Complete Guide to Write Mind Blowing About Us Page

Make a professional About Me or About Us page for new visitors to know about you and your Blog in details. Learn how to write mind blowing about us page for your Blog.

If I say please tell me about yourself!!! 

I am sure, you won’t able to talk much. But this is an important question while you for any Job interview. But not only for a Job interview but also this is required and essential for your Blog, Website and Business Page.

Your site’s readers always want to know who is behind this site. And want to know more details about you and your site. If you are having a personal blog then this must be a killer weapon for turning your Blog readers into super fans. 

But what about the Blogs about us page? 

How to Write an About Us Page


Blog’s about us the page is the proper blending of about you and your Blog Information. Don’t think this is a page about your name, parent’s information, education information and marital status etc. Because you have to think about what readers want to know?

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For writing a killer About Me or About Us page you have to struggle a little bit. Because this is the featured page of any Blog, where readers frequently visit.

1. Let your Audience Know Which Reader Group Suitable for Your Site?

This is pretty simple but important that which audience is suitable for your Blog. Though visitors will understand after visiting your site you should state clearly. Suppose you have made your Blog for teenage people but you are targeting adult readers. 

So you are targeting the wrong reader group and they won’t connect with your Blog. If accidentally visit your Blog then they will exit from there instantly and never come back.

2. How Readers Will Benefit from Reading Your Website?

This the thing that will come first that what values give your Blog to your readers?  

Just think and write up on a piece of paper. From my point of view, it should be a written point basis. Thus readers can get a clear idea. Your blog readers want to know why they will read your Blog. What are the benefits to read your Blog? 

For example-

By reading your Blog readers can start their Blogging career or they will able to improve SEO. In addition, they may earn money by learning tricks from your Blog.

3. Explain Your site’s BIO for Potential Audience

After knowing the Blog value and audience readers want to know a little bit about your site, that how this is going on? Because the site’s BIO represents a complete scenario about your Blog site. Explain how you have started this blog and why you are doing Blogging? 

In addition, you can mention the domain registration date; first post date, about traffic flow, Site’s monthly earnings etc.

  • Think Why should someone read your blog? 
  • And what will they get out of your posts?  
  • Are you providing Blogging Tips? 
  • Health Tips? 

Or Gadget Review Let them know through the about us page. So they can expect from your site what they want.

You can tell on the About us page about your post type or mention some popular series that you already shared in your Blog. IF you have written some awesome Guest article on a popular Blog then mention them with links. This will bring more credibility to your website from readers.

Which types of posts do you write? Do you have any awesome series that people should know about? Where should they start?

4. Give Brief Information with Personal BIO

I think you are going on the right track. Finally, you are going to explain your personal Bio. First, select a good quality image to display your photo on the "About Us" page. Use Photoshop or any better photo editing tools to edit pictures. But keep the natural colour. Don’t use any blurry image. Now it’s time to talk about your personal BIO.  

In this section don’t share anything about you everything just shares that are related to your Blog. 

For example, 

  • Talk about how your Blog is helping to improve your lifestyle? 
  • What biggest changed has brought after starting a Blogging career? 
  • Why did you start it? Etc.

Give Brief Information with Personal BIO

Now, it’s okay to include some random information, such as about your living room, area or city. Moreover, you can tell your site readers about your hobbies just try to connect with your audience in a different way. You may have more idea, so don’t fill your About Page with only the above information.

5. Add A Few Good Quality Images

This is not mandatory but for spicing up your About Me or About Us page you can add a few good quality pictures. For example, you are writing on a laptop or discussing something or your Blog writing room. 

Add A Few Good Quality Images

If you aren’t able to take pictures then you can get on the web. Get any copyright-free image and add it to your About Me or About Us page. This will attract your audience to the About Me or About Us page.

6. Add Call to Action (CTA) at the End of The Page

Grab the chance of turning readers into loyal. If readers read your "About Us" page the first time then they may feel interested in your site. So why don’t you take the chance of it? Just add an email subscription box at the bottom of the About us page and get the readers in your mail list.

This is known as a call to action (CTA) trick. Because sometimes readers feel encouraged when they see a call to action. Not only set email subscription box you can also add Facebook, Twitter Like button and write there Say Hello to me on Facebook or Twitter

But the wise decision will be to add a single subscription option. If you add all social media site link including the email subscription option then they may feel annoying. Go more professional way just ask your audience to stay up-to-day with your site.

Add Call to Action (CTA) at the End of The Page

Without call to action button many people forget about the site which felt interesting. Your readers may read a good article on your site but if they failed to bookmark your page then they will forget about your site. So push the readers to become a Fan or subscribe to your mailing lists.

Here the details about creating a mind-blowing About Me or About Us page creation technique. But I am damn sure that you have a better idea than me. Please share it with me. 

Let me know how you tailored your About Me or About Us page in your Blog?
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