MediaVenus- Native Advertising Platform to Make Money

MediaVenus is a Native Advertising Network that uses a unique technology of adjusting the ads to fit every website perfectly.
You may think to find the most reliable source to make money online. Go ahead by partnering MediaVenus. 

This is a native advertising ad platform that will reward you with their ultimate earning solutions.

MediaVenus- native advertising platform to make money in 2018
How To Make Money With MediaVenus Native Ads 

MediaVenus emphasize the benefits of both advertiser and publisher because they work with the best advertiser from around the world and they are very picky to select publisher. They connect only top-class advertisers with quality publishers. 

About MediaVenus?

A UK-based native ad network company spread their wings in 2014 till now connects with over 110,000 publishers. This multi-language supported affiliate ad network is operating in 257 countries. This is a very impressive growth rate for a new ad network that has boosted within 4 years.

You will be charmed by their biggest profit policy with zero absence of a deficiency because MediaVenus stick with maximum income for their publishers. Publishers always disclose their positive reviews about their user-friendly interface which brings the possibility to design the website style and deliver attractive top-tier ads. The high CPC and regular payments are most important for publishers that are assured by MediaVenus.

Features of MediaVenus

MediaVenus is dedicated to monetizing desktop and mobile traffic. They deliver attractive native ads on your site. However, this ad network is popular for the following features.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of responsive ad banners including traditional banner ads and mobile optimized ads. 
  • It generates higher CPC, CPM and overall higher income. 
  • It shares higher revenue. They keep only 10% and share 90% of revenue with the publisher.
  • Their minimum payout is $15 with weekly payment frequency.
  • They accept multiple payment methods. e.g. PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, Capitalist, Credit Card, Wire Transfer. 
  • 24/7 support through ticket and Skype.

How to start with MediaVenus

This is a really simple process to become a part of MediaVenus. They have simplified the registration process and any beginners level users will be able to hook up with them instantly.

Step #1: Please click Signup and this will lead you to the registration page.

Step #2: Now fill up the Signup form by putting your Email address, Password and Confirm your Password. Select your language and country.

How To Make Money With MediaVenus Native Ads in 2018
MediaVenus Signup page

Step #3: Finally hit the Signup button from the bottom of the form.

Step #4: MediaVenus will send you an email with the account activation URL. Remember that the Link will be active for the next 30 days. So just copy the URL and open it in the browser. Your account will activate instantly.

That’s it. Now visit the MediaVenus website and log in to your account by using your email address and password.

Adding your website to MediaVenus

After creating your account in MediaVenus you must add your website under your MediaVenus user account. Before adding your website or Blog you should keep some points in your mind. Though they approve quality sites with good traffic so try to add your good website or Blog.

According to them a site with 500 unique visitors per day fall into the good category and those sites will get quick approval. You can significantly speed up the moderation process by providing us access to your website analytics like Google analytics. But in case you do not use any specialized tools to track the number of visitors, just leave the fields blank. As well as remember that more unique visitors means more income.

After adding a website or Blog they will give approval and instantly you will be able to monetize your site with their ads and this will help you to start making money.

Make money with a referral program

If you want to make money without monetizing your site then simply put the referral URL on your site and start making money. Alternatively, you can use both ad banners and affiliate links for maximizing your ad revenue.
Simply invite new referrals to MediaVenus and get 50% of their income without any special effort.

Final Verdict

From my point of view, this is one of the best native ad networks in 2019. However to boost your income you have to become a good analyzer of your ad performance. And to ensure maximum revenue you have to change your strategy frequently.

Moreover, you have to be extra cautious about running their ad campaign. Many publishers try to increase ad revenue by manipulating. But don’t think that MediaVenus won’t able to catch you, their intelligent traffic quality detection system will be able to detect any kind of manipulation. And as a result, they can reject your payment. Not you MediaVenus but also Google AdSense follows the same policy.

If you rely on MediaVenus then there is good news for you that they will do everything on your behalf of you, which will lead you to a successful publisher. Eventually, you will generate higher income gradually.
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