7 Examples of Best Professional Email Signature in 2021

7 Click-worthy Email Signature Tips—With Best Template Examples for professional and Businesses in 2021.
An email signature is an attribute appropriate both to a professional, and a polite person. While some of us neglect this fact and do not add any signatures in our emails, others successfully use them, offering their customers updated contact information. 

And also, unfortunately, there are thousands of bad email signatures. 

This is why today we are going to show you the best email signature examples and will share tips on how to create a perfect one for you.

7 Best Professional Email Signature Examples
7 Click-worthy Email Signature Examples 

We generally distinguish two kinds of e-signatures: eCommerce emails we send out to our subscribers, and business emails. As they serve absolutely different goals, they should be created in different ways. 

Tips on how to create a signature for e-commerce emails 

A signature for eCommerce emails, aka newsletters, is called a footer. As this is the last part of an email your subscribers see, it completes customers impressions about you and your company. Thus, the footer should be utterly informative and beautiful. 

What you should pay your highest attention to: 
  • The design; 
  • The content. 

The design 

When it comes to the design, it is up to you to decide what colours and fonts to use for an email footer design. The only piece of advice here is that the text should be legible, written in contrast colours, and links should be visible. And of course, it’s pretty reasonable to use brand colours, and make sure you place your company name in the footer. 


The content 

What obligatory elements should a newsletter footer include? 

First of all, it should mention the reason why you are reaching out to your clients.

7 Click-worthy Email Signature Examples

Hubspot is professional at creating perfect email signatures. This is a great example of a footer for education emails. It contains all the necessary elements, like:
  • photo; 
  • person’s position at the company; 
  • CTA. Please, see that the call-to-action button is written in a different color; 
  • a choice to update the preferences or unsubscribe from the newsletter. 
But when composing a promotional newsletter, make sure to exclude the CEO’s or the manager’s photo, and include the following information: 

  • icons with clickable links to social nets; 
  • email address or phone number as any client may need to contact you. 

7 best Creative email signatures images

A good thing to add in your ecommerce footer is the menu tabs:
  • contact customers’ support
  • privacy policy; 
  • go shopping; 
  • find local stores; 
  • etc. 
9 Professional Email Signature Tips—With Best Template Examples

As you can see, Tiffany&Co even mentions the recipient’s email address. A good thing to take into consideration. 

In case you run a hotel or a restaurant, you may need to add a map to the footer for your customer’s convenience. 

10 professional email signature designs

Note: some companies prefer to keep the footer information short, without mentioning the reasons why they send out emails to the recipients. This, of course, might be a good decision. But according to the US law, it is illegal to send newsletters if not requested. And the companies who do may pay high fee which is equal to $16,000 per email. Which is why it is recommended to include this information into an email signature. 

Important: add links to the social nets’ icons, to the company name and company logo, if you decide to insert one into the footer, and even the email address. In latter case, the link should automatically create a new email with your address filled in line “To”. 

The footer is a very important part of any marketing email. Do not neglect one ever. Of course, you customers will not unsubscribe from your newsletters, if they like the content. But still this is a great opportunity to create a great impression on them. 

You will not have to waste your precious time on creating a new signature for every email or newsletter you send out. You write it once and for quite a long time. 

Tips on how to create signature for business emails 

Obligatory ingredients for business email footer: 

  • your name or the company and CEO’s name; 
  • photo of yours; 
  • a map with directions how to find your office; 
  • phone number, you can also provide the clients with your cell phone number; 
  • personal or the company’s working hours; 
  • a link to the website of the company or to your socials; 
  • a wish, like "kind regards” or “call me at any time if you have any questions”. 

Best Corporate Email Signatures - Well-designed Company Signatures

Why did we not enumerate an email address here? Because your customers already receive a message from you, they can clearly see your address and choose the “Reply” option. Besides, your e-address will be automatically saved to their customers’ contact base. 

10 Examples of Professional Email Signatures for Businesses 2018

An email business signature cannot be created right within mail clients. You will need to create one by using an email template builder. Use Stripo.email designer to build both email templates for newsletters and email signatures for business professionals within a short time. 

Once you have created the signature block, save it to your computer, and then easily embed it into your mail client. Easy to do it, you don’t need to work with HTML codes. 


An email signature is not an optional feature now. It should be present in all professional emails, eCommerce newsletters and even in personal emails. 

The components of the email signature directly depend on the kind of an email. But in all cases, it should mention contact information, first of all. If you need more ideas for signatures, you can look for inspiration here

May your emails look professional, informative, and done with care about your customers. 

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