How to Start a Successful Photography Business by $10,000 Investment?

If you want to learn how to start a Successful photography business then read our step-by-step guide. We have covered Steps to making it Official & Legal with initial investment, Photography niche and more.
Guide: How to Start a Successful Photography Business

Many people just love to do photography as hobby but now this is not only limited to specific circle. Because of technological advancement the arena of photography has emerged in last few decades and more people are joining the photography profession. 

Many people have seen after digitalize system of photography people has stopped using camera reel and this is absolutely true that photo printing has decreased dramatically. They are preferring digital photo album instead of manual album but day by day new opportunity and new door is opening worldwide for photography professionals. Besides of this every 2 or 3 months new cameras with new technology is introducing in photography industry. 

You may have passion for Photography but you can turn your passion into profession by simply establishing your photography business. This is a low investment business and startup process is very simple. 

Top 15 Genres of Photography That you Need to Know 

We knows the photography is not only limit to clicking someone’s photo. The arena of photography is ample. A photographer don’t offer all types of photography services. In modern world photography has classified into many classes which is differ based of photography service and it can be divided into dozens of categories with lots of sub-categories. 

Before starting a photography business you must know the different types of photography which will help you to start photography business with a specific genre of photography. The following list describes some common types of photography. 

1. Real Estate and Architectural photography: 

This type of photography based on visually appealing structure. An Architectural photographer can capture image of interesting building with exclusive interior and exterior design. As well as real estate photographer capture building structure for the potential buyers. 

2. Wedding photography: 

This is a seasonal photography where photographer soot photo in wedding ceremony. Most of the photographer earn good amount of money by wedding photography, because clients are happy to pay handsome amount for this special occasion. 

3. Candid photography: 

A popular photography style where photographer capture image without notifying the people. This types of photograph takes naturally and moments captured spontaneously as then happen. For example a young girl playing with her pets and at this moment photographer capture this picture where the young girl is not aware of the photographer. The main theme of candid photograph is photo will tell everything. 

4. Documentary photography: 

This photography is based on a specific story that a photographer wants to highlight. It can be any national and social issue, events, war, science etc. It can be the life story or a part of life of a celebrity or a popular person. 

5. Fashion photography: 

Capturing the picture of Trendy fashionable object or product known as fashion photography. This type of photographer capture the picture of fashion model or glamor world. Now-a-days this is the most demandable photography class. 

6. Sports Photography: 

This types of photographer shoots on sports and actions. S/he should be much more aware and be ready to capture the next sports scene. 

7. Food photography: 

Usually Food photography is required for restaurants and chef, in addition food website and blog use this type of photography for their readers and potential customers. 

8. Landscape photography: 

This type of photography portray a scenery. Often Landscape photography use for showing the impact of weather and environmental changes. This types of photographs are frequently using in PC desktop wallpapers. 

9. Night-long exposure photography: 

Photographer capture image to expose night life. This type of photography is very tough and required additional skill to capture perfect picture. 

10. Astrophotography 

Another amazing photography category. For this type of photography requires minimum 200mm wide angle lens to capture perfect picture at night time in low light. 

11. Conceptual or fine art photography: 

A single piece of image will tell the whole story. Photographer can create his/her own fiction with characters in an artificial environment. And through this photography photographer tries to convey a message through his image. 

12. Wildlife photography: 

Photography with wild animals in their proper habitat. With photography skill photographer need technical skills at a time. Often photographer need to take risk for perfect shot. 

13. War photography: 

Most dangerous photography style where photographer has to take life risk to capture the image of conflicts of war. Photographer not only take picture during war but also do photography aftermath of war. 

14. Travel Photographer: 

This type of photographer travel a lot and capture nice moment. They try to introduce historical and interesting places to their audience. However they have to spend most of the earnings in travel purpose. 

15. Street photography: 

A general genre of photography where photographer capture the image of street life. This type of photographer capture the real-life scene. 

I just mentioned here major 15 types of photography but beside of those there are more photography types are available such as Stock photography, underwater photography, pet photography, Plant photography, Tech photography, Film and Movie photography etc. But the above 15 types are most popular and people prefer this photography to establish their business or build their career on it. 

