. But in Teespring, you don’t have to do anything. Just you have to make creative design and the rest of the things will do by them.

However, you have to be a little tricky to optimize your Teesrping campaign. And always focus on design, because the buyer will always look in to design. If you can succeed in your one campaign then you will understand the proper way to boost your sales and maximize your revenue.

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