Top 10 AdSense Approval Tricks in 2020 for New Blogger and Wordpress Blog

Most of BlogSpot bloggers are being rejected by Google AdSense team. Here is a quick tip on how to get AdSense account using no hack. Top 10 Simple Tricks will help you to Get Approval from AdSense within 4 days. How To Apply For Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved [10 Steps] in 2019. How to Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog? Interested in learning how to not only apply for Google Adsense, but how to actually get approved for the program? Check out our step-by-step guide for a comprehensive walkthrough. Learn How to get Adsense Account Approved for Blogspot with Little Trick?

Recently zillions of webmaster is struggling for getting approval from the AdSense team. The main target is to monetize their website and Blog by AdSense ads. 

Because of high-profit share rating and legit advertisement platform, its demand is very high. One of the hottest products of Google is AdSense. Every day thousands of applications receiving by the AdSense team but most of them are rejecting for simple and common reasons. Such as-
  • Site doesn’t comply with AdSense terms and services
  • Site hasn’t Good navigation system and good layout
  • Site hasn’t enough content for producing good value to readers
  • The site hasn’t quality content or copied from another website.
The above reasons are the major reasons for getting a rejection from AdSense. And most of the cases in the second review Google AdSense team reject the application. Because when your AdSense application will reject then Google AdSense team will send you an email like this. 

Top 10 AdSense Approval Trick in 2019 for New Blogger and Wordpress Blog

But I have sought out some specific reason why you are not getting approval from the AdSense team. And those reasons AdSense team won’t tell you clearly.

AdSense application status

I have got my AdSense account approval in 2011 at that time AdSense approval was very easy. You won’t believe that I have got approval from music, videos, and movie downloading site, which clearly violate the Google AdSense terms and conditions. But later I have started the Blogging site and using my older AdSense account. 

But in 2015 when I tried to get AdSense approval for my wife then I have faced several troubles. After applying 8 times they have rejected my application and in 9th time I got approval from Google AdSense team. So from my personal experience, I am sharing simple tricks to get approval from the Google AdSense team.

How long it takes to get approval from the AdSense Team?

This is the first required to prepare your site before applying for AdSense. However, there are many articles about AdSense approval within 1 day, 2 days and believe me those articles are fake. Because before 4 days you won’t able to get approval from AdSense. Whatever your site quality or niche.

While you apply for AdSense then 2 step reviews will be done on your site.  And 2 step reviews will do 2 separate AdSense team. So if you get approval from 1st review but in 2nd review, your application will be rejected by the AdSense team.

For the first review and approval by the AdSense team will take 12 to 24 hours. And for a second review and final approval AdSense team will take 3 days.  So all together 4 days required to get approval from AdSense.

Prepare your site for AdSense approval

Though first, you have to make ready your site for AdSense approval so please do the following thing on your site-

1. Select Proper Niche

This is often confusing for Blogger that which niche is better for blogging. Because both Blogging success and Blogging carrier depends on the appropriate niche. If you choose an inappropriate niche, then your Blog will fail to grow.  For choosing appropriate niche my suggestion is to select a low competitive niche. Formerly Blogger Tips and Tutorial was a very hot niche. But now millions of website can be found on it and this niche becomes competitive to get approval from AdSense. Now the most popular niches are -
  • Health and beauty
  • Internet Marketing
  • News Site
  • Sports Blog
  • Business
  • Law
  • Technology
  • Science Fiction
  • Gadget Review
  • Mobile Review
  • SIM Bonus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Travel Blog
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Media

You can read my other article on 269 Best Blog Niche List That Drive Traffic and Make Money to get a massive niche idea. 

Don’t use any prohibited niche that violates Google’s terms and conditions, such as Software, e-book,  Movie, Music, and media downloading site, gambling site, adult site, Drugs and sites that violate other’s copy right.

2. Keyword Planner for generating Idea

After selecting your Blog niche you must use Keyword planner tools to find out most demandable keyword and according to keyword generate ideas and start writing articles. Proper keyword planning will be brought your content the link at the higher level of the Search engine result page.

3. Minimum Posts per tags and Label

So select an appropriate niche from above write at least 20 – 30 articles within 1000+ words. There are many sites those who tell you to write 30-40 post but this is required for broader niches site. Suppose your site is Sports news. So write 15 articles on Football, Cricket, and any other indoor games. 

Remember that create 3 Label only. If you create more labels then you have to write more articles. So don’t go for a broad niche. And don’t add many images on your posts because the AdSense team won’t like more images inside the post. They like more quality text with proper information.

4. No Third Party Ads or Programs

Before applying for AdSense ads please don’t monetize your site with other third-party ads. Even don’t use any in-text ads like infolinks, Text-Link-Ads, Text-Link-Brokers, TNX, Linkworth, etc. 

