The Infolinks is best Legit Contextual Advertising Platform

The Infolinks is best Legit Contextual Advertising Platform review

Hi readers today I am sharing with you a best contextual advertisement platform whose name is Infolinks, and this contextual advertising platform is 4th largest publisher marketplace for adverts worldwide. Currently Infolinks is serving in 128 countries with over a 125,000 websites in its network. Infolinks also working on Android and iOS platforms. In addition, I can assure you that this is a legit advertising platform.

We already heard about Infolinks which is a legit Contextual Advertising Platform over the net. There are many publisher and advertiser who rely on other contextual advertising platform. But in most of the cases they found the company is fake or scam. In majority when payout time will come after reaching your payment threshold then they ban your account or don’t reply.  But Infolinks is very legit where 100% guarantee that you will receive payment from them.

If you are using only AdSense on your Blog then why don’t you try Infolinks because it will appear with in-text, in-fold, floating side banner and pop ad banner on your Blog or website.

Infolinks is tailored with creative and customized look at contextual advertising. It will also you’re your site a decent solutions that are less advertising-like and more natural. While you will see other advertising company giving in-text ads that means while any visitor will mouse over on specific link then they will see advertisement. But Infolinks shows most accurate and relevant advertisement where visitors or readers will feel interest to click on it and you will easily able to earn money from it.

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Advertiser and Publisher of Infolinks

In terms of advertising platform always has a consequent relation between advertiser and publisher. Publisher always expect a Good brand’s advertise show on their site, similarly an advertiser always wants to promote their brand on a higher traffic level website. So in this case Infolinks select advertiser and publisher carefully. There are many popular brand  are now promoting their business and product through Inforlinks such as Target, Dell, Ebay, Best Buy,, Nissan and more!
In publisher website you may not see all the advertisement because Infolinks always shown relevant ads for generating good CPC. But this is totally depending on your Blog niches.  

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Infolinks Ads Format

Publisher are always conscious about monetizing their blog or website by various ad format. In this case, Infolinks is very creative. It is delivering ads through
  • in-text
  • in-fold
  • in-tag
  • in-screen
  • in-frame style

ads format

However, Infolinks ads formats are now serving on both on desktop and mobile traffic to improve publisher’s earnings. As a result, you’ll able to generate very high click rates (CTR) without being too intrusive with your ads.

Infolinks Integration

This is very easy to integrate infolinks on your site. It will take less than a minute to integrate. Whatever your Blog or website platform you can integrate Infolinks very easily. Infolinks support below platforms.
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Ads Customization

Infolinks is giving a good opportunity to customize the ads format easily. Suppose your website or Blog theme or template color is Red then you can easily change the ad banner and link color on red. Similarly you can customize the ads by any color.

Infolinks Earnings and Payments

You can earn from Infolinks from advertisement and referred by others. Infolinks are now paying 10% referral income for first 12 months of the publisher.  There is always a big problem about payment because all countries don’t support all payment options. But Infolinks has great options to get payment easily. Infolinks supports the below options to deliver the Payment to publisher
  • eCheck/Local Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer Prepaid debit card
  • PayPal
  • Cash via Western Union
  • ACH (Only for U.S. bank accounts)


There is no doubt that you can easily register and integrate Infolinks on your Blog or website. Infolinks is leading on Advertising platform and more importantly this is a legit advertising platform. This advertising company bringing new things and adding variation to enrich user experience in their advertising platform for publisher and advertiser. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by using this contextual ads network.
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