10 Best Yummy Restaurant Website Design Inspirations

Best Restaurant Website Design Inspirations Amazing Restaurant Website Design Examples
Creating a successful and gorgeous restaurant website can be challenging, especially if you are not an expert or professional developer; however, you can easily find outsource design companies that are willing to help you with the best restaurant website design

On the other hand, your task should be dedicated to creating a new website design specifically for a restaurant, to ensure that you are successful.

To start, you must create a layout that is interesting and unique, and that captivates visitors. 

Nowadays, people are highly engaged in the world of the internet and online promotions, which means site design is becoming important for all types of businesses, as each company looks to attract more customers online.

Best Restaurant Website Design Inspirations Amazing Restaurant Website Design Examples
Beautiful Restaurant Website Designs | View 10 Examples

In 2017 a study was carried out to show the impact of site layouts and design on customers in online fashion stores. 

Even though 44% of people said the website design did not influence their decision, 56% of people said the website design does play a role in whether they explore the site further or purchase from the online store. 

This just goes to say that the end user experience is really influenced by the way your landing page looks.

Features of amazing restaurant designs 

Presentation is everything in a restaurant, since the way the food appears can influence people and whether they purchase your products or services. The same applies to sites, even including corporate websites. 

Having a perfect layout that speaks for your restaurant is necessary and will help visitors appreciate your content even more. Some features which you should incorporate include the following: 

  • Make it easy for visitors to find you when they look you up 
  • Make your website accessible on all devices, especially mobile phones 
  • Use HTML format to display menus so that it will be easier for visitors to view what your restaurant serves 
  • Integrate your PDF menu to make it easy for people to view what the restaurant provides, without requiring them to open additional pages and tabs 
  • Use beautiful and professional photos or food illustrations to showcase your recipes and capture the attention of people who visit your website 
  • Apply clear and stylish social media icons to increase your popularity online 
  • Publish your reviews or testimonials on your website, as this will let visitors know that you are very good at what you do 
These features are found in some of the most successful restaurant websites, including the following, which we will review now. 

Examples of top 10 restaurant website designs 

Here are some examples of successful restaurant website designs that will inspire you to create an equal, if not better, restaurant website design. So, let’s dig deeper and analyze the trends with these outstanding food platters. 

1. Pizza My Heart 

This website offers visitors a web-based menu option, together with a downloadable version. Other features that make it a great website include the fact that it allows potential clients to design their own pizza, giving them a sense of belonging and customization. 

2. Black House 

The Black House has a landing page layout that says a lot about the restaurant itself. Even if it has a simple look, it still captivates visitors because of how everything on the website is designed. This site provides visitors with a reassurance that the food is as described, and uses animated features to attract more viewers. 

3. Provenance 

An award-winning restaurant, it is no surprise that Provenance finds its way on the list of some of the best restaurant websites. Provenance has a very simple design and the information is easy to find. This makes it easy for customers to use. 

4. Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut has a site that speaks to customers, creating a warm and welcoming feeling. This keeps clients coming back and motivates people who search for this restaurant to visit it regularly. Pizza Hut shows that creating an emotional connection with visitors is crucial for website design. 

5. Astrid and Gaston 

This site is very eye-catching, with organized content and well-sectioned web pages. Adding pictures which represent the style of the restaurant is another great feature that makes their pages stand out. It has very colorful sections and photos and the designers use custom colors. 

Overall, it is pleasing to the eye and encourages visitors to stay on the website. 

Best Restaurant & Cafe Website Designs (For Visual Ideas)
Best Restaurant & Cafe Website Designs (For Visual Ideas)

6. KFC 

KFC is a popular food brand and fast food chain of restaurants that can be found in many countries across the world. It is no surprise that this restaurant has one of the best website designs. One of the best features is its logo, which makes it easy for visitors to recognize the restaurant. 

7. Quay 

This Australian restaurant provides visitors with a sense of luxury. Having a beautiful view, opposite the Opera House in Sydney, places the Quay at an advantage. Adding this to their gallery gives visitors a true impression of the venue’s atmosphere and views, which is sure to make customers think that it will provide an unforgettable dining experience. 

With its seaside location and well-designed pages, it is no surprise that visitors will be drawn to visit this restaurant. 

8. The Rosa 

The Rosa, a UK-based restaurant, has a charming website that not only features quality images of dishes, but is also user-friendly and allows customers to access the website from all devices. This web design is captivating because it combines both elements of the old and new restaurant, giving users the feeling that the restaurant will be true to cost and suitable to their lifestyles. 

To make things more interesting, The Rosa has a section that includes weekly happenings, so clients will know which day is best for them to visit this restaurant. 

9. Craft 

The Сraft provides clients with a family-style dining experience, which is clear even with its website design. With various pictures that show both the restaurant and featured recipes, the site is a great success. Clients can also make reservations without experiencing any problems with navigation. 

10. Lupa 

Located in Washington Park, New York City, Lupa serves its customers Italian food. Lupa has all the features to show how it started and made its way to a successful restaurant. The pages have a good UI and UX design, as well, providing visitors with a strong end-user experience and a beautiful, useful, functional and overall promising image. 


With these examples, provided by Agentestudio, to inspire you, you can create a design to suit your restaurant’s image. Remember that a great design that is simple and yet elegant will make it easier for visitors to get to know your food-services each time they visit your site.

Additionally, you can create some animated features for your landing pages to make it more interactive, but do not forget to make it easy for customers to access your website from any device and to navigate your menu.

Having an actual page with colorful, high-quality pictures will also make your site highly rated - encouraging customers to state that the evening at your restaurant was 'excellent!’ 

Don’t forget that you can also take your time and search, use design templates, or hire a web designer to make the process simpler. 

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