SEOmator: The Best powerful SEO Audit Tool for Blogger

A great SEO Audit and deep SEO Analysis Tool designed primarily for SEO professionals to review websites' performance. White-label SEO Reports.​
Seomator: The Best powerful SEO Audit Tool for Blogger

Ranking on Google’s first page is no longer as easy as it used to be some years back. The rapid increase in competition for each business or company’s focus or main keywords makes this even a more arduous task. Every individual, business or company wants to rule the search engine and often resolve into Search engine optimization to achieve this goal. And no one can criticize them for pursuing this goal; after all, ruling this aspect translates into instant success.

One thing with Search engine optimization is, you cannot do it blindly and expect good results. You have to track your progress, analyze the competition and take actions accordingly to get the best result. Optimizing your keywords is not a one-time job. You have to follow the updates and obey Google rules to stay in the game. And unless you have the appropriate resources at your end, you cannot carry out the task.

The main issue with SEO is that most people are not aware of how to rule this aspect and achieve success without spending a lot of money on ads. Today, there are various SEO tools you can use to improve your keyword optimization and Google ranking, but what SEO tool can you rely on? SEOmator is an online SEO tool that claims to provide a detailed analysis of your WebPages and direct you on how to resolve all the SEO related issues on your website.

In this post, I am going to review the SEOMator tool to reject or verify these claims and show you how good and well-equipped it is to handle your jobs. After which you can decide to go with the tool or not, the choice is yours.

The Purpose of SEOmator SEO audit tool

As a website owner, you may have no information about the backend issues preventing your website from having a better ranking on search engines. However, a complete online tool that will constantly check to point out such issues and provide a way out is a welcome idea. And this is exactly what SEOmator does.

It is a complete SEO audit tool that examines your website’s on-page and off-page SEO aspects. It provides perfect and detailed reports and analysis of your websites to show you how and where you can advance or improve your SEO pursuits. Now, let us go through the features of SEOmator and how they can optimize your website for search engines and grow your business.

The features of SEOmator

SEOmator has smart dashboard where you can manage everything from there. After analyzing your Blog/Website you will able to see all the deep analyzing report and your website performance at a glance or part by part. Just click on each tab from the left vertical menu and you will see the report.

Some other options included in the overview but not shown in the image above are:

  • Usability checks
  • Sitemap checks
  • On-page research
  • Page indexation metrics
  • Domain metrics (Moz Rank / Alexa rank / DA-MOZ / Domain age)
Now, let me explain the provided data one by one.

Analyze your Website’s Content

This section presents the information about your website content quality. The information you’ll get with this option include:
  • Duplicate content
  • Unique content
  • Similar content 
  • Thin content
  • Pages with 150 / 500 / 1000 / 2000 plus words
It will then display all the URLs with their number of characters, number of words and their uniqueness one after the other.

SEOmator overview
SEOmator Dashboard

With this option, you can easily filter out the URLs with duplicate content or those with thin or similar contents and optimize them.

HTML Tags analysis 

HTML tags should be in order in your content. It starts from H1 and end at H6 tag. Some HTML tags, such as EM tags, B tags, Heading tags, Meta tags and strong tags are important for optimizing your contents for search engines and must not be missing or miswritten. This tool will check if these tags are present or not and whether or not they are properly placed.

Below is an example of what the HTML tags section will show you

HTML Tag on SEOmator

It shows the HTML tags issue with description of the issue. You will also find about How to fix the issue in priority based.

It also provides a comprehensive graphical chart as well as the URL’s report that contains all the URL on your website, their tag number, and division into H1 – H6.

Keyword density test on your Text

By click on “Text Statistics” tab you will get the keyword density of your content. This section examines your site for repetition of words or phrases (also known as keyword density). When the contents of your blog or website have certain words or phrases repeated so many times, it stands the risk of getting over optimization punishment from Google. And what this section does is to show you the words and how many times they are repeated so you can make necessary adjustments.

Keyword density test on your Text

Check your site for Mobile usability.

