40 Top Sources of Royalty Free Stock Photos For Website and Social Media

Where to find Best Royalty Free Stock Photos for Your Themes, Template, Website and Blog?

Most of the Blogger and website owner face a trouble while they go for publishing Posts, because finding a suitable Royalty free image for Blog post is really tough. 

For turning an article mind blowing you must use relevant and high quality image for attracting readers. But most of the images we get on image search result are copyright protected. And anytime you can get DMCA take down notice for using copyright content without permission of original photographer. 

But this is really hard to find original photographer and to take permission from each photographer is really kill our valuable time. So we should find a source of copyright free high quality image which can be use in our Blog and website without any hassle.

Are you looking for the perfect stock photo for your blog or website? 

This is really easy to get free stock photo for your Blog and website. There are huge sites available over the net those who are providing royalty free high quality stock image for personal and commercial uses. 

Sites With Free Images for Your Blog or Social Media Posts
Royalty Free Images for Websites: Where to Find Free Pictures?

I have brought to you the ultimate list of free high quality stock photos for your Blog and website which is completely royalty free.


This is another superb source of royalty free image. Their image gallery size is very large, over 580,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations are available in their collection. 

You will find many pictures according to your desire. I like this site because all images of Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. 

For this reason you may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty-free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required.
  • Visit: https://pixabay.com/

02.Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock is a great pace to get all kinds of high resolution stock photo. All images are available for commercial and personal uses. 

Their images are widely using by many popular sites like Smashing, Lifehacker, The huffington Post, Makeuseof etc. And their search partner is shutterstock. You will obviously love this site. You will find plenty of free people, landscape, industry and food photos.
  • Visit: https://freerangestock.com/


One of my favorite places for grabbing Royalty free stock photo is Pexels. Whenever I need an image for my Blog post then I search image on Pixels. 

However their collection is not large but I love this site because of their all high resolution image. You can search image according to your desire keyword. And it doesn’t required membership and don’t have to solve reCaptcha to download image. This thing I love it.

  • Visit: https://www.pexels.com/


Unsplash enable you to search free and high resolution 10 stock photos. You don’t need to do any contribution to download stock photos from Unsplash. 

Even you can be a part of Unsplash site by submitting high quality image. You can use their photos for your Blog and Website and social media site.

  • Visit: https://unsplash.com/


picjumbo containing superb, fantastic, clean high resolution photos. You will love to see it. You can search image according to your desire. But you must be careful about copyright attribution. Because in majority of photo required to add attribution. 

However you don’t require any membership to download image. But by premium membership you will able to bulk size image at once.
  • Visit: https://picjumbo.com/


This is really a great source of grabbing hi-resolution images for your template, theme, Website, Blog and social media. You will find unlimited free stock image for personal and commercial use. You can search image by various categories and you don’t need any membership for download image. 

If you subscriber to their newsletter then they will send 10 new photos on every 2 weeks into your email box directly.
  • Visit: http://stokpic.com/


IMCreator is an exclusive site for finding free stock photos. Mainly I love this site for its categories and search option. You will easily find your desire picture easily. 

IMCreator has a curated collection of free web design resources for either personal or commercial use.
  • Visit: http://www.imcreator.com/free

08. Wylio

Wylio is a popular free stock image finder site. Wylio uses the Flickr API in its search returns. However to get image you must Sign up with them. Don’t worry you need not to subscribe to any paid subscription plan. 

Wylio is search supported site where you can search image by using keywords. Wylio has over 112,000,000 images, but it mixed with high and low quality images.
  • Visit: https://www.wylio.com/

09. 123RF

123RF is a popular royalty free micro stock image library.  123RF already stocked over 35 million images, audio, videos, and vectors which is paid and free. However, you will find zillions of free images for free use. But you must subscribe to this site and subscription is totally free. 

A simple problem is the free images are very tiny and sometimes it required attribution. Image is Searchable on 123RF  and the size of Gallery is over 35,000.
  • Visit: http://www.123rf.com/

10. 500px

This is a premier photography community. You can find royalty free photos and most of the photos are with impressive high quality. 

