Why and How to Open Your Own Shop on Etsy? Bonus! 40 Free Listings.

Why to start an Etsy Shop? How to sell your Product on Etsy easily? How to Grab free 40 product listing on Etsy?
Bonus! 40 Free Listings.

You might have a dream to own a online shop and sell your handmade and other creative products. But you don't have courage to start with, because you are scared to invest in it. On the other hand, you don't have knowledge about web design and coding, so unable to open a site like e-commerce.

There are a good news for you that now you can make your dream come true even without spending a single penny. Yes I'm talking about opening an Etsy shop, where you can sell your all creative things quickly.  

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketplace bit similar to e-bay and Amazon but this is a place for creative people where they connect from around the world, to make sell and buy unique goods.

It has founded in 2005 and it's headquarter situated on Dumbo, USA. Currently it has giant community that build with over 1.7 millions of seller and over 27.1 millions of buyers. This is a great place for buyer because you will find over 40 millions products to select and buy.

What Can you sell on Etsy?

Etsy is popular for selling creative goods but there are some good that are very popular and you can sell in a flash. However there are certain products ideal for selling on Etsy. Those are as follows:
  • Any handmade items
  • Vintage goods and crafts
  • Boutiques and clothing
  • Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Wedding items
  • Electronics Items
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Home and living items
  • Books, E-book
  • Web designs
  • Blogger Template
  • WordPress Themes
  • readymade Graphics design like logo design, banner, Blog Post header, Instagram banner, Pinterest post template etc.
  • Photography
  • Paintings

So its sounds pretty good, because we can sell almost all things.

Why to start an Etsy Shop?

There are several reason have behind opening a shop on Etsy. After selling product on social media site it can be a good alternative of your product selling medium. The reasons to start with Etsy are as follows:

#1: Free to Open Shop
This is absolutely free to open a shop on Etsy, even you don't have to deposit any amount for opening shop. Just for listing a product they charges $0.20 per items. So ultimately zero investment required to open  shop on Etsy. Once you start making sales then they will charges 3.5% for each sold items. However it is still very fair price to selling a product on Etsy. If you want to open a shop right now you can click on here to get 40 free listing. This means add up to 40 products without any charges.

#2: Easy to Open Shop
You don't have to have any special knowledge to open a shop in Etsy. Just simply registration with them you can open a shop with few clicks. They will guide you step by step.

#3: Large Market Place ready
This is really incredible that currently it has over 27.1 millions of customers and over 40 millions of items included for sale. This means by opening a shop we can connect with large ready market place to sell our products. No worries for selling product, interested buyer will buy your products or services when they find it interesting.

#4: Strong Brand Image
You can start your business from zero and after selling several products you will become a popular seller, and it will establish a trust on clients mind. So in future this can create a strong brand image for your products.

#5: Easy Payment Acceptance
While you sell products on Etsy then you can receive payment through Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Online Money Transfer etc. So you have many options to receive money after selling products.  There are many countries available where PayPal is not operating, so there has a good alternative to receive money.

#6: Helpful Community
Etsy is full of supportive community of sellers.  Most of the sellers are very kind and they will help you willingly. This can improve the relationship between buyer and seller. Etsy also offer guide called seller's handbook and you will get plenty of information for setup your business to create a great experience for customers.

Bonus! 40 Free Listings

Esty has a good promotional offer that if any existing shop owner invite their friends to open a shop and through the invitation URL if anybody open the shop then they can list their 40 product without any fee. But if you directly open shop on Etsy and add your product then they will charge $0.20 for per product. So don't worry just use below magic URL and get 40 free listings.

How to Open Your Own Shop on Etsy?

I am damn! sure you are now excited to open your own shop on Etsy. I will guide you step by step to open a shop on Etsy. You can sell what you create or collect, and list your first 40 items free. For getting 40 free listing please use my invitation.

Step #1: Please click HERE to visit Etsy and click "Open My Etsy Shop" button.

Step #2: Now register with your Email address or use Facebook/Google Plus account, after that click "Register" button. A verification URL will go to your email address. Just click on verification URL to verify you account.

Step #3: After completion of registration please click again on my Invitation URL to open a shop. From your Etsy account please click "Open a Shop" button and now you have to fill up some blank forms like Shop preferences, Name your shop, Stock your shop, How you'll get paid, Set up billing.

Etsy shop setup

Step #4: Under Shop preferences page select shop language, country and click "Save and continue" button.

Step #5: You have to choose a beautiful name for your shop if available. Click Name your shop page write your shop name click "Check availability" if accept then click "Save and continue" button.

Step #6: You will head to Stock your shop page. There Upload your product image, description, Price and category. similarly again click "Save and continue" button from bottom.

stock product on Etsy shop

Step #7: You will direct to another page called How you'll get paid. Here you have to payment methods. Select PayPal (If available), Payment by Mail and Other. Again click "Save and continue" button.

Step #8: Finally add your credit or debit card details on Set up billing page. This will enable you to open a shop.

Step #9: After that click "Open your shop" button to make your shop active.

Congratulation you have open your shop on Etsy with your first product. If you have used my invitation then you can list 40 free listing.

Why and How to Open Your Own Shop on Etsy? Bonus! 40 Free Listings.

Isn't exciting! You can reach to millions of buyer without any promotion and effort through Etsy. You can now turn your passion into profession. Make sure buyer feel excited after receiving your product either physical or Digital, because this will lead you to long term relation with buyers.

If you are interested in learning more about Etsy then simply leave a comment below to start discussion.
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