Going for an Events and Tourism Startup? The Products and Services that You Can Offer!

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The digital age has brought with it a lot of positive changes. First, it has made life a lot of fasts. Shopping for clothes, food, and all other sorts of things can now be done in a minute right from the comfort of one’s home. Bills can now be paid online, so gone are the days of having to stand in long queues just to get to the cashier’s counter. 

Another positive change that it brings is the ease with which on-the-side jobs are now had. People of today can easily get part-time gigs online without having to travel or drop their well-paying day jobs. This leads to extra income that empowers the learned to do more. 

And more they really do! Recent years have seen a significant rise in tourism among Americans and peoples of other cultures alike. This is something that you can really take advantage of if you are an entrepreneurial person. Now, what products and services can you offer? You can offer food items. 

How To Start An Tourism Business?
Start an event planning service and tourism startup

1. Hotel and Flight Booking Services 

Another reason a lot of people travel is the fact that airlines keep on offering promos and discounts for specific destinations. However, airfare sales do not happen at the same time. Some of them do not even happen during normal office hours. Because airlines also accept bookings through their websites online, they program many of their seat sales to tick off at midnight. Watching out for these is fun, but it can be very draining. 

Entrepreneurs who can partner with airlines and offer to stand in for clients in the waiting game have a great potential to succeed. A lot of would-be travelers will scramble to get their services. Who wouldn’t appreciate getting much cheaper flights without having to wait late at night for such offers? People are more willing to pay for convenience these days. 

A business that helps customers book hotels well in advance and at a discount will be a good compliment to the business that takes care of flights. It just makes it a lot more convenient for the tourist. 

2. Room Rentals 

A lot of tourists, even if they can afford it, choose not to go with hotels. This makes sense because usually, hotels cost way more than what’s reasonable. They also have this very orchestrated feel to them. Even the food that they offer sometimes has a feel that is quite detached from the host community. Everything in them is just a bit more polished than usual, making them unappealing to travelers who really want to encounter the uniqueness of the local culture. 

To capture such kinds of tourists, you can offer rooms for rent right at the very heart of your community. Online platforms such as Airbnb make doing this a lot of fasts especially Airbnb cleaning service for you is safer and your customers. Businesses can do really well in such platforms that sometimes property owners leave their jobs so they can focus on their little real estate venture. 

3. Vehicle Rentals 

When we talk about tours around destination cities or the quiet countryside, the images of cars and vans immediately come to mind. And this really makes entrepreneurial. Bigger vehicles like cars and vans can really attract people who travel in groups. By renting such vehicles, they will have the freedom to explore for as long as they want or need. You see, tour packages sometimes allot very limited times for each destination, maybe just enough for the tourists to take pictures. 

But aside from cars, renting out motorcycles is also a good venture. This attracts people who travel alone or in pairs, especially if they really want to immerse themselves in the culture and environmental feel of the places that they are visiting. Driving a motorbike around will let them breathe the air that the locals breathe. It will also give them more freedom to explore the less strategically located sites. 

4. Event Rentals 

If you live in picturesque islands like Hawaii in the United States and Boracay in the Philippines, you will see that tourists go there not just to explore but also to celebrate big events. Some get married there. Some throw engagement parties there. Some just bring a few friends to celebrate their birthdays. 

With that, it appears that an event rental company is also going to be a good way to attract money. Of course, they will need chairs and tables to rent. They might even want linen and some floral arrangements. 

Also, highly attractive places also become hosts to concerts and other performance-based events that really attract droves of party-goers from all sorts of places. The type of event rental business that fits this is the one that takes care of stages, sound systems, and even the whole event production. This is going to be a lot more technical, but it surely is going to be worth it. 

5. Souvenir Shop 

When tourists visit a place, some of them will really want to take a piece of it with them when they go home. Souvenir shops are going to be so hot in the eyes of such kinds of tourists. And you don’t have to be limited to refrigerator magnets and keychains, you can actually offer a wide range of products as souvenirs, just as long as they are modified a bit to reflect a touch of the locality’s culture or its people’s practices. You can offer creatively done shirts, shorts, and other garments. You can work with sculptures, small ones so that they can be very easy to pack. When it comes to souvenir items, the seller’s imagination is practically the limit. 

Owning and running their own businesses is the dream of a lot of people, especially those who tend to get restless in highly specific salaried positions. The business environment just gives them the stimulation that they need. However, having the desire for business is important but surely not enough to succeed. There is still a need to be quick in identifying a good business opportunity, and to be very effective in making key decisions. This article helps, but this is just the first step. Those who really mean serious business will have to deepen their research.
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