Effective Blog Comment writing guidelines that stand out!

Tips for Writing an Effective Comment that will accepted by blog author. Good general guide to writing comments on websites. These tips are meant to help the public submit comments that have an impact and help. In real there is no minimum or maximum length for an effective comment.
How to Write Blog Comments That Stand Out
How to Write Blog Comments That Stand Out?
Commenting is a medium to interact with blog and website author. Blogger always love to receive comments from readers. In fact there is another positive site of commenting to get a link back to your site from others. And commenting can play a part of link building strategy. So blog author should take it seriously to building link for his/her own blog. Though you are commenting on different site/blog but your comment is not approving due to some reason. Because you are making some mistake that your comment is not approving to other site. Strong logical blog comment is must be approved by the blog author even they don’t, publish comment with others site links.

Additionally, If you left the comment with just your blog link then don’t think they will publish it rather it will be treated as spammy comment and by this way many bloggers are wasting time posting comments on others blog with silly tactics. You must be careful while commenting in any business or franchise sites e.g. Dickeys bbq franchise, Dickeys barbecue pit franchise, because they have Zero Tolerance to Spam, Chessy Comments and Comments with 'Links'. And they immediately delete those comments after review. Remember, blog comments are only worthwhile if you get them approved otherwise it would be only waste of time and energy. So let’s concentrate on how to comment that would get approve. 

1. Use Personal Name Rather than Company Name

In case of Commenting use personal name not any blog or company names. Suppose you are from xyz.com then it’s better not to use your blog or company name openly. There is another technique is that Mr. X from xyz.com. To get the visitors you must keep using personal name to get attention because visitors don’t like to hear any company name. You can keep your site link on your name field not in blog comment box. Suppose you have made a good comment then obviously visitors will be interested to know little bit about yourself as a result they would be interested to click on your name where easily can get link. On the other hand if you just made comments and telling them know more from ‘Medicine Company’ by linking then it won’t be worthwhile reversely visitors think you are mental. 

2. Make Group on Commenting

You can make group in case of commenting like a forum. If 3 or more blogger integrate and comment on specific High Ranking blog then you would be successful. Such as make some argumentative talk at a time on a specific blog or give feedback or arguments against other commentators. I am sure yours comments will must be publish. 

3. Comment According to Context

Make comment with consistency I mean if the content has written about a widget but in comment section you have written that this is a best SEO tips then Blog Owner easily will understand that you are spammer. So read the content first as much as possible then make some logical comment. In addition, look for an opportunity to add to the discussion, and write a well thought out response.

Blog Commenting – A Practical Guide for Bloggers
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4. Use Chatting Lingo and Sign on Comments

Commenting is very easy but some blogger think that they have to become professional. Use some short form to prove that you are a loyal reader. In this case use emotional sign or smiley sign in comment :0 , L, J or some lingo that widely use in case of chatting on yahoo like ‘lol’. It will make some difference from others comments. 

5. Do Praising on Appropriate link

Most of the commentator do spam by writing only one sentence like ‘cool I like it’ or ‘Great Post’ and praising the link on them it’s a worse idea. But some blog only accept praised link rather than open link. In my blog I don’t accept open link. So stop using monotonous tone write something new. Its better make some argument on behalf or against the article with reasonable idea. 

6. Caution About Comment Length

Blogger knows readers don’t like a post with long story similarly don’t like lengthy comments. So keep it small within 2 sentence. You may start the comment by ‘From my point of view..’ or in case of any rare content maybe write in this way that ‘Most of the people were not familiar until you publish it’. 

In Conclusion 

I must say if you take above strategy seriously then you must be a successful in commenting as well as can build link back for your blog. Start it from now hope you would be aware about the effects within very limited time. If you have more idea then lets interact on your comment.
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