How To Triple your Traffic, Email List, Social Sharing with Sumo?

Sumo Tool to Grow your Website and Blog’s Traffic, Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics. Want more online sales? Try Sumo for free, and get proven sales and marketing strategies to grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, increase sales.
Sumo sounds like a Japanese form of heavyweight wrestling, Hahaha, but I am not talking about any wrestler. Sumo is an awesome tool to grow your Website and Blog’s Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics steadily.

I am using this tool for a week and got significant result in my site. Within few days I have noticed my Blog content has shared over 100 times and now my articles are sharing over various social networking sites stably.  As a result my site traffic growth is has grown triple.

How To Triple your Traffic, Email List, Social Sharing with Sumo?

Now the question is how to seriously triple a site’s Traffic with Sumo? I am not a story teller I am sharing my personal experience after using Sumo.

What is Sumo?

SumoMe is a free online tool which helps a site to grow a site. This is build with several tools such as, List builder, article and image Sharer, welcome mat, heat maps, scroll box, Smart bar, highlighter etc. Can you believe! So many services but absolutely free to grow your Blog and website. In addition, Sumome tool use Asynchronous tool which is extremely light weight and it doesn’t affect page load speed. And you have total control over each feature to grow your site firmly.

Try Sumo

However Sumome also offering paid service to use their Pro services. But for new site I think their free services are enough.

In this article I will introduce with you about all features of Sumo. And I am damn sure you will be benefited and able to see changes on your site soon.

Additional Features of Sumo?

Sumo has created some superb apps with great features. Among various features of Sumo you will be happy to know that
  • Sumo is completely mobile friendly which is necessary for fit on Smartphone.
  • Sumo Users can track their site’s shares and clicks.
  • Extremely light weight to load apps. So many features but it loads within few seconds on a site.
  • Users have freedom to choose either free or pro services. They won’t push your to subscribe to their paid plan.
  • It supports almost all CMS (Content management System)
  • Sumo users don’t need to use any other third party widget or Plugins to run a site smoothly. This is just like one stop services.

How to Install Sumo?

Luckily Sumo support almost all CMS (Content Management System). No matter what platform are you using, Sumo will help you to install their Plugins on your site. Currently Sumo tool can easily install on Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, Google tag manager, Shopify and Weebly platform.

Step 1 Visit Sumo and Click on SIGN UP button from the top right corner of the screen.

signup for sumome

Step 2 Write you Site URL, Email Address and New Password and Click SIGN UP button again.

install sumome 

Step 3 You just complete the registration process with Sumo. After that you will get installation code from Sumo for install the tool in your website. First copy the installation code and place it into the <head> of your HTML.  Or to get installation instructions please click on various CMS (content management services) from the bottom of the page.

  • If you are using WordPress then directly your can install from WordPress dashboard ->Plugins ->Add New and in Search Plugins box write Sumo and click Install button.  Instantly Sumo plugin will install. And now click Activate Plugin link.

sumome for wordpress

  • For Blogger Site simple copy the Installation code and go to Blogger Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML and locate <head> and paste the Installation code below <head>. Finally click Save template button to exit from there.
sumo store

Step 4 Now visit your site and locate the Sumome floating bar from right side of your site and click Sumome app icon and click Sumo Store icon.

sumo apps

Step 5 You will see now all Sumo apps including Pro services and click on apps icon to select enable the services from sumo. Scroll down to explore more tools.

That’s it you have successfully installed the sumo apps on your Blog/Website.

Kick-Ass Sumo App for Blog or Website to Grow like Pro?

Sumo has many apps available on store, but all Sumo apps are not worthy for your Blog or website. So I just shortened the featured apps for growing your site firmly.

List Builder

This is a great opportunity to build your email list through Sumo list builder. This app helps you to convert your one time visitors into lifelong readers and email subscribers. If you are already using Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponses, Infusionsoft, Mad Mimi, Vero then you can easily integrate with Sumo list builder. For asynchronous script it loads faster. In addition by using smart timing mode you can set when the apps will pop after landing on your site.

sumo list builder

Scroll Box

This is alternative of list builder. But this will help you to grow your email list politely. Readers always feel annoying while see popup comes frequently. But Scroll Box will help to appear as a slide from right side. So your readers won’t feel obstacle to reader your article.

Smart Bar

Many website and Blogs are using notification or info bar at the top of the website. In this case we can use Sumo Smart Bar. It will help to grow your email list and users can easily customize the smart bar.

Content Analytics

This works like charm, you don’t know what portion of your Blog posts are reading by your Blog readers? This is not possible through other apps or widget. But by using sumo Content Analytics you will able to find out which portion is reading by your site readers thoroughly. From my point of view, this is a rare and exclusive app of Sumo. And I love it so much.

sumo content analytics


This is most effective app of Sumo. A floating sharing bar will appear at the left side of user’s site. I just love this widget. Because sumo share app is fully responsive. When readers see on mobile device then share bar will appear at the bottom of the Smartphone. This app helps me to increase my Blog article sharing three times more.

Image Sharer

There was a trend to share only content. But we just ignore about image sharing. But due to growth of various social media site like Pinterest, Blogvin, Instagram Image sharer is working significantly. If your Blog readers like your image then they can share it if you have activated sumo Image sharer.


This is a great app of Sumo because through this app sumo will display your content other 150,000+ Sumo sites. And you must receive huge free traffic from there. And this app helped me to triple my traffic rapidly.

discover sumo

Contact Form

Actually this app won’t very significant if you are using contact form in your site. But those who are not using any custom contact form then they can use Sumo contact form which is beautifully crafted. The main features of this app you can customize the contact form and tab, and users will able to pace the contact form in any page. In addition you can create an auto-responsive for every contact you receive. This will make your site more professional.

I just discussed above about required apps that help a site to grow like a pro. And for installing the app just click on FREE button from top right side of the screen. And the Sumo app will automatically install in your site.

In conclusion, I am damn sure you will use this awesome tool to grow your site rapidly. I can assure you that you will be so happy when you install this.

But one thing is to remember that without producing creative and unique content you won’t able to grow your site by suing sumo. First you need to produce some good content then boost that content through Sumo. Otherwise you won’t see any significant changes on your site after installing sumo.  Thank you.

Let me know what changes you have seen after installing Sumo in your site?
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