How to Make Money by and Integration?

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This is almost impossible to earn money from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin directly. But we can earn money through those social media site in passive way. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin all are very popular social media platform and there are billions of users are using those social media site for expressing their thoughts and opinion. In addition Blogger always share their content on various social media site to divert traffic. So our tendency is to share content on social media sites after publishing new content and increase exposure toward our website. Producing and sharing content on social media maybe your routine work, but this monotonous things we can make little profitable. And now the question is how to make money from Social Media?

We will get into the point soon. But before that let’s talk about, this is an automated online tools for auto sharing contents from RSS feed to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. So we will make this automated system to generate real income.

So all we need to have 2 accounts for earning money. Those are as follows-
Learn how to create an account on twitterfeed and integrate your social media sites.

After that we will integrate both for online earnings. Please visit and create an account and activate their automate service. After that, create an account on for integrating with Twitterfeed. Now I will take you integration process. Please follow the guidelines from below-

Step #1: Log in to your “” account and go to Dashboard.

Step #2: Locate “MORE TOOLS“ from top menu, click and Select to select “ integration”.

How to Make Money by and Integration?

Step #3: Instantly you will head to”twitterfeed” page under account. Now locate and copy shorte API integration code. The API code will be like this “********”.

Step #4: Now visit and log in to “” and go to Twitterfeed Dashboard.

How to Make Money by and Integration?

Step #5: From there click “edit feed“ URL. Now you will able to edit your feed setting. And click “Advanced Settings“ to expend the option.  

How to Make Money by and Integration?

Step #6: Now locate “Shorten link through“ and select “custom“ by using drop down option.  And add your Shorte API code in “Custom endpoint” field.

Step #7: After that scroll down and click “Continue to Step 2“ and in next page put tick to active all service again and scroll down, click “All Done! “ button to complete the process.

Everything is done. Now your twitterfeed account is integrated with shorte. From now whenever you publish a post then will share a post automatically with custom URL in your social media sites. 

How to Make Money by and Integration?

And when a visitors from social media site click on URL then it will start generating income from your shared URL on social media sites.


  1. Hockey
    I have ingegrated my blog with and twitterfeed.what I have to post and
    where i have to post.I have facebook and twitter account.reply
    my email
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Anand,
      For Twitter Feed integration you must have a Blog and when you post in your Blog then Twitter Feed will post in your Twitter account on-behalf of you.

      If you want to do shorten URL manually then you need to do it from your shorte account and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever you must have a Blog first.
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