However 500px contains many paid photo, so double check the copyright before using a photo from there.
  • Visit: https://500px.com/

11. Albumarium

Albumarium site mainly popular for vibrant types photos such as nature, animals and city’s stock photo. It has got beautiful and rich stock image library for personal and commercial use. You will see a different looks of this site. 

However images can searchable and you don’t need to sign up with Albumarium.
  • Visit: http://albumarium.com/

12. Ancestry Images

Ancestry Images is completely different because this site offers historians, genealogists and ancestry or local history images. Those images are not useable for Website frequently. But for historical Blog this is a great resource. 

All Images are free for personal use. But if you wish to use commercially then contact with them directly.
  • Visit: http://www.ancestryimages.com/

13. BigFoto

This site looks old fashioned but offering free stock images since 2000. This site provides average quality image but if you search then you can find many unbelievable unique photo.
  • Visit: http://www.bigfoto.com/


Gratisography made by Bell design. This is an amazing site for hi-resolution stock photos. They are permitted to use their images for personal and commercial use. They add new pictures every week. All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire.
  • Visit: http://www.gratisography.com/

15. Compfight

Compfight is not an original stock image site but they use Flickr API to search image. You can find zillions of images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. Compfight work as image search engine of Flickr stock photo.
  • Visit: http://compfight.com/

16. Freeimages.red

Freeimages.red was formerly creativecommonsphotos. This is a collection of publick domains images. And those images are absolutely free to use. To use image you don’t need to subscribe to this site. You can search your desired image. There are many high resolution images are available on Freeimages.red.
  • Visit: https://freeimages.red/

17. Crow the Stone

Crow the Stone is a tumblr hosted site with collection of public domain photos. The main problem is users don’t have any search option to find desired image. You don’t need Membership and use Attribution on images from Crow the Stone.
  • Visit: http://crowthestone.com/

18. Cupcake

Cupcake is a personal photographic website hosting by Photographer Jonas Nilsson Lee. He offers free images to the public domain. You can use any stock photos of this site without any attribution. But you can’t search image through search box. All images are published with high resolution.
  • Visit: http://cupcake.nilssonlee.se/

19. Death to Stock Photo

This is very popular site for royalty image stock. Currently Buffer, Pinterest, Uber Ted, Slack etc popular sites are using Death to Stock Photo’s images on their site. DeathtoStockPhoto generally is a membership-based stock photo library. 

To use their image you must submit your email address and they will send image into your email once a month. All the images are high quality and beautiful, you can use those in your personal an professional site.
  • Visit: http://deathtothestockphoto.com/

20. DesignersPics

This is another free stock image site. The main feature of this site is provides copyright images for free. Most of the images are delivered by photographer, web designer and developer Jeshu John
  • Visit: http://www.designerspics.com/

21. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a large website with collection of huge stock photo. You will find many royalty free stock, but for downloading the photo you must be a member of that site. In addition you have to solve captcha for each download.
  • Visit: http://www.dreamstime.com/

22. Epicantus

Epicantus is a tumblr based site. You won’t find any search option for finding your desired photo. All of the images are provided by Visual and UX designer and Lean Startup coach Daria N. 

You don’t have to add any attribution for using high resolution photo.
  • Visit: http://epicantus.tumblr.com/

23. Every Stock Photo

Every Stock Photo is a search engine for finding stock photo. In this site you’ll find Royalty free images from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons. Every Stock Photo doesn’t require membership but attribution to the source image is required sometimes
  • Visit: http://www.everystockphoto.com/

24. FindA.Photo

FindA.Photois a medium size image resources. You will find over 10,000 photos on their stock. This site specializes in photo search. 

You can search image by color as well as by using hex color #60a8d8. No membership required for downloading images.
  • Visit: http://finda.photo/

25. Foodies Feed

Foodies Feed is all about food picture. But this gallery size is small. Over 1000 images available on their site. The entire food picture has taken by photographer Jakub Kapusnak. Attribution isn’t required to use.
  • Visit: https://foodiesfeed.com/

26. Foter

Foter is a giant Gallery of over 200 million stock images. This is really incredible, their images are based on Flickr, and sometimes attribution required for using. Foter has WordPress plugin that helps to find image for your WordPress site easily.
  • Visit: http://foter.com/

Top Sources of Royalty Free Stock Photos For Website and Social Media
Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

27. Free Images

Free images another large size image resource size. But not all pictures are come with high resolution. But you will be impress by their image library.

