Make Money by Legit Ad Network ClickViper (Formerly

Make Money by Legit Ad Network ClickViper. Recently Ad Network acquired by ClickViper for digital advertising solution.
This is really surprising news for “B4PSAds” users that this company has acquired by ClickViper and more good news for a new publisher. I know you become tired after applying for AdSense again and again. But if you are not getting approval from AdSense then why don’t you try any other third party advertisement network?

In 2013 I have started using “B4PSAds” and the overall experience was really cool. At that time this company was based on South Africa. And after a few years “B4PSAds” announce that they are closing. This was really bad news for the publisher. Even I was a loyal user of their ad network. But this year “B4PSAds” acquired by “ClickViper and this is a US-based ad network. If you are a “B4PSAds” user, then you would see an email from “ClickViper” that they are operating “B4PSAds” service.

Make Money by Legit Ad Network ClickViper (Formerly

The most interesting thing is that they have transferred all “B4PSAds” users to “ClickViper” and now you don’t have to sign up for “ClickViper”. You can easily log in to “ClickViper” by using your “B4PSAds” user ID and password. In my “B4PSAds” account my balance was $16.62 and fortunately, that amount is now showing in “ClickViper” account. This means when I will reach in payment threshold then I will receive this payment. And this indicates that “ClickViper” the ad network is most legit.

Sign Up and Make Money

Features of “ClickViper”?

Thought the age of “ClickViper” is few but they come forward with previous ad network’s experience. So we can get more comfort by using this ad network.
    earn money with click viper
  • Easy to get approval. Just Sign Up and You are ready to use.
  • ClickViper” provided dynamic earning optimize the system for the publisher.
  • Get real times earnings report.
  • Plenty of ad banner available for monetize website with better publisher control.  
  • They pay every month after reaching a minimum threshold of $50.
  • Payment can be received via PayPal and free ACH bank transfer.
  • ClickViper” provides cash prize for the publisher.
  • Best customer support through 24/7 Help Desk.

How to Sign Up with “ClickViper”?

Sign up process is really easy in “ClickViper”. If you face trouble to register with “ClickViper” then please follow the below registration process.

Step #1: Please visit and click on “Sign-Up” button from the top or scroll down and click “Publisher Sign-Up” button.

Step #2: Now complete the field with Name, email address and select a password. Now put tick on I hereby agree to the Network Terms Of Service.

open account on Click Viper

Step #3: Finally Click “Create New Account” button.

Step #4: You will receive a verification email from “ClickViper so open your mail and click on verification URL.

That’s it you are now ready to use “ClickViper” ad network. This is a good thing that they won’t take time to review your site for approval. After register you will get instant access to your account and able to monetize your site with an ad banner.

Payment time and Method of “ClickViper”?

This is a common question because all publishers want to know when they will receive payment. “ClickViper payment system is more frequent. They provide payment 10th day of each month. If you didn’t reach the payment threshold then your balance will roll over with next month payment.

ClickViper’s minimum payout is $50 and you can receive payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit. All withdrawals amount can be deposit directly through eCheck to your Bank Checking Account.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good alternative ad network of Google AdSense then obviously you can select “ClickViper. This ad network is a legit company where you will receive payment 100%. 

Currently “ClickViper offering Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA) with the optimized earning system to their publishers and advertisers. So you can use this ad network without any hesitation. 
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