Facebook Hashtag Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Website

What is Facebook Hashtag? How It Works and How to Use It Right?
Facebook Hashtag

Facebook Hashtags may be known to you but many of us haven’t any clear idea about it. We often see people are sharing content on social media site by using Hash or pound symbol. But what exactly they use? I think you are little bit interested to know about it. Hashtags widely used to help people to discover what others are saying about specific topic on social media site. And social media users can participate in public conversations through Hashtags.

What is Facebook Hashtag?

Hashtags on Facebook widely used, because it helps the readers to find out specific topic easily. Facebook Hashtags turn topics into clickable links into a facebook post. And people click on links to find the specific topic according to their interest.

Why to use Hashtags on Facebook?

In Facebook we use hashtags for tag something to categorize conversations between users. We can use hashtags on facebook for several reasons. Such as-
  • Hashtags helps to search specific content while use Hashtag on search bar.
  • People can easily find out the Hashtag feed and search result in Facebook.
  • By using Hashtags we can originate it on Instagram also.
  • We can go through directly what others are sharing on specific interests.
  • It helps to divert huge traffic from Facebook Hashtag feeds.

How Hashtag Works?

For example My Blog name is BloggerSpice. And If I share BloggerSpice text on my facebook page then it won’t affect anything. But if I use a Hashtag like #Blogger Spice they #Blogger will turn into clickable link. And my shared content will be share in my facebook page as well as under Blogger topic page. So I have sharing my contents on multiple pages by using a Hashtag. However you can use multiple hashtag in your shared content.

How to Write Hashtag on Facebook properly?

People often use Hashtag on Facebook to reach their specific interest directly. And most of the social media users use Hashtag to see related shared contents on Facebook. So for writing a Hashtag you must keep some point in your mind.
  • Write your Hashtag with a single word. And don’t use any space. If you keep space then Hashtag will applied only on first word.
  • Digit can be use on Hashtag but any kinds of punctuation and special characters won’t work. For example if you add $ sight or % percentage then Hashtag won’t work.
  • Write Hashtag with relevant word or phrase. For example: We Love Facebook. In this text you can use Hashtag on 2 words Love and Facebook but if you use Hashtag before We then using Hashtag will be pointless. Single Hashtag We Love #Facebook and Multiple Hashtag We #Love #Facebook
Hope now it is clear to you that how we should write Hashtag.

How to Use Hashtag on Facebook?

This is the main part of this article that how we will use Hashtag on our Facebook profile or page?This is very simple and I am going to explain it to make you understand.

Step #1: Sign in to your Facebook page and share any content with Title.

Step #2: For example I have written the post title on my Facebook page like
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Step #3: Now for adding Hashtag simply add the pound or hash symbol before the text.
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Hashtag on facebook

Step #4: For better works join the 2 words into one and add the hashtag. It will work best for you. And finally publish it.

Now you will see all words with hashtag turned into blue clickable link. And just click on it and you will be headed to hashtag feed page.

hashtag on blogger

Suppose you have added hashtag on #Blogger keyword. And if you click on #Blogger hastag then you will able to see your content under #Blogger hashtag feed and other related contents from other users.

Final Word

This is really easy to use hashtag on facebook and it will help to bring much traffic on your site. But always keep in mind that don’t SPAM with hashtag. Because if you share content or leave a comment with huge hashtags then people will think you are a spammer. As a result readers will less engage with your shared content. So always try to use 1 or 2 hashtag for sharing a content.
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