TeslaThemes Affiliate Program – How to Make $1000/Month?

How to make $1K/month from Tesla Themes Affiliates? Tips to Earn $1000 per month with TeslaThemes Affiliate Program. There are so many untapped products from which any newbie can make $1000 per month by targeting particularly on them, but most of them rely on ad networks. But TeslaThemes Affiliate program is the easy way to make up to $1000 per month as their commission is perfect.

Do you want to earn over $1000 per month? 

I think you will say, Heck Yes! But how is this possible? 

I am not telling about joining over online advertising program, because this is almost impossible to make $1000 from ads network. Online Money making is not limited only on advertisement. Many people think that for earning money they have to depend on popular Advertisement Company like Googke AdSense, Media.net and other PPC network etc. But indeed, many of us may not aware about alternative ways of money earning techniques through online. 

There are zillions of ways we can earn money online. But due to lack of proper guidelines you are not making money. Eventually a negative impact becomes stable in your mind about online earning. Be positive and I will assure you that you can earn money too without connecting with any advertisement company. 

Let me guide you.

Making $1000/Month With TeslaThemes Affiliate Programs

I think you can guess the method; yes this is affiliate marketing program. There are many people who become rich and living on online earning by joining and promoting affiliate program. In affiliate program you don’t need to calculate any CPC, CPM or impression. Just refer the product, make sales and get commission. Very simple huh!

If you do not understand the fact then let me clear you about affiliate program. This is a marketing or promoting program where we can get commission by selling parent company’s product.

This is not a tough job over the net; just you have to refer products to other. There are many affiliate programs available over the net but as a Blog owner you should join in relevant affiliate program for boosting your sales.

Suppose you own a health and beauty blog but you are promoting gadget products then you won’t get expected sales. As a result your sales commission will be very low. But the most common digital product is web design, e.g. theme, template which one we can sale on any Blogging niche and various social media page and Group.

But another issue works behind affiliate marketing program that the products should be standard and widely accepted. Otherwise you won’t able to increase your sales. Among popular WordPress Theme Development Company “TeslaThemes is one of the most prominent & Trusted one”. 

TeslaThemes design clean, beautiful and impressive WordPress theme with powerful features. As a result they have positioned themselves as a unique WordPress theme designer. And I am damn sure you will able to earn money with TeslaThemes affiliate program with small effort.

What Exactly Tesla Themes Affiliate Program?

TeslaThemes Affiliate marking program designed to help you to increase your earnings through selling their WordPress themes. TeslaThemes is more generous in their affiliate program because you can make more than 50% on each sale just by referring others through your site and social media page and Group. This is pretty awesome. If you have a Blog site then this will be very easy for you to increase conversion rate and income.

Features of Tesla Themes Affiliate Program

You will impress by TeslaThemes affiliate program’s features. I can say this is an affiliate friendly feature. Such as-
  1. Get 50% commission from all sales.
  2. You will get 15% Commission from sales made by your referred users.
  3. Pretty easy to signup process for affiliate program
  4. Real time affiliate statistics
  5. Keywords for conversion rate testing on 2 separate pages.
  6. They retain cookies for 90 days.
  7. Adequate toolkit available for TeslaThemes affiliate marketer, such as Banners, Links.
  8. Flexible payout policy. You can receive payment directly into your PayPal account instantly. And their minimum payment threshold is $1. This is really cool.
  9. PayPal payout system which is widely accepted.
TeslaThemes Affiliate Program - Highest Commission Ever

How to Signup with Tesla Themes Affiliate Program?

It will take only 2 – 5 minutes to become a TeslaThemes affiliate. TeslaThemes made it easy for potential affiliate. Please follow the below steps-

Step #1: Please visit this link and click on Become a Member button.

Step #2: Once you clicked on Member button, you will redirect to Sign Up Page. If you already have account then login your credential or If you are new to TeslaThemes then Click on Sign Up here.

Step #3: Now fill up the form with your desire email address, username, password and select your country. After that scroll down and click SIGN UP button to complete the sign up process.  Alternatively you can join in TeslaThemes affiliate program through your Facebook account too.

