How to Start A Blog on tumblr Microblogging Platform?

Learn how to create a Personal Blog on tumblr micro blogging platform and social networking website? For Photo, Entertainment Blogging use tumblr.
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You might already hear about Tumblr which is a microblogging platform and social networking website. Tumblr founded by David Karp and the interesting fact is this platform is owned by Yahoo! Inc. This Blogging service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

But if you wish you can do normal Blogging but Tumblr is best for  sharing Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff.

In 2016 Tumblr has over 272 million different blogs with total 127 Billion posts. So undoubtedly this is a biggest Blogging Platform. But we should know who are the main users of Tumblr?

American, Hispanic and African-Americans are the main users of Tumblr. Most of the users use Tumblr for four main reasons, such as-
  • Personal Photo sharing of daily lives
  • Entertaining memes and cool gifs
  • To store adult contents for personal use.
  • For secondary Blogging
So this is bit different platform. However you can use custom domain with Tumblr, monetize site, able to use custom theme and the other advantage of using Tumblr is that it offers full animated gif support.

What Features tumblr Blog have?

Every Blogging platform has its own features. And for those feature it get popularity and uniqueness. Tumblr has bunch of good features which will make you happy to start your Blog with it.

Custom Domain

Tumblr provide their hosted domain with every registered account. For example: can use custom domain on tumblr and this is very easy to set. But if you wish to omit .tumblr from your Blog then you can use custom top level domain.

Custom Theme

tumblr support custom them for using on Blog. However you will find bunch of free theme with your tumblr account. If you intend to use any unique paid blog then you can buy it from tumblr account or from any third party theme provider.

Professional and Non Professional Blogging

tumblr hasn’t any guidelines about Blog quality but it accept DMCA complain. You can build either professional or non-professional blog with tumblr. You don’t have to worry about your Blog niche. Whatever you like you can start with tumblr.


I have already mentioned that Tumblr support full animated gif images. While you visit tumblr dashboard then you might see some cool gif animation on Post thumbnail.


You can follow any tumblr blog if you love to read it. After following that Blog all of the posts will show up on your tumblr dashboard. Even you don’t have to visit that Blog.


This is just like Facebook like but in new style. Tumblr blog use heart icon like twitter for giving like to a post. For liking a post click right in the heart shape icon. Even if you view the post from dashboard, search results and tag pages then you will find the like option at the bottom right corner of every post.


This is another feature just like comment feature. If you have any query regarding other’s post then ask them. But Blog owner must enable the ask feature on his/her Blog. For asking question click the person icon which hover over blog avatars on the dashboard and then select Ask a question in the dropdown.


Tumblr is liberal about re-blogging and re-posting you can use it as your secondary Blog. Suppose you have a Blog on WordPress or Blogger Platform and now you are allow sharing your post on tumblr Blog.

Fan Mail

Fan mail is for personal interaction. If you wish to contact with other users privately then you can use Fan Mail feature.  However you won’t able to send message anonymously like Blogger.

So these are the main features of tumblr Blog have. As a micro blogging niche tumblr is best suit for your blogging startup. In addition, you can flexibly use tumblr for spice up your Blog.

How to create a Blog on tumblr?

Whatever I have explained in above that was the brief discussion about tumblr. Now I will show you how to create your Blog on Tumblr pltform.

Step 1 Please visit URL and hit the Sign up button from top right corner of the screen.

Step 2 Simply fill the blank fields by Email, Password and User name and press the Sign up button.

sign up on tumblr

Step 3 Now write your age and put the tick on their Terms of Service and press Next Button. It will display reCAPTCHA so put tick on it and press Almost Done! Button.


Step 4 In this step you have to select at least 5 categories about what you like. Such as History, Health & Fitness, Movies, Funny, Gaming so click by mouse pointer.  And press Next button from top right corner of the screen. Tumblr will instantly build your Dashboard. And you will see latest posts from your selected categories on tumblr Dashboard.

select tumblr categories

Step 5 In the meantime tumbler will send a verification email into your email box. Open the mail and click on This is me! Link for instant verifying your email address.

email verification

That’s it your tumblr Blog is now ready. Remember that your User name on tumblr will be your Blog name. 
  • For example

Now visit your tumblr Blog and for making any changes you have to do it from tumblr dashboard. For visiting tumblr dashboard you can directly go through URL.

tumblr blog setting

From tumblr dashboard go to settings from Account menu. And there you can change your current email and password, Enable security, set up phone for audio post from your phone. In addition you can set language and you will get information about active sessions.

I hope this article will help you to give details information about tumblr and now you will able to create your own personal Blog. If you get any question regarding tumble then feel free to leave a comment below.
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