Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) for Website Publishers

Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) for website publishers, What is Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange or so called AdX Program, Adx-vs-AdSense –should-you-be-on-Google’s-Ad-Exchange
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You may not properly aware about AdX Program. You may think this is another advertising network. But actually this is a DoubleClick Ad Exchange program offering by Google. We can say this is a premium version of Google AdSense.

As a new advertising program AdX gaining interest among website publishers. Because AdX Program is offer best price for their advertising inventory.  However joining with this program is not open for all. Only premium publishers of AdSense publisher will be eligible to use AdX Program.

What is an AdX Program?

AdX Program is a real time marketplace where buyers and sellers stand in one place to trade in digital advertising space. This is an open and transparent way to bids for ads. And only premium publisher website will able to monetize their site with AdX Program. Google has some certified publishing partnership like Chitika, Kryptoads, MadAdsMedia, Nuffnnang etc. And if you don’t have Google AdSense but you are a premium publisher of those ads network then they will offer you to join AdX Program.

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AdX Program ready to offer largest CPMs for your website up to $7+, however for getting eligibility you site must have approximately 30 million page views per months. And Google will directly offer you to join on AdX Program.

What are the differences between AdSense and AdX Program?

We know that AdSense is a popular ads network offering by Google. And you will get approval from Google AdSense team after fulfilling their certain terms and conditions. And with new Blog or website which is containing 10-20+ posts able to apply for AdSense. And lucky publishers are getting approval after few attempts. And in AdSense program they will share revenue from $68% content share and 51% search share.  Google AdSense work with both CPM and CPC.

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Conversely, AdX Program is a new program offered by Google which is getting popular. However you won’t able to apply for AdX Program directly. Only premium publishers of Google AdSense and others selective ad networks become qualify for AdX Program. But you don’t have to apply by yourself; rather they will offer you to join in AdX Program. Your Blog or Website must be more popular with huge page views will qualify for AdX Program. This program shares more revenue than Google AdSense. AdX Program uses a second price auction model, this means more demand should lead to higher rates. AdX Program only works with CPM rather than CPC.

Features of AdX Program

AdX Program made itself unique for some significant features. Such as
  • AdX Program is all about CPM – Advertiser doesn’t like to pay that doesn’t bring any results. Suppose advertiser paying for promoting their products and services but unable to sell their products through publishers website. So their investment on advertising is pointless. So AdX Program works with only CPM. And for this they are agree to pay higher CPM rates.  
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB) – While advertiser set bid prices in Google AdWords then this is fixed. But under AdX Program this is done in a real time basis. Because bid price is always fluctuate frequently. As a result both advertiser and publisher can maximize their rates.
  • Floor Rates - AdX allow seller to set own minimum CPM price for an impression.
  • More Complexity - While using AdX Program then you must give more attention because you have to do too much work on it. You have to be control your bids according to the combination of the speed, which means more complexity in control. But if you use Google AdSense then it perform by itself. And you don’t have to give much effort.


In concluding part we can sum up that both AdSense and AdX Program are best from their own place. Because AdSense is work best for all type of Blog and website. This is sharing their revenue accurately.

On the other hand, there are many sites whose conversion rate is very higher and for those site’s AdX is ideal. Because DoubleClick Ad Exchange program can push our earnings at higher level.

Thought both programs offering by Google and both are separate program. So according to our site performance we should select the most beneficial Google product. You will able to earn few 100 dollars by using AdSense but AdX Program can bring more revenue by DoubleClick Ad Exchange system.
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