7 Best Content Marketing Essentials Actually You Need to Know

What is Content Marketing? If you've heard about content marketing and aren't sure what it is and are a bit embarrassed to ask, this post is for you. 7 Content Marketing Essentials to Grow your Blog in 2019
All blog, business and brand want to grow organic ways and expansion over time. 

You’re not alone in this race! 

Do you want to know where the blogging industry is currently heading? To know this you must utilize your mindfulness brain and need to do market research and analysis

This is a hot buzzword in digital marketing industry. Check out the list of content marketing essentials, and you will learn how to grow your blog in 2019. 

It’s natural for a business to endeavour towards organic expansion. To successfully grow a business and brand, you must develop your own content marketing strategy in cool brain.

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This is really hard work, but will help to produce engaging content. 

Whether you are a beginner or experienced blogger, most of us struggle to produce winning content over and over again; to do this you should watch the blogging trends. 

It will allow you to timely respond to changes in the readers’ preferences and keep your content marketing strategy up to date. 

7 best Content Marketing Essentials Actually You Need to Know

But before dive into knowledge graph let’s know about what exactly the content marketing is… 

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a type of promotional activities that involves the creating, publishing and sharing of online material for a targeted audience online. Such as: 
Generally content marketing does not explicitly support a brand promotion but it encourage to stimulating interest in its products or services. 

1. Content diversity

Today, it’s not enough to produce only one type of content. If you want to grow your blog, you should diversify your content marketing strategy. 

To boost traffic, you may create the following types of visual elements: 
Whether your blog is about culinary, modern art, or politics, it should contain not only articles but also engaging visual content. 

content marketing Memes

Memes can attract visitors easily and rather creating new memes you can use ready made memes from various websites like 
Don’t say that you can’t create visuals because you have neither skill nor experience in graphics design. 

Content marketing institute published an infographic that explaining the winning drive of content marketing. Let’s have a look and understand the sales process of a business: 

content marketing winning drive
Your excuses don’t work here. 

In 2019, you have free access to tools and services, which allows designing original content in a hassle-free way. 

If you are an absolute beginner and struggling to design eye-catchy images, then you can try to utilize online photo editing tools like: 
With the help of drag-and-drop features and ready-to-use layouts, you will be able to create outstanding infographics, blog post image and social media images literally in a few clicks. 

Additionally, you should start producing video contents, such as: 
  • Short explanatory videos 
  • Product reviews 
  • Unboxing videos and 
  • How-tos 
Those will help you to grab and retain the audience’s attention. 

2. Social media 

If you want to get more readers to your blog, you should share your content on social media. This is the best way to showcase your works to millions of people from all over the world. 

If you haven’t created accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn yet, do it right now. 

Statista a statics portal released social traffic source for news websites and they have seen Facebook is the number one source of website traffic

Social_media_traffic from facebook

This means social media contributes significantly to drive traffic in your site. 

If you aim at taking your blog to the next level, you should try your best to create a share-worthy post. If a post goes viral, you will not only boost reach and engagement on social media but also increase traffic to your site. 

Keep in mind that… 

  • Short funny video clips 
  • Hilarious memes, and 
  • Informative infographics 

All of those have more chances to win the audience’s attention than articles. 

3. Personalization 

Modern users are picky. 

They don’t want to read blog posts related to general issues. They want to access content, which addresses their specific concerns. 

For instance, if you want to start a health and wellness blog, you shouldn’t explain to readers why the sport is good for health. 

It’s boring and useless topic to discuss. 

If you target teenagers, you may provide them with some tips on how to balance study and a healthy lifestyle. 

If your audience consists of young mothers, you may write about workout supplements and breastfeeding. 

The point is that different people have different needs and different question. As a blogger, you should define your blog niche and create high-quality personalized posts. 

4. Modern design 

Your blog should look catchy, stylish, and … modern. 

Unfortunately, some people, who do blogging for more than five years tend to forget that it’s necessary to update the blog’s design at least once in two years. 

In 2019, websites with out-of-date design will have no chances to survive. The experts say that competition is getting fierce, and only good-looking blogs will thrive. 

So if you want to increase traffic, you should not only produce high-quality content but also present it in the right way. You should choose a layout, which is elegant, memorable, and minimalistic. 

Also, you should make sure that the chosen design will look great on small screens. 

Recent research has shown that 51.3% of users surf the net using mobile devices. So you should put mobile users experience first and ensure that your blog posts are readable on tiny displays. 

5. Lead magnets 

If you have never used lead magnets before, it’s time to use them in 2019. 

Freebies will help you to grab the reader’s attention and set up a successful blog email subscription. 

If you offer a treasured piece of content, your readers will be ready to share their emails with you. Depending on the niche, in which you operate, you may create the following types of lead magnets: 
  • Checklists 
  • Cheat sheets 
  • Reports 
  • Guides 
  • Webinars 
  • Podcasts 
  • E-Books 
Using an email subscriber list, you will be able to inform your readers about new posts. It will allow you to retain your audience for the long term. 

All you need to do is to include links to the new posts in your email newsletters. 

6. Localization 

If you want to reach a global audience, you must localize your site. It’s important to make sure that local users are able to access content in their native languages. 

The point is that even if people speak English, they still prefer to read blogs in their local language. 
  • Firstly, it helps them to read texts faster. 
  • Secondly, it allows them to understand the message more accurately. 
So if you want to grow your blog in 2019, be ready to translate and localize core content to target languages. If you are not a polyglot, and if you need some help, check PickWriters. It’s a translation review website where you can choose localization services. 

7. Backlinks 

Finally, let’s talk about backlinks. 

If you want your blog site get to the top of Google search, you should gain as much quality backlinks as possible. 

Your primary task is to cooperate with bloggers and editors of reputable sources. You should convince them to publish your guest posts with a link to your blog. Also, you may negotiate the link bartering. 

However, you should worry not only about the backlinks quantity but also of their quality. 

You should regularly check the links with the help of tools like MonitorBacklinks and remove those links, which comes from irrelevant and unreliable sources. 

Wrapping it up 

Now you know which content marketing essentials you should use to grow your blog in 2019. Try to apply them in practice, and your efforts will bring great rewards. 

Be persistent, keep improving the quality of your posts, and you will become a very famous blogger in your niche.

Kristin Savage
She has graduated from Columbia University where she was majoring in Germanic Languages. Besides English as her mother tongue, she also speaks German and Dutch fluently. Currently, Kristin is studying Spanish and planning to obtain her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.
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