How Twitterfeed Made Me A Better Social Media Promoter?

Twitterfeed Secrets You Never Knew. Proof That Twitterfeed Really Works for your website.
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Social Media world is very large and it’s all about engaging with it for going ahead. For cope with social media world you must spend time on it. But it is often not possible to spend much time on social media, for this reason we often depend on automation. There are many debates about using automated elements on social media but to make your account active we should use automate service.

Twitterfeed you might have heard about it. This is an automated online tool which helps to share your post on behalf of you on your various social media pages. This is not only work for twitter but it also works with other social media services. A misconception that Twitterfeed is an official tool from twitter but in real it is not connected or affiliated with Twitter but it automates the syndication of your Blog posts and articles from your website to your social media pages. Twitterfeed automate you content for major social media sites. Such as-
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin Personal Page
  • Linkedin Company Page
As a result if you activate Twitterfeed service for your website then it will automatically update your Blog post on above listed social media sites. And this will help you to save time, because if you want to share your content manually then it requires more time. But Twitterfeed will do it instantly on behalf of you. And just you need to activate their service one time. Once you activate Twitterfeed service rest of the job will be done by this amazing online tools.

Generally Twitterfeed use RSS feed from a Website and when your site feed updates then Twitterfeed automatically posts contents from the feed. I think you are bit interested about Twitterfeed to save your time. If you are new to Twitterfeed, then proceed through the below steps, this will guide you on how to link your social media to this tools.

Step #1: First head over to “ site and signup for a free account.  After signing up you will receive an email confirmation that asks you to confirm your email address and after email confirmation your account will activate.

Step #2: So after activating your Twitterfeed account, login to Twitterfeed account with username and password.

Step #3: And from there click on the “Create new Feed Button.” And feed creation page will open.

Step #4: Under “Feed Name”, type your Blog Feed name. You can give any name on “Feed Name” field.  And in “Blog URL or RSS Feed URL” field enter your RSS Feeds URL. 

news feed

Step #5: If you wish to test your RSS feed then click “Test RSS Feed” button to make sure that you have the correct name for your RSS feed. If your Blog feed is ok then “Feed parsed OK” message will appear below the Feed URL box.

advance settings of twitter feed

Step #6: After checking the feed additionally you expend the Advanced Settings for adjusting Update Frequency, Post Content and Post Link. After that click “Continue to Step 2” and you will headed to “Configure Publishing Services” page to setup the links to your social media accounts.

authenticate twitter

Step #7: Now “Under Available Services”,   go through the direction to link your social media accounts to Twitterfeed, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  You have to “Authenticate Account” account by using your social media page user name and password for each of the social media profiles.

feed publishing

Step #8: After you have completion of linking process between Twitterfeed and social media pages, click “All Done”. 

Now Twitterfeed is ready to share your Blog content automatically on your social media pages. Your social media fan will start seeing blog posts and updates from your website linked to your social platforms. Because Twitterfeed will check your RSS feed after every 30 minutes. If it finds any updates then instantly it will share on connected social media site. This way Twitterfeed will make you a Better Social Media Promoter.

However after setting up automated service you shouldn’t relax completely, because if any bugs or error arise in automated online tools then you won’t able to track it soon. So often check your Twitterfeed tool that is it working correctly or not. I hope Twitterfeed will help to save your time and money to connect more social media users. 
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