  • Visit: http://www.freeimages.com/

28. Free Media Goo

Are you looking for Food, aviation, finance related royalty free image then Free Media Goo is perfect for your website. This site offers 100% free stock photo as complementary, even you don’t need to add attribution on photo. 

And no membership required for downloading the stock photo. Free media goo provides stock photos for unlimited personal and commercial uses.
  • Visit:  http://www.freemediagoo.com/


This site hosted on tumblr but there are good amount of free stock image available. All pictures are published under creative common CC0 license, this means you can do anything with this image.  However this site hasn’t any search option to find photos under specific category.
  • Visit: http://jaymantri.com/

30.Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos site really for startup image. I think their image collections are not huge but you will find high quality with high resolution photos around this site. 

Users are allowed to use royalty free image from Startup Stock Photos for promotional, personal and any other commercial purpose.
  • Visit: http://startupstockphotos.com/


Picography by Hidden Dept contains free hi-resolution photos for using any purposes. All photos published under the Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 license. But they don’t have search option to find appropriate image. 

You can use their picture for your Blog and website or social media site.

  • Visit: http://picography.co/


This is a hand-picked free photo collection site. You will find varieties photo for your personal and commercial use. All images are published under CC0 Public domain. You can search image through search option and also find image under various category.

  • Visit: http://magdeleine.co/browse/


Life of pix is a unique site with uncommon stock photos. You won’t find their stock photos in other sites. That’s why you will love this site. 

This site has rich gallery for finding higher resolution stock photo for personal and commercial uses.

  • Visit: http://www.lifeofpix.com/

34. freephotosbank

Free photos bank is collection of huge high resolution free photos that suits to extensive niches. You can download photos easily without any membership. 

You will find a good quick navigation to find your desire photo for personal and commercial use. 
  • Visit: http://www.freephotosbank.com/

35. PhotoEveryWhere

Photo Every Where is perfect for travel and tourism stock photo. You are free to use their photos for personal and commercial use. However their photos are mostly usable for travel Blog.
  • Visit: http://photoeverywhere.co.uk/

36. OpenPhoto

Open Photo got a solid collection of various stock photos. You will find many unique stock photos under various categories. Their images are perfect for website and social media site.
  • Visit: http://openphoto.net/

37. SplitShire

Split Shire is a beautiful site for high quality stock photos without copyright. You can do whatever you want with their photo. Split Shire regularly updates their sites and enriches their gallery. 

This site is maintaining by Daniel Hanescu. He is a web and graphic designer as well as a photographer.
  • Visit: http://www.splitshire.com/

38. Imagebase

Image Base is a collection of awesome free stock photos. Photographer David Niblack had taken those photos. And you can use for personal, commercial, non-profit, artistic and creative purposes. You can search image and also go through the specific category for finding desired photo.
  • Visit: http://imagebase.net/

39. Deviantart

Deviantart is a popular site for free stock photo. Deviantart is a giant in photo collection. You will find tons of Digital art, photography, graphic and web design. Everyday zillions of people are using this site for finding desired photo for their Website, Blog and social media site.
  • Visit: http://www.deviantart.com/

40. Photober

Photober is another awesome website for free stock image for personal and commercial use. Even you can modify their image and reuse on your site. 

But only you are restricted to redistribution and sell their images. You can search image easily. In addition this site has good image category system to find desired photo easily.
  • Visit:  http://www.photober.com/
Beside of this there are many website available for stock photo image. However for using stock photo always look at the license and terms and conditions. 

The best thing you can do use stock image from those sites who are explicitly state that their images are free to use for both personal and commercial purpose. 

I hope all the site lists for using stock image will help to select right stock image for your Website, Blog and social media site.  
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