7 Event Blogging Secrets that Seasoned Bloggers Rarely Share

Event blogging is the best way to make unlimited money within few days. You can make over $2000/day from successful event blogs. Maybe you know about event blogging but did you know secrets of event niche blogging those bloggers never share with anyone? Here is the seven Event Blogging Secrets the Most Successful Bloggers Won't Talk About.
7 Event Blogging Secrets Most Successful Bloggers Won't Talk About

Event blogging has been mostly unexplored territory for many bloggers and digital marketers. Most likely, people have heard of it, have a basic idea of how it works, yet never had the time or motivation to really test it out. And that’s understandable. 

Anyone who’s interested in event blogging must have a certain level of dedication if they don’t want to end up just wasting resources. 

After all, you’ll be planning and doing the work weeks or months before a target event, and it could all end up for naught if you fail to do things right. 

What’s Event Blogging, Anyway? 

Also called event niche blogging, event blogging is a strategy bloggers or digital marketers use to prepare for one big event months or weeks beforehand, with the end goal of generating huge amounts of traffic and conversions from their blog/s. 

It’s a completely different approach from building up a permanent blog. Event blogs are fleeting. And once a target event is over, the blog will most likely end up useless, as well. 

How to Do Event Blogging Like a Pro? 

Almost anyone with basic technical skills and a mind for learning can do event blogging. And if you’ve tried creating a website or managing a blog before, you’ll find it a cinch. 

Below, we’re sharing with you the secrets to event niche blogging that no one wants you to know. Why? Because knowing them makes everything easier and the rewards that much more remarkable. Here is the 7 Event Blogging Secrets Most Successful Bloggers Won't Talk About. 

1. Get People to Help You Out 

Going into event blogging alone isn’t a bad idea, but one of the secrets that almost all successful event bloggers do is to get more people to help them. You could ask a friend or a couple of buddies and agree to split the profits with them. 

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Another option you have is to hire people with specific skill sets that can help you get things done better and faster. For this, you can check out PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, or Craigslist

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Global Events 

It’s natural to assume that if you want to hit BIG, you’ve got to target international events like the FIFA World Cup or Christmas season. But these events are already saturated with other bloggers trying to cover them. 

If you’d like less competition, consider local events too. Let’s take the Indian Premier League (IPL) for example. India has a staggering population of 1.3 BILLION people. That’s almost FOUR TIMES the population of the entire United States. 

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So if you were to target this specific event, you can bet that if you did your event blogging right, you’d be raking in a lot of cash from the conversions. The traffic and revenue potential is just massive. 

Examples of Other Popular Events: 

  • Cricket World Cup 
  • Olympics 
  • New Year 
  • Valentine’s Day 
  • Cyber Monday 
  • Apple Event Live 
  • Microsoft Event Live 
  • T20 
  • Oscars 
  • Elections 
  • Halloween 

3. Use Exact Match Domains 

Once you’ve decided on an event to target, you’ll need to buy a domain that has the exact keyword for the event. So, if you’re targeting Cyber Monday, then your domain would ideally be “www.cybermonday2018.com” or something similar. 

If the domain you want is taken, get creative. Maybe try “cybermondaymadness2018.com” or “cybermondayfever.com”. Add numbers or related words. It just has to look natural and that’s it. 

4. Don’t Just Stick With Google’s Keyword Planner 

Yes, we could go on and on about how amazing and powerful Google’s Keyword Planner is. But you can be sure that everyone else is using it too. 

For example, if your main keyword is restaurant marketing, the suggested keywords you’ll get from Google’s Keyword Planner won’t give you anything that your competitors don’t already know. 

If you’d like more unique results with a chance of lesser competition, use other well-known keyword-research tools such as the ones below: 
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5. Use the Quickest and Easiest Blogging Platforms 

While you do have the option of building your own blog from scratch, remember that it’s going to get tossed once the event’s over. 

For that reason, it’s smarter to just use a blogging platform that lets you set up a blog quick and easy. And there are plenty of great ones to choose from that already come with fully functional, beautiful, and responsive themes. 

Examples of popular blogging platforms to check out are Wix, Squarespace, and of course, WordPress

6. Don’t Obsess About Quality Content 

We’re not saying you should start writing crappy posts. No, what we’re telling you is that the priority is to get as much content out as possible, so you don’t need to make everything perfect. 

Remember that our first tip was to get people to help you. Well, this is the perfect example of a task that other person can help you out with. 

In fact, if you’re thinking of focusing on other aspects of the event blogging, getting someone to work on content marketing and creation is a must. After all, blogging is a time-consuming process. You would do better getting someone who can blog better and faster than you can. 

7. Optimize Your Blog in Advance 

Because your blog will get minimal to no traffic before that target event, it may never occur to you to optimize the blog first for speed. Well, you’d be making a big mistake. 

If you executed your event blogging right, you should prepare for huge amounts of traffic. Otherwise, you risk giving people a lousy experience while they wait forever for a simple homepage to load. 

Below is a list of quick fixes that will improve your blog’s loading speed: 

Final Thoughts 

Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars daily with event niche blogging. It’s a quick-cash scheme that can also be risky if you fail to do things right from the start. With the secrets we’ve shared with you above, however, you’ll have a hard time not succeeding at it. 

A to Z Guide for Event Niche Blogging
7 Event Blogging Secrets Most Successful Bloggers Won't Talk About
Just remember to start preparing weeks or even months before the event. And before you know it, you’ll start getting the same results and earning the same money as seasoned event niche bloggers! 
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