The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Google Adsense Matched Content Unit

matched content

Google Has introduced Matched Content which is also known as a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers with Ads unit. This is a new tools introduced by Google that helps of promotes content to your site visitors. Many publisher think that this is only like Related Post widget but in real this is not only like related post widget, because it will display related posts along with ads banner. Through Matched Content AdSense publisher will able to do –
  • Reach to related articles on your Website into a widget. 
  • Readers will spend longer time on your site.
  • It will increase reader’s engagement with your content.
  • Incorporate advertisement through Matched Content widget into your site.
  • Ultimately Increase your Ads revenue.
The main concept of Matched Content is display relevant content with ads banner which helps to increase site’s page views and ad impressions, as a result your ad revenue could increase by engaging readers with your site.

Features of Google AdSense Matched Content

Matched Content is actually a recommendation tools that offers your site simple way to promote articles to your sites visitors. As a result Blog or website readers will spend more time on your site, general readers will become loyal, ad impression will increase and it will generate more revenue for you.

However there is some special feature Matched Content has that should know.

  • Matched Content only display relevant content for your site readers that helps to increase page views.
  • Matched Content units can be place on any pages of your site. But your site must be eligible for it.
  • You can display Matched Content unit with your other AdSense ad unit, because they don’t count towards your Google content ad limit per page.
  • Visitors will see recommended content only from your site not from other sites, because Google generate recommendation from pages that matched content and ads on pages.
  • You can display Matched Content only as well as ads if you turned on Allow ads feature from AdSense account.
  • Matched Content units will work on all devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.

So that’s the features of Matched Content. There is one thing to remember that you can’t use Matched Content for experiment purpose. 

Matched Content Unit

How to become eligible for Matched Content?

Every site is not eligible for using Matched Content units. Google has implemented some stand guidelines to become eligible for using Matched Content units. Those are as follows-
  • Your site should have 900 - 1000 unique articles.
  • Your site should have 1000 page views per day
  • All posts should have unique images.
So from the above we are confirmed that our site should meet minimum standard to become eligible to use Matched Content. In case of my Blog I have got "Matched Content" approval with 950 posts. But this should open for all time by Google because Matched Content helps a website to increase page views and engagement. But I think because Google will display ads banner for this reason their tool required to gather more information from site to display right content and ad unit.

How to know that my site is eligible for Matched Content unit?

If your site is comply with Google’s Matched Content unit requirement then you will get an auto notification in your AdSense dashboard. The notification will look like below image that Drive audience engagement… Get started now.

drive audience with matched content

You can create Matched Content unit by clicking on Get started now button. It will redirect you to ad unit creation page.

But if you are not eligible then you won’t see this notification about Matched Content unit. In this case try to improve your site after reaching the standard threshold you will see notification into your AdSense dashboard.

Types of Matched Content Units

There are 2 types of Matched Content units available. And this is the first Related Articles styles widget by Google. You can display Matched Content unit either -
  1. Horizontally or
  2. Vertically
The unit will display your site content’s thumbnails and links in horizontally and vertically. Through horizontal and vertical unit users can scroll to see more related content links. And ad revenue will generate based on clicks on Matched Content units.

How to create Matched Content units?

This is very easy to crease Matched Content units. But note that you must have valid AdSense account to add Matched Content units in your Blog.

Step #1: Sign in to your "AdSense" account. And go to "AdSense Dashbaord".

Step #2: From there Click "My ads" tab.

Step #3: In the left sidebar select "Content", and then click "+New ad unit".

Step #4: Now give your Matched Content unit name.

Step #5: In "Ad size"section it is recommended to choose "Responsive"ad unit. As a result it will automatically adopt the height and width. Alternatively you can select the 300px height X 800px wide for horizontal and for vertical Matched Content unit select 600px height X 300px width. It will work best.

Adsense Matched Content Unit

Step #6: From "Ad type" drop-down option select "Matched Content only".

Step #7: Finally click "Save and get code" button from the bottom of the page.

That’s it you have successfully created Matched Content ad unit.

Where to Place Matched Content Units in my Site?

