WPSOLR - The Best Search Plugin For Your WordPress Website

WPSolr WordPress Search Plugin for Elastic search suitable for big websites. It's main purpose is to optimize the search query speed. It is designed for WordPress or WooCommerce websites that run a big number of pages or products. So why is it the best?
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Are you looking for Instant, Predictive and Accurate Search for your WordPress site? You are now in right place. Because for getting super-sonic searches you must choose the right WordPress plugin to grow your site steadily. 

WordPress user knows that the default WordPress search feature performance is not very impressive. To supercharge the search function on your WordPress site there are several WordPress search plugins available that can help you improve the default search experience. 

If you are someone who is now tired of losing visitors on your WordPress website then it’s high time for you to install the WPSOLR plugin. It is but a natural thing that if a visitor will have to wait for a long time to get the results for his searches then he is going to get frustrated and he might not ever come back to your site. Now, this is something like the worst nightmare to a person who owns a WordPress website. 

Why Do You Need A Plugin For Your Site? 

There was a time when people had to wait for hours and hours to get the results for their searches but then came Google. Now, we all know the fact that the quality and speed of Google search is unbeatable and the search quality of WordPress and WooCommerce sites on the other hand is comparatively slower. Now in such a situation one can surely not wait for a magical tool to come and fix all the sites issues. In fact, now is the right time to make the right move and the right move is to install the WPSOLR plugin. 

We do understand the fact that there are several plugins out there on the internet that claim to take your site on the top of the search engine rankings but let’s face it, most of the plugins are a scam and you do not get any results with them. However, when it comes to the WPSOLR plugin, things are pretty different, this plugin is not at all a scam and with it you will see a massive increase in your visitors. 

What Makes WPSOLR An Exceptional Plugin? 

If you don’t want to lose any more visitors and if you want your visitors to stick to your site for a longer time then WPSOLR is the best thing you can add to your WordPress or WooCommerce site. This plugin has taken the market by storm since the day it came out and well, there is a proper justification to why this plugin is the best. 

WPSOLR knows that the people who come on your site are impatient and they want quicker results which is why this plugin gives those visitors some super-sonic searches. People will no longer have to wait on your site, they just have to put in the keyword in the search engine and they’ll have the results within a few seconds. Another amazing thing about this plugin is that even if there are millions of products on your website, WPSOLR will give your visitor exactly what he wants. Also, this plugin uses several filters such as size, category, color and price to bring accuracy to the searches. 

The best part about this plugin is that it gives you some amazing features to enjoy as a user, honestly, this plugin is one of its kind and with it you can make your dream come true. You see as a WordPress site owner, the only thing you need is more and more visitors reading and more and more of your content and in order to achieve this goal, you’ve got to provide your visitors with some super-fast searches and some good quality content. 

Improved SEO, Fast Searches & A Decreased Bounce Rate 

WPSOLR not only makes your search engine fast in fact, it helps you improve the quality of your SEO too, you just have to put some quality content on your site and leave the rest of the work on this plugin. Within a short time span you will see how your website goes on top of the search engine rankings, your SEO will be improved and you are going to gain visitors like never before. 

A decrease in the bounce rate is like a dream for a website owner and WPSOLR is here for the sole purpose of making your dreams come true, your visitors are now never going to leave your site as they will get the best and the most accurate results for whatever they search. 

At present WPSOLR offering two different plans and the best thing about this plugin is that both of the plans are extremely reasonable when it comes to the pricing. 
  1. Starter Pack – Start from 48 Euro (equivalent to approximately $57) per year per site. 
  2. All Packs – Start from 199 Euro (equivalent to approximately $296) per year per site. 

WPSOLR - The Best Search Plugin For Your WordPress Website
WPSOLR Price and Pack

Unlike the other plugins, here you adopt for any one of their service plans and you will get the results immediately. As a beginners first try their “Starter” pack and later you will able to upgrade to “All Packs” plan. 


Each and everything about the WP SOLR plugin is appreciable including their customer support system. You can control your server all on your own or you can let them host the server for you without you having to break your bank. 

The WPSOLR plugin is so far the best plugin to add to your site. So, if you are looking for some really positive changes to your WordPress website then you need to get your hands on this plugin as soon as possible. 

Are you looking for Instant, Predictive and Accurate Search for your WordPress site? You are now in right place. Because for getting super-sonic searches you must choose the right WordPress plugin to grow your site steadily.
WPSOLR - The Best Search Plugin For Your WordPress Website
I hope the above review about WPSolr will help you to take right decision to use this robust search plugin. If you have any query regarding this feel free to leave in the comment section. And if you are already using this plugins then please feel free share your experience with us.
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