20 Kick-Ass Websites To Test Responsive Web Design

How to test responsive web design and take screenshot from responsive web design testing tools?

Responsive web design is a recent user condition for end-users behaviour and environment based on different screen sizes, platforms and orientations. If you are looking for building a professional website or Blog then you must choose a responsive template or theme for your blog, website or ecomm dev site. However many of us confuse about responsive web design.

responsive webdesign

What exactly is responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design consists of a flexible web layout and design which fits any type of smart device. This is a technique that enables websites to change their layout and content based on the device’s dimension.  Suppose you are a Blog owner and you have your own Blog. Now you are visiting your site through iPhone 5 or any Samsung device whose screen size is 5.2”. In this case, your blog’s template and theme will resize automatically according to the device screen resolution and size. If your template or theme is capable to adopt any dimension then your site is responsive. 

But this is not possible to buy all types of devices and check the website to see if is it responsive or not? The solution is to use online responsive web design testing tools. This will help to see a web design on various devices at a time.

However, if you are a web designer then you need to use responsive web design testing tools frequently to give a perfect responsive shape to your web design. But how is this possible that a web design automatically responds to all kinds of devices?

It’s all about CSS magic. By using simple CSS tricks we can make a web design responsive. And the main technique of responsive web design is to craft sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.

In this context, I will share with you some kick-ass best responsive web design testing tools that will help us to test a site’s responsiveness.

01. Am I Responsive Design

Sounds like a good “Am I Responsive Design”? If you want to take screenshots for your web design then this is ideal for you. I always take screenshots for my template design from Am I Responsive Design site. This site serves 2 ways such as- developers and users can test the site’s responsiveness and users can take screenshots for using various purposes.
  • Visit: http://ami.responsivedesign.is

02. Responsive test

This is built for Apple device users. You will find plenty of options to check your site responsiveness on iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc. What you will like most in the Responsive test? Obv and you can see how your responsive web design is adopting new shapes and sizes. However, you can use these tools for OS.
  • Visit: http://responsivetest.net

03. Mattkersley

Mattkersley is a good responsive web design testing tool. And from the beginning of responsive web design, I have found and used this site for designing my project. But a simple problem exists that you will be unable to navigate through your site while checking on the Mattkersley testing tool because they have added security on their browser. But the good side is you can download the GitHub repository from Mattkersley and install it on your site.
  • Visit: https://mattkersley.com/responsive/

04. Designmodo

I found it the most flexible responsive testing tool over the net. Designmodo has plenty of options to check your web design’s responsiveness. Even you can add custom dimensions to check the site’s responsiveness. In addition, you can drag the screen and squeeze it to see the site’s responsiveness from different angel and sizes. I will give 10 out of 10 to Designmodo, this site is really awesome.
  • Visit:  http://designmodo.com/responsive-test/

05. Responsive Design Checker

The responsive Design Checker tool is an alternative way to test your site’s responsiveness. Because it uses various devices to view your websites from Smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It enables users to display content on different devices without sacrificing user experience. Responsive Design Checker tool users can video their web design on Landscape and Portrait dimensions, workstations etc devices.
  • Visit: http://responsivedesignchecker.com/

06. Is Responsive

Isresponsive is a simple responsive web design testing tool. This is built with precise, dynamic viewports to test any website. Mobile adaptation is now sky rocking and different mobile devices growing in the market significantly. As a result, the majority of users are diverting to mobile devices for viewing websites. Fortunately isresponsive is helping to quickly test your website. This site is super fast to load.  
  • Visit: http://www.isresponsive.com/

07. Responsinator

By Responsinator is a clean responsive web design testing site. You can see your site on different Apple devices. However, if you wish to add a responsive web design testing tool to your own Blog or website then Responsinator will help you to install it. But to do this you have to subscribe to their monthly or yearly subscription plan. They charge $6 per month and a $60 yearly fee. You will have a full customization option to give different looks to your responsive testing tool. Though through this site you will able to take screenshots but it’s not looking professional and fancy.
  • Visit: https://www.responsinator.com/