Because Google AdSense wants a clean site without any third-party ads. But after getting approval from AdSense then you can use any third party ads. But in this case your Google AdSense ad's performance will become poor.

5. Website Color and Responsive Design

This is another most important thing for getting approval from AdSense. If you use high contrast color on your site then readers may feel a problem in their eyes. So use soft color which is good for eyes, such as any kind of light blue, green color.

Your Blog or website designs also a big factor for Google. Because after getting first approval from Google AdSense team you have to add the code on your Blog but at that time AdSense will serve blank ads on your site. After getting second approval ads will start display. 

Google wants to place their display ads above the fold, this means at the top position of any website. So after getting first approval place the ads beside the header section and top of the right sidebar. This will bring more possibility to get approval from AdSense. But for this, your site layout and design should be good for better monetizing with AdSense ads. 

You can read my article 10 Awesome Design Tips and Tricks To Make Your Blog Look Professional to get design ideal

In addition, responsive web site got more priority for getting approval because AdSense ads are now responsive. So responsive ads with responsive template match popery.

6. Mandatory Pages To add to your Blog

This is mandatory for any site to add Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page. Google AdSense team wants to see this on your Blog. Because though this page you will become more transparent to your Blog readers. Beside of this you must add Contact us and about us or About Author page and there write your name and address through which will you use for AdSense application.  This will prove your identity to Google AdSense. So make sure you have written and added below pages on your Blog or Website.

7. Have a Top Level Domain (TLD) with Custom Email Address

This is not mandatory to follow but it will increase the chances to get Approval from AdSense team. Because Google AdSense prefer Blog and website with Top Level Domain (TLD) with branded logo and clean design. However, your blog readers won’t like to see with Google hosted domain like and also change your Blog favicon thus readers can’t understand that you are using free hosted site.

While you apply for AdSense then use a custom email address because it will get more attention to AdSense team. For example email.

8 . Supported Languages

If you fulfill all the above requirement but you are applying for AdSense for non-supported language then you won’t able to get approval from the AdSense team. No matter how good is your content quality and length? Simply you will be rejected from the AdSense team due to non-supported language.

Recommended: What Languages AdSense supports?

9. Loading Speed

Google loves a faster site. While reviewing your site by AdSense team and found that it is taking time to load then there is little chance to get approval. Because if your site takes a long time to load without any ads banner then after adding ads banner your site will become slower. So take this matter seriously and use simply a fast loading template.

10. Sitemap

The sitemap is very important for any site because sitemap help to display the link on the search engine proper way. There are many search engines available over the net and you can submit sitemap on those search engines. But before that, you must verify your site, Such as verifying your site with Google, Bing, Yandex, etc, and after that Submit your Blog sitemap to the various search engine and webmaster tools

Recommended:Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo Successfully

Besides of above guideline, there are some less significant tricks you must follow. Join Alexa for page rank, Connect with various social media site like, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon. Make your social media page professional by adding the cover page, logo, description, site links and share content from your Blog. If possible add some tutorials or videos on your YouTube channel. This will make more possible to get approval from AdSense team.

Get Approval from AdSense Team within 4 days

After following the above simple tricks now it’s time to apply for AdSense account approval. And now visit the below link for AdSense signup
Alternatively you can read my tutorial from below link. And this will show you the way about applying for AdSense from your Blog directly. But if your Blog is not more than 6 month old then simply use the above link and apply for AdSense account.

After applying for AdSense account within 24 hours you will get first approval and now generate ad code and add the code in your Blog. Remember add 2 ad units one is beside of header section and another is top of the sidebar. Within 3 days AdSense team will review your site second time and after approval your ads will start display on your Blog. At the time of Approval they will send you email like below that they have accepted your AdSense application.

 AdSense approval

And after getting approval don’t violate any terms and condition of Google AdSense. Because later your AdSense account may banned by Google AdSense team. To know terms and conditions please visit the below link-
This is all about getting approval from Google AdSense within 4 days. However if you has refused by AdSense several time then don’t worry, modify your Blog or website according to the rejection reasons and apply for it again and again. Many people got approval after applying 10 – 20 times for AdSense. So don’t lose your hope and keep applying for Google AdSense. Wish you all the best. 
Musiq BD says: 12/12/2015

Ai Site A Adsense Signup Show Kore Na Keno

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 12/13/2015

Vai apnar site ta Music downloading site...aaita completely Google AdSense terms and condition violate kore. Kron Music album distribution er right apnar nai. Apni jodi Music companyr website run korten tahole problem cilo na. But arekjoner copyright violation er karon a apni Adsense theke kokhonoi approval paben na.

