Wondering How To Make Your Blog Rock with Bloglovin?

Turn Your bloglovin Into A High Performing traffic Machine for your Blog.
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If you want to read all Blog posts in one place then Bloglovin is the ideal for you. Even you don’t need to visit that specific Blog, rather you can read other Blog from Bloglovin site. Bloglovin is simply a RSS reader, which helps to read all Blog through an iframe. The main feature of Bloglovin is wheather the Blog’s owner has signed up with Bloglovin or not, it doesn’t matter. You can visit non registered Blog through Bloglovin. So this is the easier to get all the things in one place. The most of the user of Bloglovin is fashion and beauty related blogger. So Bloglovin is ideal for fashion and beauty blog.

How Bloglovin divert traffic to your Blog?

Bloglovin is a strong blogging tools that helps to grow a Blog readership and popularity. Even BloggerSpice receives significant number of traffic from Bloglovin every month. Bloglovin divert traffic 2 ways.
  1. Bloglovin Feed
  2. Email Marketing

Bloglovin Feed

There may be you get a chance to double your traffic if Bloglovin highlight your Blog on their feed. There are huge visitors uses Bloglovin to read other Blogs. So you will receive traffic form Bloglovin feed.

Email Marketing

Whenever you update any post then Bloglovin will send a daily post summary to their entire registered user. As a result when they open their email and see your post, then they may feel interest to click your post and read it. So you will get extra traffic from their email marketing system. But they send maximum 14 posts summary including your published post through email.

How to Claim your Blog on Bloglovin?

You can claim your Blog on Bloglovin and this will help you to place a follow button in your Blog. As a result you will able to get follower on your Bloglovin profile from your Blog. Here are step by step to add your site to Bloglovin:

Step 1 First go to https://www.bloglovin.com/ and sign up for an account. Then check your email for the confirmation email and simply click Confirm email button from your email. Alternatively you can simply signup by using your Facebook account.

Step 2 Once you confirm your registration with Bloglovin through email verification, you may need to follow at least three blogs to get started.

Step 3 When set up is complete, now from top menu next to notification button click on User icon and then select Profile.

claim your blog on bloglovin

Step 4 Then click Claim your blog on Blogvin button.

Step 5 A popup window will appear and Type your Blog URL into the text box. Then select your blog from the list.

blog claim code

Step 6 But Blog claiming is not yet finish. In order to claim your blog, you need to prove that you are the owner of your Blog. For verification Bloglovin does this by having you insert HTML text to one of your blog post. You can add this code any posts, recommended to add this link in some older posts.

Step 7 Then select and copy the Bloglovin HTML code. But don’t close your current browser. Just open another tab on browser window, go to your blog, and add the HTML code to a blog post, and republish it.

Step 8 Once Bloglovin’s text has included and published in your blog post, then go back to the Bloglovin site and click on Claim blog button. That’s it Your Blog is now successfully claimed to Bloglovin.

Now you can simply delete the Bloglovin HTML code that added to your Blog post. Once you have claimed your blog, then it is ok to remove it. After completing the claiming process you will be brought to your site’s Bloglovin page.

How to add Bloglovin button Widget on Your Site?

I know you want to increase your Blog followers through Bloglovin. And for increasing followers you should add Bloglovin button on your Blog site. To Bloglovin button please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Login to you Bloglovin account. And Go to dashboard.

Step 2 Now from top menu next to notification button click on User icon and then select Widgets.

bloglovin widgets

Step 3 And select a Bloglovin Button and get the widget code or simply click Add Widget button to directly add it into your Blogger site. 


How to see Your Blog analytics on Bloglovin?

All registered account holder on Bloglovin will able to see analytical report. So you can easily understand about your Blog performance on Bloglovin. To see the analytical report please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Login to you Bloglovin account. And Go to dashboard.

Step 2 Now from top menu next to notification button click on user icon and then select Blog analytics.

Blog analytics

Now you will see your Blog analytics report on Bloglovin site.That’s all about Bloglovin hack that helps us to grow our Blog readership rapidly. I think you are thinking to use Bloglovin or already using Bloglovin for growing your Blog.

Let me know do you use Bloglovin' to follow along with your favorite websites? How do you utilized Bloglovin for your own blog?
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