How to Create your first Website and Blog On Weebly?

Tutorial to create a Website, Blog and Online Store on Weebly Blogging Platform

create weebly Blog

Blogging is now most popular platform among all class people for sharing their knowledge, personal memories, and also for earning money. Whatever the Blogging purpose, but everybody wants to create and own a beautiful Blog. However we have different options to create a beautiful Blog. First thing we should consider about Platform, that which is good and which is flexible. There are many Blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress, tumblr, Weebly, Joomla and so on, but among them Weebly is surprisingly easy for the users. Because you can use their drag and drop site creator for building a unique website, blog or online store site on their platform.

You can say what about WordPress? It goes without say that WordPress is widely used blogging platform around the web. But for newbie it is quite complicated to use. Even I have seen many Blogger revert their Blog from WordPress due to complication and expenses.

Anyway, I was talking about Weebly and you have bunches of options to use this superb blogging platform flexibly. I am discussing little bit about Weebly, It was founded by college friends David, Dan and Chris in 2007. And this platform is San Francisco based. There are over 250 Million unique visitors are visiting Weebly site per month. Currently Weebly has over 30 million sites around the web. Undoubtedly we can say there are big chunk of users love weebly to make their unique website, blog or online store.  At the beginning of Weebly it was providing web-hosting service and later it has expended their services and features. This platform mostly become popular for built-in drag and drop website builder feature.

You can be a best part of their platform by creating a beautiful Blog. In this article I will show you how to create a Blog on weebly. I know you are excited. Get a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of juice and get ready to create your first Blog site on weebly.  

As a newbie it’s better to create a free Blog with Weebly. Later you can subscribe on their paid Plan.

Step 1 You can Sign Up on by your Facebook and Google Plus account but the direct way to sign up with personal email address. I think signing up with your Gmail account will be perfect. So first visit and write your Full name, email and Password. After that hit the Sign Up Free button.

sign up on weebly

Step 2 Now you have to focus of your site type. You can create either Website or Blog. Let’s click on Blog for create a personal Blog.  

select blog or website

Step 3 You will be headed on Theme selection page. There many free themes available, but you can also install custom theme later. For example purpose I have choose first theme. Just mouse over on a theme and click on Choose button.

select weebly theme

Step 4 Its time to select a good name of your Blog. Think before name selection. Luckily I have found BloggerSpice which is available for registration. Select radio button where written Use a Subdomain of and write your Blog name there. After that, hit the Continue button from the bottom of the window.

sub-domain on weebly

Now you will see a message that Website Published. And you just made an amazing Blog in minutes.

weebly blog published

Weebly is offering different paid service free Blogging service. If you wish to add a custom domain on Weebly then you can buy it from any domain seller. Otherwise you can buy it from Weebly.  

In addition connecting your own domain and removing Weebly branding and for expending site stats you must subscribe with their pricing plan, such as Starter, Pro and Business. And for each plan subscriber will get 1 year free domain.

pricing plan

I have mentioned before that Weebly is a fantastic platform for creating a Website, Blog and online store. You won’t be disappoint after using that flexible platform. Thank you.
Unknown says: 1/19/2016

Great article but i think is a better idea then weebly because it's develpoved by google and easy way to get your article in first pages at google.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/19/2016

Hi Faizullah, If you buy or transfer a domain to Google Domain then you would see Weebly, Wix, squarespace those are Google's recommended. Users can subscribe to those blogging platform from Google domains dashboard. But for beginners obviously Google Blogger has first priority. However to get URL on first page you must produce unique content. No matter what platform you are using. Anyway thanks for commenting.

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