Congratulation you are now an affiliate of TeslaThemes. You can get access to TeslaThemes affiliate program’s resources after login to your account.

Few tips to Increase your Tesla Themes Affiliate sales?

I know you just created your affiliate account but can’t understand now what to do? Or how to sale TeslaThemes with your Affiliate link? The best way to make sales is adding banner or link on your Blog or website.

1. Content Writing

Most powerful tool for affiliate marketing is content writing. You can write a good article or content and place your affiliate link and banner ads that lead to increase sales. Use your blog or website for promoting affiliate banner and links by writing quality content.

2. Product Review

You will find dozen of wordpress them on TeslaThemes site. Just write some theme review and add your affiliate link with it. I am damn sure you will see good conversion rate.

3. Banner ads

This is widely recognized method for affiliate marketing. Simply add a banner on your Blog or website’s sidebar and start selling. This is the best method that generates huge sales. In case of banner ads please place it above the fold which will increase conversion rate.

4. Community and Forum discussion

There are many community and forum available where you can technically add your affiliate URL. This will bring a great opportunity to reach to large audience that helps to increase sells. However don’t waste your time in irrelevant community or forum. You will find huge WordPress related forum and those are the ideal place for affiliate marketing. You may promote your affiliate marketing on Google Plus community, Google Group, Disqus discussion channel, LinkedIn Group, Flickr group etc.  

5. Email marketing

Most popular and recommended tactics for any product promotion that drives Good conversions. Do you know how? You may visit a blog once a week, or visit social media site twice a week but you might check your email 5/8 times in a day for new emails. This is a great opportunity to reach large number of audience closely. There are many popular third party newsletter services like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Aweber, GetResponse etc. simply use those and increase your sells potentiality. 

6. Social networks

Most popular gateway to reach different level of audience through social media sites. You can simply share an attractive banner with your affiliate links then see how you can increase your sell. Use all major social media site like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus to promote your affiliate program. However use URL shortening for your affiliate link thus audience can’t notice that you are doing affiliate marketing.  

Payment Proof [$1217.92 Earned in Feb]

There are very rare companies who share 50% commission with affiliate marketer. Suppose one of your referral bought standard subscription of TeslaThemes from your link which cost $49 then you going to get $24.50 as your commission. So if you can sell atleast 4 standard subscriptions in a week then you are going to get ($24.50x4=$98), which is almost impossible with Google AdSense or any other advertisement network having very high traffic. Even you can earn over $1000+ per month by promoting your affiliate program wisely as TeslaThemes have various package plans like Developer package (Cost $69) and Standard Package (Cost $345). So, you are going to get flat 50% commissions on every package sales. Let’s check a payment proof below:

Earning $1k / month with TeslaThemes affiliate program

So, what’s you waiting for Join Tesla Themes Affiliate Program now and start generating your first $1000.


T&C to keep in Mind

Guys we are already learn many things about TeslaThemes affiliate program. But every affiliate program has some terms of service. You should know for your affiliate account.
  • You won’t able to get commission from your own purchase from TeslaThemes. Suppose you have affiliate account with TeslaThemes and now you want to purchase WordPress them from them by using your affiliate account, in this case you won’t get any commission from your own purchase.
  • You are not allowed to use PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to your affiliate links. TeslaThemes will pay you only sales commission, not for per click.
  • Another important condition is you are now allowed to create a blog or website by TeslaThemes name for selling their themes. Even you are restricted to use PPC keywords.
Oh! Terms of services are really easy to follow. And I would suggest you to follow those for smooth earnings.

Final Verdict

This is a great opportunity for you to become an affiliate marketer and earn handsome amount of money. People are making money easily and I believe you will too. However this is important that for earning money you need strong desire but TelsaThemes is one step ahead to help their affiliate marketer. I think TelsaThemes affiliate program is just like gold mine and where they enable their affiliates to earn huge money within shortest period of time. So why are you wasting your time just signup and start making money. Hope you all the best in your affiliate marketing.
Unknown says: 4/26/2016

Payment Method??

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 4/26/2016

Recently on PayPal but very soon they will support Payoneer. This can be use from Bangladesh to receive payment.

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