This is a good question that where should we place the Matched Content units. Matched Content performs well with longer content pages, such as in-depth articles which contains many words and images. So it is better to place Matched Content unit at the end of the article, this means below the fold. As a result readers will feel interested to visit Matched Content after reading content. I am showing you how to place Matched Content unit in Blogger site at the end of every Blog posts.

Step #1: Log in to your Blogger account and go to Dashboard

Step #2: Click on Theme ->Edit HTML

Step #3: Now find <data:post.body/> by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) 

You will find <data:post.body/> code 3/4 times so go for second one. 

Step #4: Now Paste your Matched Content unit code below/after <data:post.body/> code.

Step #5: And click "Save theme" button and exit from there.

Now check your Blogger site and see Matched Content unit will start display. At the end of your Blogger Blog posts. 

Can I display Matched Content unit with current AdSense ad Unit?

Simple answer is yes. Google AdSense allows placing 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxed per web page.  And if you add Matched content units they it won’t affect the other ad units.

Problem of Matched Content

The main problem I have found that Image become blurry. And when I show match content then it image seems to me very lower quality and it is unable to grab post snippet properly. If your Blog is containing square size image then it is OK. But if your Blog containing landscape image then in matched content widget your Blog post image will become fade. 

At the End

Finally we have got details information and idea about match content units. However this is not easily usable for all website because your site must be eligible to use it. So those who are eligible they will get notification on your AdSense account. But Google should make this available for all to boost the ad revenue and performance for small sites. But it is undoubtedly can be said Matched Content unit will grow your Page view and generate ads revenue flawlessly.  


  1. I like it, May add to earnings
    • BloggerSpice
      Yes Enjang...If you don't want to use related post widget then you can remove from your Blogger template and use Google Matched content unit. It will help to increase your earnings as well as page views. On the other hand you can reduce extra Related post widget from your template that will help to increase page loading speed. :-bd
  2. Shibam Kar
    vai, amar domain er subdomain e akta new blog khule chalale ki subudha hone ba osubidha hobe ? eta nie akta post likhle khub upokrrito hotam.
  3. Loveth Cynthia Loveth
    Thanks for this awesome post herein.
  4. increase the revenue , seems interesting. i'll give it a shot.
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi, It Journal...Best of Luck... :up
  5. Hi,
    I am using Adsense since last two years but my matched content ads is not enabled yet. is there any other procedure or workaround to make it enable or active?
    Actually I dont want to use adsense ads on my blog but I can use the matched content widgets to my blog to make it look more better.
    Suggest me if any.

    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Amit, This is completely depend on Google AdSense team. According to their requirement a Blog must have 900+ article with 1000 page view. But I have seen many Blog with 50 articles got eligibility for matched content. You can learn more about Match content from below URL
  6. Unknown
    Thank you for great article. But I have only 50 articles on my website but still they approved my site for matched content units.
    You can see the matched content unit below any article of my website.
  7. Unknown
    Thank you for great article. But my website have only 50 articles and still it is approved for matched content units.
    You can see matched content unit below any article of my website.
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Ismail Sarwar :)
      AdSense Matched content is now a flop project of Google. So they are enabling it on all site. So they don't often follow their rules and regulation to approve a site for matched content.

      Thank you ^_^
  8. "Every site is not eligible for using Matched Content units"
    I think you mean "Not every site is eligible for using Matched Content units".

    "Your site should have 900 - 1000 unique articles" is wrong.
    My site has 180 articles and I'm using Adsense Matched Content units.

    You should update this post.
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi there,
      This is not my word. Google's representative has said this. You can check Blogger's official site for it. However majority of Blogger platform users are not using Matched content. So Google Blogger is now flexible on matched content. So many new sites are getting opportunity to use matched content widget.

      I hope you would understand. ^_^
  9. Carlos Martins
    What Matched Content Script are you using currently?
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Carlos Martins :as
      I am using Google AdSense's matched content script. I didn't modify anything. Just use another trick to display at the middle of the post.
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    This can be a one stop page with countless information of matched content. I appreciate your efforts to make these tools. Personally, I use some of the above tips to make my account great. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!
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