TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – Where to Buy Premium WP Themes?

Comparison between TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop. Which one is best for Your WordPress site?
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This is often cumbersome when it comes to selecting the right and best theme for your WordPress site, because lots of offers are hovering around you that makes you completely confuse. And among 10 users 50% makes wrong decision to select the right theme for their WordPress site. So before taking right decision you should do some study on it, after all your blogging career and blogging niche depends on right theme design, thus readers can feel friendly environment while visit your site.

If you just read simple review then you may not able to compare what is good and what is bad on specific them designing and selling company. So comparison works like magic to pick right decision for your website. In this review I am going to share a legit comparison between TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop , though both are unique and excellent in terms of quality and other aspects. However I am going to establish a comparison scale between TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop and this will help you to make decision whether to buy or not to buy themes from them.

Responsive Design

For choosing the right theme first you must consider the responsive design. To make your website best fit on every device your theme design should be responsive. And in this new trend of web design it goes without say that both TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop are producing fully responsive themes and optimized for all mobile screen sizes. You don’t have to do anything after purchasing theme, just simply install your theme, and it is mobile ready.

Built In Optimization

Both TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop themes share with very powerful core components. I have found their all themes are well optimized for speed, Search Engine Optimization, responsiveness, and social media integration. In addition, each theme is constructed with HTML5 coding and CSS3 script. As a result themes are so stable and fully compatible with WordPress.

Theme Customization

TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop provides theme control panel and from there you can easily customize the theme according to your likings and taste. Indeed, every aspect of the themes can be customized in a variety of ways, such as theme size, color, effect, transparency, location, etc. In addition, they have integrated wide array of short-codes pre-programmed into the theme, this makes you to customize your theme easily.

In terms of theme customization I vote goes to TeslaThemes because they will allow one hour free customize time for their buyer. But MyThemeShop won’t allow any free customization. Sometimes they do simply priority bug fixing, which is pointless for active users.

Regular Theme Updates

For the cope with latest WordPress updates theme should be update regular basis. Otherwise many latest plugins stop working. But whenever WordPress update release, you will get update from TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop and just by one click you can update your theme. So what’s the difference?

MyThemeShop updates their theme but they don’t provide any fixed time for updates. In comparison TeslaThemes are one step ahead, because they release updates every weeks. So you don’t have to wait for receiving update longer time.

Premium Plugins

To run a WordPress theme Plugins are mandatory to bring variation and add extra flavor on themes. MyThemeShop already release many premium and useful plugins and this helps their theme users to add more functionality to their websites. Among popular Plugins WP Review Pro plugin, WP Subscribe Pro, WP Mega Menu, and WP Review plugins are mentionable.

Comparatively TeslaThemes not yet selling premium Plugins, so their users should outsource for using premium plugis on their themes.

Theme Price [Most Important]

For buying a theme budget come first, however if theme seller provide huge feature with high price then very few buyer wish to buy that. But if potential buyer get standard feature with cheaper price then most of the buyer switch to that theme seller.

TeslaThemes always focus on budget minded buyer with superior customer support. You can buy a theme from TeslaThemes $48. Comparatively for buying a theme from MyThemeShop you have to spend at least $59 which is higher than TeslaThemes price level.

In addition TeslaThemes allows lifetime package pricing for their buyer and this is a great opportunity for us. By paying $199 onetime payment a buyer will able to get access to their all themes. But MyThemeShop don’t offer this type of opportunity for their buyer. So thumbs up for TeslaThemes, they are one steps ahead in terms of price.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee is an important aspect that all customers count it significantly for buying themes. Nobody can’t say after purchasing a theme without using you will satisfy. After using theme you may not like it and you want to change your decision. In this case TeslaThemes is so generous. They will allow you to get money back within 14 days upon dissatisfaction. But MyThemeShop don’t give you any money back guarantee. If you satisfy or dissatisfy it doesn’t matter to MyThemeShop. In some cases you can get back money if you can raise tickets upon theme is not working and broken.

Affiliate Marketing

After buying a theme you can also earn money from both TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop. Not exactly you have to buy their theme, simply you can join their affiliate program and they will enable you to make handsome amount of money. If you compare TeslaThemes with MyThemeShop then TeslaThemes provides only 50% commission to their affiliates and MyThemeShop provides 70% commission. You can think MyThemeShop is better than TeslaThemes, but in real most maximum affiliate commission provides TeslaThemes.

There is a simple caught, MyThemeShop offers 20% coupon code. So if any buyer buy theme from MyThemeShop by applying coupon code then you will get only 50% commission. So, both are equal in terms of affiliate commission. But affiliate marketers think MyThemeShop provides maximum affiliate commission.

In addition TeslaThemes provides 15% commission on every sale under 2nd tire lifetime commission and MyThemeShop provides only 10%.

Premium Customer Support

This is a big caught for many theme seller companies that after selling the digital product e.g themes they don’t care about customer support. However both TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop’s customer support is quite impressive. MyThemeShop providing customer support through FAQ (Frequently asked question), Forum and many Video tutorials. On the other hand, TeslaThemes provide some extra facility to their buyers. They provide superior customer support through Forum, Online Documentation and if you wish to customize any of their themes then they will extend their support towards you. No matter what you want to add on your existing theme they will do it by a small charge $30/hour. But MyThemeShop don’t provide this service.

Final Verdict

In comparison, between TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop from my point of view winner is TeslaThemes. The main reason behind this you will get superior customer support with cheap price on purchasing them from TeslaThemes. Not only them you will get many features which is absolutely free and that makes TeslaThemes prior over MyThemeShop. There are some special features like unlimited supported domain, HTML themes, Test Dashboard, Affiliate payout is necessary before considering a theme purchase and obviously all of the features of TeslaThemes will divert you to buy from them. You may think both are same but in real TeslaThemes buyer will mostly benefited by considering all other aspect of them. If you have anything to say against or in favor of both TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop you can share with us. Your valuable feedback will influence buyer purchase decision.  
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