What photography gear do you need to start Photography Business

Photography business completely based on photography instruments and without it you won’t able to start your photography business. To start a professional Photography Business they are several gear requires. The following list is exactly what I would recommend buying before starting your business. 

  • Professional Camera 
  • High quality Lenses 
  • Tripod 
  • Camera Bag 
  • Lighting 
  • Backdrops 
  • Props 
  • Studio Space 
  • Smartphone with a Good Camera 
  • Photo Editing Software 
  • Computer or Laptop 
  • External Hard Drive 
  • High quality Photo Printer 
  • Mobile Photography Apps (Optional) 
However it would be a wise decision if you keep 2 cameras and 2 lenses, because there can be arise any technical issue anytime and backup device will help you to overcome from all sorts of problem. Generally a photographer keeps multiple lenses to shoot different types of picture in various environment and lenses help to bring variation in photography. Suppose you have 1 camera and if it is causing problem during your work then you can use your backup camera to complete your photography. 

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Filming studio for photography business

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Photography Business? 

Before deciding to do any business you need to calculate the initial investment for your business. Based on the initial investment you can take decision about Business financing. You can have a look at below table that representing the startup cost for your Photography Business, 

Starting a Photography Business from Scratch 

This is not easy to establish your photography business in the competitive world of photography industry. You need to do proper market research, branding and developing a specific niche to stand out in the crowed. And everything have to do from scratch. Your creativity and little marketing skills along with these five business building steps will help you to start a Photography Business from Scratch: 

1. Make a Photography business plan 

Without proper planning of business you shouldn’t go ahead with your business idea. After generating business idea you should make a top class business plan to become a successful Entrepreneur. Include as much as information and data in your business plan by proper market analysis. 

2. Create a stunning online portfolio 

Photography is all about visual things. For getting client you must show your works to potential clients. In this case, online portfolio is the best solution to attract clients towards your business. Create a stunning online portfolio thus people become impress after landing in your portfolio site. 

For creating portfolio site design your site by a professional web designer. Treat this one as initial investment. 

3. Your branding and reputation 

Unique photography can build your professional background and strong image. You have to offer specific photography service based on selective photography genre. To attract clients Instead of general photography service you have to offer unique style photography. Figure out which skill do you have that can be use it for brand your business. 

3. Develop a Price List 

For developing a price list at beginner’s level you should become extra careful. For pricing first take information from your local professional photographer and competitors that how they have started their business and what was their initial price. After analyzing other photographer’s price and current market select your price. 

Most of the photographer face difficulties to set their price but in US generally a photographer charge $50 per hour. Because for 1 hours photo shoot requires minimum 3 hours photo editing time. On the other hand, Single Portrait Session price can be set up to $200. For setting up your price consider your all ongoing cost such as gear, travel expense, website maintenance, accounting services, insurance etc. 

4. Customer’s expectations 

This is the key to success in your photography business. If you can deliver the service according to client’s expectation then they will become satisfy. Customer satisfaction will bring more clients because obviously they will recommend you to their friends and colleagues. 

5. Where to find work 

After establishing the business and making available all resources, it’s time to get client. You won’t able to get client overnight through your online portfolio site, because without go through proper source it is not possible to reach to the target client. For this reason you must promote your work in various social media sites. Alternatively you can take help of print media to get client. Run ad campaign every week in your local area and this will bring potential client easily. 

Initially if you don’t find any client then go for Stock photography. By selling stock photo through your website you can earn money. Alternatively you can sell your photo in popular stock photo website like Shutterstock, Adobestock or iStock. However they will pay you less but this will help you to promote your work rapidly and later this reference will work best to get good clients. 

There are some seasonal time where you can earn good amount of money from photography. In wedding photography a photographer can earn more than other occasion. So try to get into wedding photography market. 


If you are planning to start your own business with low investment then photography business would be a wise choice. In almost all occasions there are a good demand of professional photographer. Once you become popular you don’t have to look at back in future. This business also suitable for student, beside of your study you can start this business. 

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Through this business idea you will get a basic idea of starting a photography business. However before starting your business it is highly recommended to take a professional photography training from a popular institute. This will bring more confidence in your future work. Also try to learn from existing photographer in your area those who are already running this business. 

Remember that to become success you need a passion for the field of photography and you have to work hard for making your photos standout.
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