Why Your Students Should Blog: 5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits of educational blogging. This post unpacks 5 reasons why teachers or students should have a blog. Blogs have the potential to expand student creativity, not to mention their writing skills. Language Arts and Reading specialists will love that.
In this digital age, blogs have become very popular tools, but is it valid to use them for an academic purpose and university tuition? The answer is a blunt yes! Here we explain the reasons. 

Blogs have the potential to expand creativity and improve writing skills. The drawback arises when teachers do not understand that, while students want to acquire the knowledge they share, they are not keen to learn through the same methods. 

While teachers impart their knowledge in a class and evaluate them through written exams, students prefer to abandon this traditional system and incorporate new tools. 

It is in this dilemma that teachers must evaluate how to transmit their knowledge and think if blogs can be a valid alternative. 

5 reasons why students should blog
5 Reasons Why Teachers and Students Should Blog
Fortunately, for teachers, blogs are surprisingly easy to use. They require a minimum technical knowledge, its maintenance does not requires any difficulty and its creation is fast. Unlike traditional websites, its design is flexible and its appearance can be easily transformed. 

The best part, is that everyone can access through any computer, cell phone or other mobile device. But why are blogs such a convenient tool? 

1. They Enable a Multifaceted Learning 

Educators should bear in mind that not all students learn in the same way. Likewise, they must use different methods and tasks that adapt to their individual talents. Blogs, for example, allow those introverted students to feel less pressure when they think about a topic, since they should not be exposed directly. 

2. They Promote Literature and Improve Writing Skills 

Blogs can work like a window where students show their work, since it is a public site. Additionally, they offer the possibility of improving their skills, through communication and collaboration that comes from the comments section. Even students from other parts of the world could comment and thus contribute a new perspective and even start a debate. 

In this way, the skills of the students could experience a development, as they will strive to offer quality content and thus maintain the attention of their readers. 

3. They are Accessible and Interesting 

There is a huge variety of platforms to start blogs, all are simple and accessible. Perhaps, the most favorable aspect is that it allows users to write about what they want, at the time they want. It is not about tying students to a desk and requiring a 30-page essay, but it offers the freedom to write when they see fit. 

Especially in this era, in which we tend to carry a camera in our pockets continuously and record our lives through photographs and videos, blogs become multimedia platforms. 

4. Maintain Student Concentration 

When used as a university tuition academic tool, it allows students to stay focused on tasks and committed to their studies. What happens is that the more content they publish, the more likely that someone will notice their work increases. 

This is a very exciting feeling, since the fact that someone takes the time to read and comment on their opinion is very rewarding. 

Creating group blogs, rather than individual sites, promotes the creation of a community that extends the classroom beyond four walls. In this way, learning and the exchange of opinions does not stop. 

5. Meet your Audience 

Initially, the audience will consist of teachers and classmates, but you can consider the idea of ​​sharing the blog with people outside the classroom. For example, it could be shared through the institution's website or a newsletter, or with the parents and relatives of the students. 

Encouraging students to write about varied topics will help them perceive the connections between different subjects and understand that writing is a fundamental skill in any field. 

Using a blog to share your teaching university tuition with colleagues, enriching yourself with the teachings of others and favoring students with a multiplying source of knowledge, is a good way to take advantage of the invaluable and intangible tools granted to us in the 21st century. 

Anna Stasia
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