How to Create and Write First Post on Ghost Blog?

Tutorial to Create and Write First Post on Ghost Blogging Platform

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new post on ghost blog

Once You have created your Blog on Ghost Blogging Platform then you are required to create first user. Because without creating any user account, you won’t able to write and publish article on Ghost Blog’s writing panel. In order to increase your visibility on search engine and diverting traffic you must write and publish article regularly. In this tutorial I will show you how to write an article on Ghost blog? This article is completely for new users of Ghost blogging platform. If you are already using Ghost then simply ignore this and Head to the next section to learn something new.

Step 1 Please visit and login to your account.

Step 2 You will be sitting at the main admin page. And from there click your Blog URL.

ghost Blog URL on BloggerSpice

Step 3 Now Click LOG IN AND WRITE ON THIS BLOG to explore the user sign in page.

log in to ghost

Step 4 Write your user name and password and Click SIGN IN button to begin the writing on Ghost writing panel.

Step 5 Now you will see an example post which is produced by Ghost. But you can read that content to get brief idea about different feature of Ghost. In order to create a new post on Ghost blogging platform, you can either click on the New Post from left vertical menu bar or from the top right corner click NEW POST button.

ghost writing panel

Step 6 Write your Post Title on Title field. And you would see 2 panels at a time. The left panel is for writing and the right panel for viewing the Live Preview of your article. So in left panel write your content.

Step 7 After completion of article writing assign the article under tag. To assign the article under a tag click gear icon from the top right corner of the screen, beside SAVE DRAFT button.

assign post in tag

Step 8 Click on Small arrow to the right of Save Draft. And from there Select Publish Now option.

save in draft

And click Publish Now button to publish your article

publish blog post

Congratulations! Your first post on Ghost is now published! Now visit your Blog homepage to see this post. This is bit confusing for new users but I say super easy to create and write a new post on Ghost Blogging platform. Thank you. 

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seravina danniella says: 2/01/2017

In my opinion, great content is above all. So focusing on creating good quality content is the solution.

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Rabbi Khan says: 2/01/2017

Hi Seravina Danniella, I am absolutely agree with you, because Whatever the platform you use, content is always act like a king for any site. Thanks for leaving your opinion. :up

alinajohn mike says: 3/01/2017

I am looking forward to executing your tips in my work. I admit I do not understand why people don’t realise the importance of blog content writing services. Thank you for writing so well

Rabbi Khan says: 3/01/2017

Thanks alina jones, most of the newbie think to make money online, do not think about content.

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