08. Screenfly

Screenfly is another awesome responsive web design testing tool. This tool helps developers and users to test their web design on different devices. This site has additional testing features that you can test your web design in the TV screen dimension. In addition, users can use a proxy server to test their site, as well as test screen can be shareable through their shared option.
  • Visit: http://quirktools.com/screenfly

09. Studiopress

This is not an original testing tool because studio press uses Mattkersley’s tool. I think they have subscribed to Mattkersley’s subscription plan and customize the tool in their own way. However, you can test your web design in a new frame. The content width may not be pixel-perfect, because scrollbars are added on layouts by 15px.
  • Visit: http://www.studiopress.com/responsive/

10. Pixeltuner

This is a pretty simple responsive design testing tool based in Germany. However, you can test your design in various dimensions.
  • Visit: http://responsive.pixeltuner.de

11. Screenqueri

Screenqueri is Also known as Pixel Perfect media query debugging tool. This is a really awesome responsive web design testing tool. Users can test their web design across 60+ device viewports. To use this tool you must sign up with Screenqueri. And for testing your site you have to log in with your username and password.
  • Visit: http://beta.screenqueri.es/

12. Froont

Froont is a web-based design tool. It makes responsive web design accessible to all visual designers. By Froont design can be done in a browser with spontaneous drag-and-drop tools. This tool is very easy to test any sort of design on real devices right away.
  • Visit: http://froont.com/

13. Mobi Test

This is a small site for testing your responsive web design on various devices. But it has only 5 device options to test a design such as iPad Air, Nexus, Galaxy, iPhone and kinder Fire HDX.
  • Visit: http://mobitest.akamai.com/m/index.cgi

14. Browser Stack

Browser Stack is a live responsive design testing tool. Through these tools, users will able to generate screenshots at actual device sizes on Windows, iOS, Android and OS X. This tool has some popular integrated devices where we can test responsive design.
  • Visit: https://www.browserstack.com/responsive

15. I Am a Mobile

This is a UK-based responsive design testing tool. But this has few options to check a website's responsiveness. Because you can check your web design on 4 devices only. But the main feature of this site is responsive design scoring. If your site is not properly designed according to responsive technique then it will score your site according to the responsiveness.
  • Visit: http://www.iammobile.co.uk/

16. Code beautify

Code Beautify is a simple but beautiful responsive design testing tool. However, users can take screenshots for further use. In addition, you have plenty of options to view and test your site design on different devices.  
  • Visit: http://codebeautify.org/responsive-website-tester

17. iPad Peek

You are already aware of its name iPad Peek. This site is built for testing a website on various Apple devices. iPad Peek’s Interface is really cool. And users can take screenshots of their web design on various Apple devices.
  • Visit: http://ipadpeek.com/

18. Mobile phone emulator

If you need to take your site screenshots on various mobile devices then this is the ideal site for you. I think you would love it. Mobile phone emulator containing various features to view website design responsiveness.
  • Visit: http://www.mobilephoneemulator.com/

19. Responsivepx

This site is faster to load but unfortunately doesn’t have any smart device frame to view the site’s design. But I love this site because this site hasn’t any background behind the responsive testing frame.
  • Visit:  http://responsivepx.com

20. Responsive Design Bookmarklet

Responsive Design Bookmarklet is a French responsive design testing tool. The interface is really simple but elegant. Users need to drag the bookmarklet above the bookmarks bar and instantly it will apply in your browser. However, users have options to choose tablets and Smartphones to see the responsive design.
  • Visit: http://responsive.victorcoulon.fr/
That’s all about responsive design testing tools. I hope now you can test or take a screen short of your web design for your design and other purposes. If you know more sites for testing design responsiveness then feel free to share with me. In addition, you can share with me your personal experience while testing your site’s responsive design. Thank you.  
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