12 Best Free Email Services for Website communication

What are the best free email services for Blog and Website Correspondence?
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Correspondence is the integral part of any Blog and website. For various reasons every day webmaster receive and send many emails, such as for Blogging question and answer, Problem solutions and other purposes. But the problem arises while we go for selecting the right email service provider. Good email services provider can solve almost all types of solution for their users.  We know there are some default email services we must use for using different blogging platform. For example if you wish to create a Blog on Google Blogger site then you must use Gmail account. Similarly for tumblr basically most of the users use Yahoo mail. But it is not good for having only single email address for our Blog or website. Even if you want to use branded email like me then you need multiple email address for use. I have created 2 custom email addresses-
  • admin@bloggerspice.com
  • help@bloggerspice.com
Both email address I have integrated with Gmail and Outlook Email service. But beside of this there are many email service provider available over the net.

Unfortunately if you see that your desired email address already registered with other users then this is almost impossible to get desired email address which is similar to your Blog or website name. For branding a Blog or website email we should select and register name similar to our domain name.

But it is not often possible to desired email address if the name is not vacant. For this reason we should try in different email service provider for getting desired email address. Even I didn’t find BloggerSpice name vacant in Gmail. Even I don’t know who is using this email?  Whatever!!! In this article I am going to share Best Free Email Services for Website communication thus you can get your desired email name easily.


An award winning free email service provider called Gmail. This is the most secured and user friendly email service providing by Google. However the main features of Gmail is-
  • It provides 15GB of free storage across Gmail
  • Google Drive and Google Photos for storing files and photos
  • Custom Themes can be use on it
  • It offers integrated Hangouts and video chat
  • You can send money through Google Wallet and Gmail

It sounds like amazing with great free services. Obviously I recommended using Gmail without any hesitation. I am currently using this amazing email service for connecting with my readers. And I am fully satisfied with it.
  • Visit: http://mail.google.com/


This is a Microsoft product and popular in email service world. For using all Microsoft products you must have an outlook email account. This is the best alternative of Gmail and Yahoo email service provider. The best features of outlook email are as follows-
  • Outlook Provides Unlimited storage for email
  • One Drive is integrated with Outlook for storing files
  • You can integrate all other email services in one place
  • Outlook is most secured for medium for correspondence
The main problem of outlook is little bit slower to load. Except this everything is ok. However to submit your Blog or Website sitemap to Bing search engine you must have an outlook email. So I recommend it to create an outlook account.
  • Visit: https://mail.live.com

04.Yahoo Mail

It goes without say that Yahoo was the number one formerly. But still there are huge users are using this service. The main features of Yahoo mail are as follows
  • Yahoo Mail provides 1 TB (terabyte) storage for personal email. So you don’t have to think about space.
  • Yahoo mail apps available for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Custom theme can be use on email inbox.
  • It is Possible to integrate other email services like Gmail, AOL, and Outlook.
  • Yahoo is much secured and it has spam filters.
I think Yahoo is good n every aspect. We can use this email service as primary or secondary free email service provider.
  • Visit: https://mail.yahoo.com/


You are not familiar with GMX but this is unbelievable that this email service offer unlimited inbox storage. And this is rare for unfamiliar free email service provider. GMX has couple of standout features like
  • It provides unlimited storage for Email storing space.
  • GMX has wholesale integration with Facebook.
  • You can pull all contact data from your Facebook account.
  • GMX uses SSL connections for email security
  • It has integrated virus scanning and phishing filters

However GMX email interface is not so good. But we can use it for our basic email correspondence.
  • Visit: https://www.gmx.com/mail/

06.AOL Mail

It goes without say that most popular email service provider in USA. AOL is short form of America Online. It has some great features like-
  • You can send text messages and using AIM in your inbox
  • User can manage AOL calendar
  • Creating and using Folders
  • Saving emails and moving Messages
Thought the features are not so unique except text messaging. But we can use it for our Blog or website correspondence.
  • Visit: https://mail.aol.com/

07.India.com Mail

India’s Most amazing email service for you. India.com Mail has some great features. You can create your email with below names-
  • @india.com
  • @zmail.com
  • @timepass.com
  • @tadka.com
  • @indiawriters.com
  • @dvaar.com
  • @takdhinadhin.com
And Indian Blogger and website owner use this email service for branding their site.
  • Visit: https://mail.india.com/account/register

08.Zoho Mail

This is an awesome email service provider. I just love the interface of this Zoho mail. The mail feature of zoho mail is ads free interface. You won’t see any ads. For this reason this email service is very fast. You can use this for your Blog and website to connect with your readers. I believe you will it after first look. The main features of Zoho mail are as follows-
  • Zoho Mail provides unlimited web storage
  • Both Business and Personal purpose can be use.
  • It offers POP and IMAP access
  • No ads display on Zoho mail
The above features makes Zoho mail attractive.
  • Visit: https://www.zoho.com/mail/

09.Yandex Mail

Russian Most popular email service is Yandex Mail. This is really awesome free email service with lots of features and I am sure you will feel comfort to use this. Yandex Mail also has great feature for stand out on crowed.
  • Unlimited Storage for email but you will receive 10GB after registration. But it will increase by 1 GB then your email storage will fill up.
  • You can use personal theme on it.
  • Users can enable Three-pane page view.
  • Yandex Disk can be use for sending large files.
  • Mobile friendly user interface with fast loading feature.
You will be surprise to hear that every day over 12 million messages go through this free email service excluding SPAM. This means there are significant number of users is using this free email service. However to add your Blog sitemap to Yandex Webmaster tools you must have a Yadex mail account.
  • Visit: https://mail.yandex.com

10.Lycos Mail

Formerly Lycos was a large search engine, but still offers a host services. Generally Lycos Mail creates for using their Domain and host service. After registering with Lycos Mail you would able to integrate with Tripod, Angelfire, Zeeblio - Lycos' award winning web publishing products. Some basic features of Lycos are as follows-
  • 3Gb of email storage space for users
  • Lycos Mail integrated SPAM filter
  • Social Media Integration enable
  • User interface are very general
However Lycos Mail is for fulfill the basic email needs. Even it doesn’t offer IMAP support, as a result you won’t able to access to your emails from smart devices.
  • Visit: https://www.mail.lycos.com/


This is free email services that help to serve daily correspondence for your Blog and website. This is not very familiar email service provider. But it has some good features. Such as-
  • It provides 5GB of email storage space for their users
  • Custom inbox theme support
  • You can play games thought this email
  • User can download eCard and Screensaver
The main cons of this email service are interface. The interface is really old fashioned. And it hasn’t any social media integration or chat functionality.
  • Visit: https://www.inbox.com/register/email.aspx


Hushmail is an Canadian email service provider. This is most likely to a secure solution for your blog email communication. This email service has got basic functionality for the users.
  • Storage vary according to Plan 1 GB to 10 GB
  • It can use for both Personal and Business
  • Hushmail inbox don’t contain any ads.
  • It offers POP3 access, as a result you can use Hushmail from any device.
  • Hushmail enables blacklists and whitelists to secure email inbox.
However Hushmail got very normal interface. The main problem is if you don’t sign in to your account for 3 weeks then they will deactivate your account.
  • Visit: https://www.hushmail.com
That’s all about 12 best free email service provider list to help you with ideas. However email services are now not just sending and receiving email. But currently many extra ordinary features have added with it. So for selecting the right email service for our Blog and Website first we should look through their features and then we should decide which one is perfect for me. However multiple email service can be use for managing our Blogging correspondence. And I hope this article will guide you to select right one. 
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