Best Way to Create and Grow A Thriving LinkedIn Group

How to Create a LinkedIn Group and how to build a successful LinkedIn Group to divert Traffic?
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Are you using LinkedIn for your personal and professional purpose? If yes then you might using this for grabbing a good Job or enhancing your personal profile to show up on corporate level. Website owners also using this only for getting backlinks or sharing their site’s content. But have you ever heard about LinkedIn Group or considered to start your own LinkedIn group!!!

This is the most excellent social media platform where connect millions of professionals in the same industry or similar interests. Many professionals who have created group on LinkedIn getting benefited different ways. There are many intelligent people can be see who build their entire business, promoting products and services, hiring people from around the world, solving people’s problem and become leader through LinkedIn group. It’s just like conquering online world through banging.

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Top reasons behind creating a LinkedIn Group

You already get noticed about benefits of using LinkedIn and group but out there various reasons we have to create and run LinkedIn group.

Becoming a Leader for using social media power

I have visited many LinkedIn groups which is dominating the LinkedIn’s social media world. Each group has 5000+ to 20,000+ members and obviously group owner is featuring his/her website. As a result, they become leader by using full power of social media.

Connecting with thriving like-minded community

It goes without say that people love to connect with thriving community. After connecting with a community, members get all like0minded people. As a result they can easily exchange thoughts and ideas. Suppose if you have blogging community then all blogger will connect with your from around the world and for any reason you can share your problem as well as able to solve others problem.

Best way to Drive Traffic to grow your site

Every blogger wants to drive traffic on own site. So, if you connect yourself with a popular community or you can able to grow your own community then obviously you would able to divert huge community on your site. LinkedIn Group works like a charm to divert community. Because if you can grow your audience through your LinkedIn group then I assure you that your site traffic will boom up.

But there are few simple things you should do such as, add your website link in your LinkedIn Group profile, and also put your site URL in welcome message. While create a discussion then include relevant link form your Blog.

Interact with members by sending Message every week

Sending weekly message works like magic. Suppose you are receiving members around the LinkedIn but you don’t interact with them then they might disconnect from your group anytime. So to keep engage with your group send at least one message every week.

Lead Generation

Lead generation required little time and brain investment. You mist connect people, offer them jobs or refer them about great job opportunity. Share valuable content to your Group member then you will able to generate lead. The more you engage with Group member then more you will receive.

Solving Members Problem

The major reason behind creating a LinkedIn Group is solving other member’s problem. Every group has some specific aim that in what perspective they have created and running LinkedIn Group. So if you can help group members and solve their issues then I am damn sure it will strengthen your relationship with group member and you can achieve your ultimate goal.

How to Build a Thriving LinkedIn Group to divert Traffic?

If we just create a group on LinkedIn and get relax then it is completely witless. Because you must get engage with your group. But there are many users are not happy after creating a group on LinkedIn. But by following some pretty simple guidelines we can build a thriving LinkedIn group.

Always pick narrow niche for your Group

This is universal rules for every group or any other platform that always select narrow niche. If you select wide niche then your group won’t be success. Members like to get connect with specific and relevant group so in case of broad niche then don’t like to connect and share something.

Add keyword on Group description

Here keyword means your target market. Suppose your group is about Entrepreneurship then use this keyword on your group description. The key benefits of this while a LinkedIn member search group by keyword then your group may visible on search result.

Make Group Public

It LinkedIn group can be made open with pre approval option. This means any member of your group can invite to join other member to connect with your group. This means your group is open for all.

Observe your LinkedIn Group Closely

Rapid growth of social media users are tend to do spam on various forum and group to divert traffic easily. But you must closely observe your group. Nobody expects to join in a group where members do spam frequently. In addition you should organize the member’s posts, for example if any member wants to post jobs then redirect it to jobs section. For off-topic and promotion put it promotion section of the group.

Promote your Group like Pro

At the beginning of the group you will be frustrate, because you won’t see any member. But you must work hard to connect members. Make at least over 500 group member then your group member will group like rocket. And then LinkedIn will give you some extra facility. Such as, you can send 50 announcements per day to your connections, additionally LinkedIn allow you to upload emails from personal email account (.CSV files).

How to Create a LinkedIn Group?

I have discussed about reason behind the creating LinkedIn Group. But now I will show you how to create a LinkedIn Group? Please follow step by step walkthrough-

Step 1 Visit and sign in with your LinkedIn user name and password.

click group

Step 2 Now locate and click Interests from top menu and select Groups

discover LinkedIn group

Step 3 Click My Groups and after that click the Create group button from the drop down.

build a popular group on linkedin

Step 4 Now it’s time to fill in the requested information. Such as Group name, Summary, Description, Your email address, Language setting etc. All red asterisk means it's information is required.

Step 5 Finally click the Create Group button to create your group.

That’s it your LinkedIn Group has created. After creating the group you need to do several things from settings, such as- adding welcome message, Group rules, Privacy settings etc.  

That’s all about creating and managing a thriving LinkedIn group. However as a website owner or Blogger our main target is not to grow or enrich our LinkedIn profile or group, rather our aim is to increase our site’s traffic and boosting revenue. Traffic and revenue is connected with each other. If you can divert more traffic then your income will grow rapidly. So target on LinkedIn group to divert traffic and group your blog swiftly. 
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