5 Top Instagram Feed Plugins for Your WordPress Site to Grab Market Attention!

There are a plenty of free and premium Instagram Feed WordPress plugins on the web. If you want to display your Instagram feeds on your WordPress website and allow your website visitors to get more socialize with your brand. The features of these 5 plugins can help you drive more attention to your Instagram account.
Top Instagram Plugins for WordPress
5 WordPress Instagram Plugins for Displaying Interactive Feeds
Are you a business owner struggling to compete in the online market with your product or services? Today, social media platforms play an integral role when it comes to reaching out to your targeted audience. These platforms drive traffic and increase lead conversions if appropriately optimized. Instagram is one such social media platform that has helped both new and old businesses gain the competitive edge. It is a mobile application simple to install on your smartphone. With it, you can effectively upload videos and images directly to your profile without having to use a computer for the task. 

Instagram was launched a couple of years back and ever since its arrival it has taken the social media market by storm. If you are a business owner on the Internet, an Instagram profile can do wonders to attract a targeted audience to your business. It can be blended well into your WordPress site with simple to install plugins. Since, it is a crucial video and photo sharing platform, integration of Instagram in your WordPress website engages your targeted audience better. This drives more targeted traffic to your site helping you to engage with them better. 

Free and premium WordPress Instagram Plugins to help you 

If you check the Internet today, you will find a wide array of free and premium WordPress Instagram plugins to help you, however, choosing the best ones for your needs can be a great challenge. The following are some of the best Instagram WordPress plugins that experts recommend when it comes to using them for your site- 

1. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro Version

This unique plugin is an advanced version that is simple and modern at the same time. It provides you with a unique display of Instagram Feeds that can be customized to your needs. There are 15 different layouts that you can choose from when you are using this plugin. It gives you a feature to see like and count the number of comments that you have received on your posts. It recently has launched a Lite version so that it does not affect the loading time of your website. 

This plugin is easy for you to install. There are two phases of the setup- the layout and the display before it is connected to your Instagram profile. You have the ability to block images or posts as per the keywords are chosen. You can quickly sort the posts as per likes, date, etc. You can enable and disable Instagram links like comments on images, username, links on Instagram and more. 

2. InstaLink

This is a very popular Instagram WordPress plugin for you to use. There are three ways via which you can display photographs on Instagram on your website. This can be used with the help of the username, hashtag and any username that has been filtered with a hashtag. You effectively are able to feature the Instagram images you like to a gallery that is responsive. You can set up the above theme in three ways- It can be done via a shortcode for WordPress, WordPress widget and Visual Composer that is a page builder for Instagram. You effectively can change the image size, the colors of the background text as well as heading. This plugin is very responsive, and it helps you to display a large number of photos as you scroll down on the site. 

3. Flexi Instagram Link

This plugin permits you to show the Instagram Feeds in just the way you want them to be displayed. It helps you control and manage posts better like https://gramblast.com known for its ability to improve likes, shares, and comments to your content. The set-up of this plugin is very simple, and you get a large number of customization options as well. The Instagram Feed is very clear, and this goes the extra mile when it comes to attracting targeted customers to your site. This plugin gives you three distinct media layouts so that you are able to display your Feed on your site. They are Slide, Photo Layout, and Grid. 

4.WD Instagram Feed

If you are looking for a plugin that is simple yet stylish, this is the perfect one for you. It is a free plugin, but it offers you a wide host of features especially if you are new. This plugin is a basic one and provides you with significant benefits like a widget, unlimited Instagram Feeds, layouts for your browser and hashtags, etc. You can start to customize the plugin effectively after you have downloaded it. This plugin gives you several styles for customizing the display of your Instagram Feeds. 

5. Instagram Feed

This is not only popular but is the most downloaded plugin for users who seek to integrate Instagram in their WordPress site. This plugin is a responsive one and can be viewed across several mobile devices. You have the option to customize the plugin as per your requirements completely. There are several options for shortcodes. There is a follow button for Instagram. The photos are beautifully displayed when you use this plugin for your business needs. 


From the above, these plugins are the best for you to incorporate when you want to integrate Instagram into WordPress. Before you choose the right plugin for your needs, you must ensure that you know what you want. Examine your site and select the plugin that will complement it. Remember plugins are software packages and they can slow down the loading time of your site in case you are not careful. Therefore, be prudent and know what you need so that you can choose the right Instagram WordPress plugin and use it for your website with success. With the right plugin, you effectively can attract targeted traffic successfully to your site. 

Your Instagram page gets noticed, and you can sync your website with Instagram easily. Remember, Instagram is a visual platform so make sure that you post high-quality videos and images to get the results you are looking for with success!

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