Apnar jodi onno kono legal site thake tahole nicer tutorial er madhdhome AdSense er jonno apply korte parben-

Thank You.

Unknown says: 12/17/2015

Please help me how can i change my site color?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 12/18/2015

Hi Nnolum.. Just go to Blogger Dashboard and from there click on Template->Edit HTML and find

#e74c3c --this is the main color of this theme.

Now visit the below link and generate any color for use in your site.

Thank you. ;)

Unknown says: 1/16/2016

Software or apps review site applicable for adsense??

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/16/2016

Ofcourse you can apply for AdSense on your Software or apps review site. but if you share Download URL then you won't get approval. Because it will violate Google's AdSense terms and conditions. Thank you.


Unknown says: 1/16/2016

আমি একটা সাইট দেখলাম, যেটা Apps Review + sharing download url, এইটা কিভাবে Adsense Approved হইলো?? site; Apk4bd.blogspot

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/16/2016

He didn't get approval from that site. Maybe got approval from another site and using in his downloading site. After getting approval you can use AdSense in 500 sites at a time. You don't need any special permission from Google.

In case of Apk4bd... now if you complain to Google AdSense about copyright violation then within 3 days his AdSense account will be ban or permanently disable.


Unknown says: 1/17/2016


heekko says: 1/21/2016

don't try adsense pls try is best

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/21/2016

Hi Heekko..I think you are using, have you received any payment from If yes you can share here. I think is now almost death. :)

Unknown says: 1/25/2016

my site showing " Sign up for Adsense " can i apply for this Sreen Shot

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/25/2016

Hi Mukto, You can apply for AdSense..but I don't think so you will get approval. Because your site is completely violating Google's terms and conditions. You have shared many Android apps download URL. And you don't have right to share it.

Unknown says: 1/26/2016

after deleting that posts may i apply for adsense?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/26/2016

Ofcourse you can apply but you all article should be written over 500+ words. And make it a Android Apps review site. And before applying for AdSense write minimum 5 articles with 1000+ words.

Unknown says: 2/17/2016

Sir দেখেন তো আমার এ আমি Adsence এ Apply করতে পাড়বো কিনা । বা আমার পোস্ট গুলা Unic হসচে কি না । আমার ৩৭ টা পোস্ট হয়েছে ।

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 2/17/2016

Apnar post age thik koren. First 4 ta post a problem ace. oigola delete kore abar post koren. tahole all post show korbe. Phone Review site a Approval pawar possibility 50%. Karon AdSense unique Blog a besi priority dey. But age post thik kore pore apply koren. :t

Unknown says: 8/05/2016

Please can you combine 2 different niches and blog on them? Like Sport and Technology?
Please let me know or email me at
Your blog is the best I've ever met on the net today. Please help me out.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 8/06/2016

Hi Calabar, Your message is not clear. You can create a Blog whatever the niche you like. But for getting quick approval from Google AdSense you should try with single and small niche first. :re

Anonymous 8/24/2016

Nice article. Vai ami kon gmail theke ad sense e apply korbo?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 8/24/2016

Apnar Blog ta obossoi English language a hote hobe. R jai email address apnar Blog er sathe associate. I mean jeita diya apni Login koren ooita diya apply korben. :wr

Unknown says: 9/26/2016

was helpfull,, thanks dear sir

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 9/26/2016

Thanks for your feedback :up

Unknown says: 7/19/2018

This is the right site for everyone who would like to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic which has been discussed for ages. Wonderful stuff, just great!
adsense approval trick

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/21/2018

Hi There :ey
AdSense rules and regulation always changeable. I have published this article on 2015 but still valid for present year.

Unknown says: 8/30/2018

Hi my name is Alexander and the admin for, I came across your article
10 Simple Tricks To Get Approval from AdSense within 4 days
I have followed all the procedure and when I applied for adsense they still bounced me. Please I want you to check my site and let me know what I didn't do right. Please help me because I really find your article helpful.
Thank you in advance

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 9/04/2018

Hi There :re
AdSense approval for Real Estate website is bit tough. From my point of view your site's homepage look like blank. It doesn't have any content. But Adsense want a site with with homepage content and enough text. But your website homepage is looks like empty.

Another AdSense policy is after applying for AdSense you have to place the ad script above the fold, thus a visitor can view the ad without scrolling the page. So maybe you didn't place the ad on right place.

Unknown says: 9/18/2018

please, movies review website without trailers or download link but i want to use officiel covers ?it is applicable for adsense???

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 9/24/2018

Hi There
Yes this is possible. In case of use other Image you can add the Image source URL below the official cover image as caption..

Thank you. :up

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