Mobile usability section has become an important ranking factor since the launch of Mobilegeddon by Google. The section will give you the picture of what your site looks like on different devices. It will show you how mobile friendly your site is by rating your site mobile usability on a scale of 1 to 100.

After detecting mobile usability issue in your site SEOmator will present you a list of all the issues and their solutions.

Internal Links analysis

This section provides the details of the links your website have, like how many backlinks and internal links your site has. In its report, you will get the total links, loop links, image anchors and text anchors. It also provides a comparison graph of the total External and Internal links for both the No-follow and Do-follow type for your convenience.

This section also lists all the anchor texts with the URLs they are pointing to and their total occurrences one by one. When you click these URLs, the Incoming links report of these URLs will be generated. You can equally generate the Single-page reports for the pages which contains various data such as the Meta description, text statistics, backlinks, and social signals. 

Page Speed Test

As the name implies, page speed gives you an overview of your website’s page speed. This option recommends some actions to take to improve your website’s page speed to a good extent. I must say am impressed with its breakdown of the page sizes and response times into small brackets, see the image below.

page speed test on SEOmator
Page Speed Test on SEOmator

The speed and page size of all the URLs on your webpage will also be listed. With that, you can locate the slow pages and optimize them without messing with the whole site. What impressed me about the tool is not only the money it saves but the detailed information and the graph it presents which are very easy to understand.

Site’s hierarchical Structure

Site structure basically displays the hierarchical structure of your web pages. It shows you how your site’s data is structured and can be very helpful when you need to organize your content and improve your website accessibility.

Page speed test on SEOmator
Site’s hierarchical Structure on SEOmator

Social Media Analysis 

This is another essential SEO element that influences a site ranking on search engines. This option shows an overview of the social media platforms that are linked to your site, the total likes/share as well as the URLs and their social metrics. It also displays the advance issues that you need to fix such as tags and Opengraph.

Backlinks Finder Feature

The backlink detection option provides the number of backlinks of your site and the comparison chart for No-follow links versus Do-follow links. I love the competitor's section that the tool offers, it gives me the information about my top competitors based on the link sources and keywords.

Backlinks Finder Feature

Backlinks Finder Feature

Organic Tool

The organic tool provides the detailed information related to organic traffic. It shows your estimated traffic cost, traffic, total organic keywords and the top keywords getting traffic to your website.

With the report provided by this tool, you can now leverage your top keywords to redirect traffic to other related pages with low traffics.

Crawler Report

This section shows how SEOmator crawled your site. It presents a graph which shows all the HTTP response codes. With this HTTP codes, you can find out the pages that have some issues and fix them.

Crawler report on SEOmator
Crawler report on SEOmator

PDF Export

This tool is very useful in the situation where you want to export all your data to analyze it later or your full report as PDF file. The good news is, you can edit the PDF file and brand with your company name and logo.

Other features include:

  • Monitoring: This tracks your site’s ranking and shows you its ups and downs
  • Bulk Processing: This feature is very helpful when you need to process and analyze a long list of URLs
  • Embedded SEO Audit widget: It is very useful for SEO agencies. It allows you to insert an automated SEO widget on your website to give your users the opportunity to download your custom branded SEO report for free.
  • Domain comparison: This feature allows you to analyze and compare your domain with your competitors.

Plan and Pricing of SEOmator

SEOmator is feature rich, no doubt about that. But is it pocket-friendly? Of course, it is, as it offers as many as five different subscription plans that can fit almost all budgets. See the screenshot below.

SEOmator price and plan for blogger

Final Verdict

It is important to analyze your website for SEO to detect and fix the issues that prevent it from ranking well in SERPs. SEOmator does exactly this job and presents you the report of your website analysis within a few minutes. What you only have to do is to follow its recommendations and take actions to fix the issues. 

Seomator is Best powerful SEO Audit Tool for Blogger
A great SEO Audit and deep SEO Analysis Tool

Now, for my verdict, I would say this is one of the best SEO analysis tool considering its price and effectiveness. However, this is just my opinion, if you have a different opinion on its effectiveness and ease of use; feel free to use our comment box.
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