How to Create and Add Facebook Static Tabs App by Woobox in 5 Minutes?

How to Use Add and Create a Custom Image Facebook Tabs? How to integrate Static tabs on Your Facebook Page?
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If you would like to enhance your Facebook page then you must make it little different from others. Obviously this is a great social media site where we can add storefront and generate leads, as well as promote our Business and content. But you can enhance your facebook fan page by adding some tabs that helps to promote your other social media pages. In addition you can increase your email subscriber by adding mail list building tab.

Why we should add tab on our Facebook Fan page?

There are several reasons behind integrating tabs on our facebook fan page. Among them I have sort-out some points, those are as follows-

…Branding: If you want to brand your Facebook fan page then tabs will enable to create strong brand awareness. Generally this is good for Business page. Through this tab widget you can add beautiful small tabs with eye-catching pictures on the right side of the Facebook fan page. So it will attract your page’s fans and it helps for branding your page.

…Sharing Other Social Networks: You can add other social media pages like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube on tab app. So your existing facebook fan will know easily about your other fan pages as well as they will love to subscribe.

…Mailing List Building: This will work as bonus. We use our website and Blog to build our mailing list and if we add newsletter sign up tab in our facebook fan page then our subscriber will grow rapidly.

…Drive Traffic: This is our ultimately goal that Facebook tabs will help to drive traffic in our website. Through this tab you can connect your other social media site and increase your newsletter subscriber so ultimately it will drive traffic from various social media sites.

How to Create and Add Facebook Static Tabs App by Woobox in 5 Minutes?

How to Create Custom Tab Images for Your Facebook Page?

Before adding custom tabs we should create tab images for our facebook page. This tab image will show at the right side of your Facebook fan page. However custom tabs app will display a default social media icons but for branding or uniqueness we should use different tab image. You can use any Photo Editing software like PhotoShop or online tools Canva, Fotojet etc for creating custom tab image. But for creating tab image we should know what makes a good tab image. Please go through below-
  • Tab image dimension must be 111px width and 74px height.
  • You can use JPG, PNG and GIF format image. But PNG would be good for high quality image.
  • You should use your brand color (Template or theme design color), font and unique image.  
  • It’s better to add description or call-to-action on tab image. For example write “Instagram” on your Instagram tab image; similarly write same on other tab image.
So according to guideline create your tab image quickly. After creating tab image we will go in main step, where we will learn about integrating tab app.

How to integrate Custom tab app in Facebook Fan page?

For integrating tab image on Facebook fan page we will use a third party app which is called Woobox. This is a very popular site for running various beautiful contests, giveaways, and other campaigns, and over 4 million brands trust Woobox to help them run effective campaigns.

We can use their free and paid service but luckily custom tabs app is free to use. So don’t worry. Please go through below steps for adding Custom tabs on Facebook page.

Step #1: Please Login to your Facebook account.

Step #2: After that visit and add your Facebook ID and Password.

Step #3: Now WooBox will ask your permission about using your Public Profile and email address and to manage your Pages and access your Page and App insights. Allow WooBox to do that.

Step #4: You will automatically head to Woobox dashboard. And under “Add Business” tab enter your necessary information. And click “Save” button.

Step #5: Now click “Static Tabs” from the top to get access to custom tabs page and click “Create a New Tab” button from the top.

How to Create and Add Facebook Static Tabs App by Woobox in 5 Minutes?

Step #6: Select any Tab to create. You can create HTML Fangate Tab, Pinterest Tab, Twitter Tab, Instagram Tab and YouTube Tab. And enter your social tab URL and do necessary customization by selecting options. Later click “Save Settings” button from the bottom to save your custom settings.

Now check your Facebook page and see tabs are appearing on your page.

How to add Custom Image on Facebook Static Tabs?

I assume that according to instruction you have already created tab image. And now I will show you how to add those custom images on tabs. Please follow the below steps.

Step #1: Visit your Facebook page where you have added static tabs. And click Settings.

Step #2: Under “Settings” tab click “Apps” from the left vertical menu. You will see all the tabs you have installed in your Facebook page.

facebook settings

Step #3: Click on “Edit setting” of any tab app, a popup window will appear.  And Click “Change” where written “Custom Tab Image”.

Step #4: Now mouse over on image and click “Edit” option. And select image from your Personal Computer.

custom image for facebook tab

Step #5: Now back to previous tab or page in “Step 3” and add name your social media page e.g. Instagram. And click “Save” button.

Now check your Facebook fan page and see custom image is showing on tab.

Final Thought

There are many small but effective tools available around the web, but due to lack of knowledge we are not using them. 

How to Create and Add Facebook Static Tabs App by Woobox in 5 Minutes?

Through this simple update you can brand your Facebook fan page and I hope this article will guide you accurately and you can add facebook tabs within 5 minutes in your Blog or Business fan page. I wish you can make a brand page that stand out.
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