20 Productivity Android Apps Every Blogger Must Try While Blogging

20 best productivity Apps for Blogging that every Blogger must try. Best free apps that we should try to run our Blog smoother and faster.
While we do Blog, we need to manage our time to run it smoothly. Beside of other works, we often don't get time to maintain our Blog. So we need something like automation. 

In our busy life we are used to use Smartphone for doing many things. By using Smartphone for our blog we can relax and actually through a automation we will get the work done by itself. It’s not just a matter of Smartphone; rather I’m talking about some productive Android apps that will make our Blogging life simple. 

Don’t worry you don’t have to spend a single penny for it and I’m pretty sure those apps will provide you with the most functionality that I can get out of it. I personally use those apps in my phone and most of them are my favorite.

20 Productivity Android Apps Every Blogger Must Try While Blogging

So heads-up bloggers, I’m pretty sure your lives are about to get just a little bit easier!

#01: Snapchat
This is a fun chat apps but many Bloggers are using this for building own Blogging community. This app helps you to broadcast your video and you will get the opportunity to dabble in video without any significant promise.  As a result, this will build trust in your community through transparency.  Many people use this for chatting purpose only but as a blogger you can make big impact among your Blog readers.

I think this is a best app for travel Blogger, you can show your Blog visitors interesting place in real-time. Even you can communicate people with hearts and comments. I have used this app for showing my pigeons that attract many viewers. You won't believe, It will take only one hour to build large community with Periscope.

#03: Gmail App
You won’t say that you don’t check your email daily. We check our email everyday and me check my email every hour. As a blogger, we get lots of email. In our busy life it is not possible to sit in front of PC, so no worries use Gmail app and compose email, reply to others. Communicator will get a positive response from you after getting quick reply.

As a Blogger you can try this app. often it comes to me handy. I do lite editing if needed. Through this app you can Compose new post, Edit existing post, Embed images from the Gallery or take picture from your Smartphone camera and many more.

You can done all fundamental work of your WordPress Blog like, Create and Edit content, Publish new posts, check stats etc. This app is suitable for both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org sites. But make sure you are using WordPress 3.5 or higher version.

I'm extra little conscious about my AdSense earnings. So I often peep in your account through Google AdSense App. This app will allow you to access your AdSense account overview, earning report, performance report, top ad unit and many more. I'm pretty sure you will love this app. Not only AdSense you can also able to view key data of your AdMob account.

If you are serious about your Blog growth then you must use Google analytics app. This app will give you basic functionality like Blog traffic information. I hope you would like it, because you can track where you are doing well and where Is not.

Google Drive Is my favorite place to store all documents; cheat sheets, and template’s backup files. If you install this app you can manage everything from your Smartphone. This is a great idea to manage everything from our Smartphone, because this can save our time.

For building a home steam you can use Google Plus app. In addition this app will enable you to explore interesting story. You can join in various community and save things into your collections. This is also good but you may find it less productive.

You must have facebook fan page for your Blog. And everyday many visitors get connected with your facebook page. Even many readers prefer facebook to communicate with Blog author. So having a Facebook Pages Manager it will simplify your social media page management. Through page manager you can see who are commenting and giving like on your post. As well as you will able to reply of messages.

#11: Bloglovin
Bloglovin is a great place to read other Blogs. If you want to gain new topic idea or you are just out of topic then you can read familiar Blog there. However you can read our favorite Blog there easily. Just install the app and dive into Blogging world.

#12: Evernote
Evernote is another lovely app that helps to keep track of my ideas and to-do lists. You can click articles and pictures from the internet for reading it later. However it syncs to personal computer and Smartphone, so I have access to all resources.

#13: Medium
Medium is a similar category of Evernote. There are millions of readers who love to read long articles. I can find new articles and blogs on tons of different topics. As a result, it helps me to get inspired for new ideas. Having medium app will make all those things easy to manage.

#14: Pocket
You will get dozens of idea on Pocket site. Even it can save everything from a Blog post. Just save article and read later. This app synch across your Smartphone, as a result you can view the saved articles, videos and links whenever you would like. Even you can read it when you are in offline.

After Google Drive Dropbox is my favorite cloud storage. If you provides template or other staff download URLs for your Blog visitors then you can easily track about how many times those have downloaded. In additionally instead of Pen Drive you can save your files on DropBox. As well as you can host various JavaScript file on there.  If you own dropbox app then you will have access to all of your files from your Smartphone.

#16: BufferApp
A fantastic app for scheduling and sharing posts on various social media site. You can schedule a post for twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. For higher traffic site this app is ideal, because you can schedule post for your large audience while you sleep.

If you want to share your Blog posts on Instagram then there are not any alternative of having Instagram app. Through this app I easily share my Blog content on Instagram. You can share visual images from your blog with title, even I add URL there.

I just love it. I get tons of ideas from Pinterest and apply on my Blog. I read many Blogs on Pinterest and grab the ideas. If you love to pin then you must try Pinterest app. it’s a great way to spend a few minutes hunting for pretty things to boost your own Pinterest boards.

If you love to make photo and video slideshow with free popular music and share on Instagram then you’ll love Flipagram. Most of the Instagram addicted use this app to create something awesome, because this app helps to create stop motion type videos from a series of images.

This is a great productivity Apps for storing your all password. In our busy days we use many emails and social media site and there we have registered with a unique password. It is not possible to remember all passwords at a time, so LastPass app will help you to remember you password. Even you can store your Bank account details. Basically LastPass remembers all your passwords for you and stores them in the ‘vault’. In addition this app is handy to create better passwords.

So those all about productivity app for Blogger, and I think you must try those to make your Blogging style simple. By using those apps you can save your time and create focus on other works without any distraction, now everything is on your palm. 

You might use any other apps for blogging that I might miss. 

Let me know what apps do you use for your Blog?
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