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Hello! I’m Rabbi Khan. Blogger template designer + developer working worldwide.


Do you want to establish a strong brand image online? Do you want to own a high conversion Blogger template that grow your Blog visitors and boost sales and revenue?


Why do you need a Blog or Website with good design? There are several reasons…

  • Branding – Generally visitors identify a Blog and website by branding. If your Blog site is eye-catchy and easy to read then a strong brand image create on your readers mind. 
  • More Traffic – People don’t like Old, crappy and ugly Blog or website. Even when you visit this type of site you skip away as soon as possible. More clean design means more visitors engagement with your site. 
  • Be with Latest Trend – We are in new era of Blog design and now your old design is no more attracting visitors. So you needs a makeover, let’s get it done!
  • Boost Income – More traffic means more leads and more income and if you can tailor your Blog with neat and clean design then it will be easy for people to visit and buy your offerings. 

Maybe you are a Blog Owner using boring design but…..

  • It is not professional looking as it needs to be.
  • Template design is looking Professional but not User+SEO friendly.

"Imagine a Blog pretty neat and clean design with professional looks that converts traffic. More people engage with your Blog and your community is growing faster. Not only other people but also you would love your design too. That is the kind of Blogger Template I design." 

Why work with Rabbi?

I’ve been working in this design industry for 7 years. I’m passionate about creating beautiful Blogger template design that attract visitors and generate leads. Already worked with zillions of clients and delivered the design work according to their needs and wants. 

Your Investment in your Dream Project.

Take your Blog design like an investment that return extra profit and benefit in future. Generally pricing varies depending on your Blogger Template design, scope and features. More requirement means higher in price. Some ideas are given below:
  • Starter Package (With Basic Features) starts at $80 USD
  • Pro Package (With medium range Advance Features) starts at $120 USD
  • Epic Package (Critical design with Advance Features) starts at $200 USD

Working Process

I’m pretty straight forward about my project work. 

  • After receiving your inquiry I will send you pricing quote. 
  • Upon consent of both parties I will send you digital invoice with payment request. 
  • You have to Process the payment (via Payoneer, Payza , Xoom or Credit card)
  • After payment confirmation I will start the project!
  • Project turnaround time will depend on the complexity of your template design. However most if the cases I take 4 to 6 weeks to complete the project. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Are you Ready?

If you are passionate to lunch your brand new Blog with unique design or want see in a new look of your current Blogger template then please contact me with your needs and requirement at and I’ll get back to you with a quote soon. 

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