5 Signs to Tell You Need to Hire an Amazon Agency

As a marketplace seller, you know competition is ferocious. The winners focus on their overall business goals but there is a secret weapon that a lot of winners rely on: An Amazon agency or consultant they trust. Here are a few ways to tell if it’s time for you to do the same.
Are you seeking an agency that can help get your business ahead? Keep reading to find out if you need an agency to help beat the competition and thrive on Amazon! 

Amazon agencies have increased in popularity amongst startups, professionals, and small businesses. Here’s a secret that most high-end brands use: having a good agency behind them. When looking for an agency, you need to find one that’s able to solve technical problems and help your pages grow. 

Businesses that thrive on Amazon have the ability to focus on their business’ overall goals while adapting to the constant changes in the platform. The ones who fail are unable to optimize their product descriptions and continuously modifying their bids until their business fails. 

5 Signs to Tell You Need to Hire an Amazon Agency
5 Ways to Tell You Need to Hire an Amazon Agency
To be a winner, you’re going to need the help of an experienced Amazon A-9 professional. This guide will discuss 5 signs that your e-store needs an amazon agency to help it. So let’s start! 

1. You Haven’t Invested in Your Brand 

If you've been putting off "small investments" for your branded content, whether its enhanced content, A+ content or even stores, you're making a huge mistake. 

More companies are investing their capital into branding pieces that have engaging images behind them. They help make your products stand out, and your customers highly demand them. The more your brand stands out from the other products, the better. 

Amazon rewards unique products that create a lot of value to their customers. This means that you have to pay extra to ensure that your products are viewed in the best way to attract them. Investing in this could potentially increase your site sales by up to 180%! 

2. Daily Operations Are Taking Up Your Time 

We all know the phrase "time is money." Business owners understand this phrase better than everyone else (with the exception of park enforcement officers). Outsourcing your daily operations to an amazon agency allows you to focus on your product development, business growth, and other advertising channels. 

3. You’re Unable to Contact Amazon Support 

Both 3P and vendor sellers deal with this problem. As a vendor, you've probably noticed your Amazon representative is responsive only for the first 5-6 months. Then, they start to become inactive, and you're unable to speak to them often. After all, they work with over thousands of vendors a day and might have a change of goals. 

3P sellers experience difficulty in getting in touch with anyone. The reps are consistently working on making Amazon a trillion dollar company, so it might take time to get the response you need. This is because Amazon is the rep's top priority, not your business. 

On the other hand, an Amazon agency will always place businesses in top priority. If they don't then you won't stick around for long. Ideally, your agency should have a great relationship with Amazon teams and reps. They'll be able to help you solve problems or gain access to the Sponsored Products API. 

4. You’re a Brick and Mortar Store, But Want to Transition to Amazon 

If you've sold products physically, digital selling can be quite difficult. There is a multitude of marketplaces and channels, you can invest in, and Amazon is one of the most competitive and complex investments available. 

You have three options to help you transition into the digital marketplace. 
  • Hire a team of Amazon experts 
  • Try to learn it on your own 
  • Hire an amazon agency to assist you. 
We’re a bit biased, but we suggest that you take option #3. It requires less time (vs. if you planned on learning it yourself), and less money (in comparison to option #1). 

5. You Don’t Know How to Optimize Your Page 

Amazon-SEO can be difficult at first. It has different rules than traditional SEO marketing. This is because your page’s main priority is to get consumers to engage and buy your products. And learning how to grow your page organically will take some time. 

Product quality is an important factor in influencing page conversion rates, sales, and organic rank. Most product sellers face an uphill battle with this, especially for inexperienced sellers that don’t understand Amazon’s A9 algorithm. 

You need to get an Amazon Agency that can effectively write copy to for each individual ASINs. Additionally, they need to know what keywords to focus your content around. This ensures that your products will be correctly linked together and help increase your page’s rankings! 


With Amazon’s new policy changes, sellers who create organic brands are rewarded. The others in it for quick profits are thrown out in the long term. 

This makes more room for businesses and professionals willing to uphold their reputation. Ultimately, get the assistance of an amazon agency so that your company can last and adapt to Amazon's ever-changing policies! 
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